PEMRA Issues Notice to 31 TV Channels for Airing Fake News about Bomb Blast

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulation Authority (PEMRA) has issued a show cause notice to 31 TV channels for airing Gulberg blast news and terrorizing the public, a development that turned out to be a hoax.

Following the unfortunate bomb blast in Defense, Lahore earlier today, which took the lives of 8 people and injured 15, TV channels started reporting of another bomb blast, this time in Gulberg area.

According to the TV channels, the blast occurred outside a restaurant of a foreign food chain in Gulberg. Police and rescue teams were immediately dispatched only to find that nothing had happened.

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Police officials denied reports of such a blast and said it was a hoax and possibly someone called in a bomb threat. Punjab Law minister, Rana Sanaullah also denied reports of any blast in Gulberg.

Now PEMRA has asked 31 TV channels to explain the intentions behind this news. The TV channels have to respond within one week with explanation on why a hoax was aired without confirmation.

We have seen a similar trend in print media as well where everyone starts copying each other instead of confirming whether such the reported incident even occurred. Print and electronic media needs to start taking this seriously as spreading hoax news can result in causing unneeded panic in the country.

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  • Muhammad Farooqi

    Now PEMRA has asked 31 TV channels to explain the intentions behind this news. ????what are the intentions.. doesn’t pemra know?? Oh sir.. ratings.. ?

    • Abbasi

      True. With the channel watermark stating it to be exclusive, what else PEMRA needs to know!!

    • Ali Salman

      Meri Baywaqof Awam,

      We are in cold doctrine by India, 1 million Indian army building huge infrastructure near Pakistan borders for what?

      Obama openly mentioned giving 50 million $ yearly to Pakistan media for what? Chai pani?

      If anyone of you ever applied for US army job, were you not given column of any favorite Pakistani columnist to translate?

      • Muhammed Ovais Alam

        US Army job?
        bhai kheriat to haina? US jaana mushkil howa wa hai Army main kahan se pohanch gae aap?

  • I saw this Fake News on JAAG Channel :
    Clearly showing that “Another Blast At Gulberg” Today @ 1:23PM to 1:30PM
    Just Rating Rating & Rating :

  • Media Fake News Pehla Pehla Kar Khud Nahi Chahti PSL Final Lahore Main Ho
    Show Case Choro PEMRA 7 Days Banned Lagao With Penalty :
    Aisay Koi Channel Nahi Sudhray Ga Apna Pura Farz Ada Karo

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      • SSyar

        Have u taken some kind of cheap drug ? Y u r reading @AbdulWAHABAlam:disqus every comment, dont u have any work to do ? :D

        • hasib ahmed

          Dont act like an kid, be mature

          • @disqus_6JlFBvH5HF:disqus Please be Mature :
            Share your experience about articles not about me !

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        Did you have some problem ?
        Everyone have rights to comments on articles : whatever each or some special.

      • O__O

        :)))))))))) ROFL

  • I was just thinking is it the possible solution to eradicate bomb blasts or terrorism not to air any bomb blast on TV News Channel at any cost. Because every terrorist wants to see the fruit of his hard work on TV. In this way, our country will be seen more peaceful in the world. As it happens in the USA where 50,000 people are killed every year by murders. Such news are not allowed in the UAE, Singapore etc. The number is far greater as compared to the people who die due to bomb blasts and terrorism in Islamic States as depicted in this video of 1:30 mint

    • Haider Shah


    • BADAR


  • Revoked the license, sirf notice say kuch nahi hota.

  • BHatti

    ye pakistani qoam Bherr bakriyo jesay hain . ek jis taraf bhaaga sab us tarf .

  • Atif

    how about doing same for strawberry quik news, a 10 year old hoax that was presented as real.

  • “Following the unfortunate bomb blast in Defense, Lahore earlier today, which took the lives of 8 people and injured 15 […]”

    I see you’re also claiming this to be a bomb without any proof whatsoever. Last I checked, authorities were still investigating and there was no cause disclosed officially besides unverified reports on media.

    It is sad and irresponsible of ProPakistani to publish “facts” without any checking. It would’ve been better to call this just a blast until it was confirmed to be a terror strike, which all signs thankfully point to it being not.

  • Uzair Farooqi

    Well propak is doing the same. Copying international articles. You wont get caught because Pakistani’s often dont read international blogs.
    Copy paste is ruling the blogging industry…

  • Hamid

    Why hasn’t Punjab govt received this notice for misleading the public with fake news:

  • SSyar

    this guy on 11 Jan on facebook told the DHA Lahore fb page about the hazardous issue..,