Lecturers Are Now Required to Have 18 Years of Education: HEC

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has directed the universities and degree awarding institutions to ensure implementation of the Commission’s decision to raise minimum qualification to 18 years of education, for appointment of Lecturers.

In a letter issued by HEC to Vice Chancellors and Rectors, they have been asked to ensure that minimum qualification for appointment of Lecturer should be MPhil / MS or equivalent degree i.e. 18 years, or Masters from a foreign University. Deadline given for decision’s implementation is June 30, 2017.

The Universities which have already adopted and implemented the decision have been appreciated and advised to continue implementing the decision.

Moreover, HEC has also extended the cut-off date for raising minimum qualification of Assistant Professors in universities/degree awarding institutions to the level of PhD, to January 1, 2018.

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  • As in putting people with 18 years experience will increase the actual performance of students. What is needed is to revise the academia to focus on the Country’s problems and revise the system to stop producing rote learning parrots.

  • The nation will start progressing once they will start valuing experience along with the education.

    A teacher with 14 years of education and 8 years of practical experience is certainly better than a person with 18 years of education and zero experience.

    • How a Associate bachelor Degree holder ( So called 14 year Bachelor / 16 year master ) can better than 16 years Bachelor / 18 Year Master ? Be Ready, 2 higher education system can not run parallel anymore in Pakistan to confuse further Pakistani nation.

      Globally, Bachelor is 16 and Master is 17-18. Can you teach better than BS/MS Chemistry, BS/MS Physics, BS/MS Biology, BS/MS Math, BS/MS Computer Science, BS/MS Economics holders ? LOLS!

      You passed degree in nights, donot have of Subject depth. I am 1000% sure you never attended any lab during your so called bachelor. And now poisoning your student mind with old teach tool techniques. You are product of obsolete higher education system trashed by UK in late 60-70’s.
      By the way, Article is all about higher education at University level which is not your business. You can not value of MS/PhD as you never experienced it yourself.

      • Why you people dont read the full message before replying?

        There are two levels.
        1. Behas baraye islaah
        2. Behas baraye behas.

        Congratulations with such a useless argument and reply over my question you have been awarded the level 2 category.

        I also suggest you to read my answer again.

      • Someone who has practical experience as well as academic is always better than someone who only has academic experience. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone who has done Bachelors degree how much they learned in the first two years after graduating. Then ask them why they were not taught all that while in university.

        If after two years they return to lecture students, what can they impart that is new? A LOT if they were competent when working.

  • I am subject specialist in the Subject of Geography at Sargodha… i got admission in Phd at Punjab university but punjab government refuse to give me NOC.. and am still at same place with same qualification. NOC nahi detay ye bohat dhokay baaz hain aik taraf kehtay improve your education dusri taraf no NOC. Dual face of this Punjab Government.

  • This is old decision, Thanks to Dr. Atta ur Rehman contribution in HEC. Due to plenty of availability of PhDs in Market, COMSATS already implement this initiative. For COMSATS, Lecturer must posses PhD to become lecturer or in process PhD holders to teach BS level. In exceptional cases, they accepts also Western Qualified 18 years Master Degree ( 1st Preference Research Master / 2nd Preference to UK based taught masters ) to holders.

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