All You Need to Know About Pakistani Census 2017

After being delayed twice, the national census is all set to begin in 2 days on March 15th. This will be the biggest census in Pakistan’s history. The last census was conducted back in 1998.

118,918 trained personnel as well as 200,000 military enumerators will be conducting the numeration exercise. The enumerators are trained by the government and the military respectively.

Minister of State for Information Marriyum Aurangzeb shared this information at a press conference alongside Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor and Chief Census Commissioner Asif Bajwa.

Rs. 18.5 Billion Will Be Spent on The Census

The minister said that Rs. 18.5 billion had been allocated for the census. It will be held in two phases over a period of 2 months.

The first phase of the census will run from March 15th to April 15th followed by a 10 day interval. The interval is to help relocate staff from phase one areas to phase 2 areas. The second phase will then begin on April 25th and will last up to May 25th.

The deputy commissioners will be the head of their respective districts while the assistant commissioners would be heading individual Tehsils.

Providing Wrong Info Will Get You 6 Months in Jail

DG ISPR warned that lying or providing wrong information would land you into jail for 6 months with a fine of Rs. 50,000.

While the census is being conducted, the transgender and physically disabled will be profiled separately. Of course the provisional lists would be published after the census ends on May 25th and will include the number of men and women as well as the rural and urban population.

Ms. Aurangzeb said that an awareness campaign has been launched to inform the populace about the procedures of the census. Geographic Information System will be used for profiling based on demographics.

If you want to register a complaint or want to provide information you can call this helpline: 0800-57574

Military Personnel Will Be Linked With NADRA

DG ISPR added that each enumerator will be accompanied by a soldier. The soldiers will be linked with National Database and Registration Authority for verifying information that the people provide.

He noted that the 1998 census was used as an example while preparing for the upcoming census. At that the process took 90 days and employed 250,000 enumerators. This time around the process will take 60 days with 200,000 military personnel.

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    when we have NADRA, then why we spending alot of money on census??

    • Muhammad Abrar Ali

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      Not all under 18 has B forms or Nadra Registrations.

      • moaz135

        so that is the flaw is in the Nadra system, nadra dont issues B-forms to all the peoples that are below 18 and we are spending 18.5 Billion Rupees on this and 2 years beack we spend millions of rupees on sim verification system :

        • Kami

          Nadra issues B-form but parents do not care. Do you know how many children event don’t have Nadra birth certificate.

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          Census doesn’t comprise only on counting of people. It evaluates level of education of households/cities, job or jobless people in households/cities etc.
          Nadra will nover tell you how many MBA’s are in Lahore, censor will. Nadra will not tell you which city of Sindh has better literacy rate. Census will and many more.
          All developed countries aren’t fool who spent millions over census after every few years.

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  • I am waiting very eagerly to know the results of the census. That’s interesting thing to know, the exact number of people in Pakistan.

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