Petition for Closure of Facebook in Pakistan Filed in High Court

A petition has been filed in Islamabad High Court with a plea to temporarily ban Facebook in the country till blasphemous content is fully and permanently blocked.

The petition, filed by Civil Society, cited media reports about blasphemous content on Facebook and other social media websites that are accessible in Pakistan.

Petition cited Chairman PTA, who had given a statement before the Honorary Court earlier this month, that they had closed the pages of blasphemous material whereas such material in the form of writings, sketches and videos is still being posted on Facebook continuously against the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), Suhab-e-Kram, his wives (Azwaje Mutaharat) and Sacred book of Quran-e-Pak as well as God Almighty.

Petition further said that Chairman stated that it was not feasible to block such material unless it was informed and indicated by the public sector that new pages had been opened.

Chairman PTA was quoted as saying that it might take about three weeks to close blasphemous pages as they did not have sufficient equipment to do the job.

Petitioner said that if PTA is unable to close the pages within reasonable time (as it may take few weeks to do it), it is beyond the patience of the Muslim Umma because it means that blasphemous pages and IDs etc would stay online.

Petitioner, in the view of above situation, pleaded with the honorable court that until PTA ensures the blockade of all blasphemous content and until it does so, Facebook and other social media websites should be closed.

  • Ridiculous move, why not just ban the internet entirely?
    There’s tons of other anti-islamic content all over the internet, not only Facebook. After this IHC will ban Twitter, then YouTube again and more social networks, on the basis that it is showing offensive content?
    Can we all just take a moment to remember that social networks were not designed to cater for our every need just because we get offended by everything, I don’t see any other muslim country banning social networks for this reason, so why are we?
    If you don’t like what you see, don’t use Facebook, as simple as that.

    We have this sort of attitude and then we wonder why people make fun of us. :/

    • I dont understand how people find out about those blasphemous pages? and then why people promote them by sharing with others? there’s tons of garbage out there, why people go, explore it and share it, is beyond me but then again literacy rate in the country is below 30%

      It might be because of upcoming 2018 elections? Social media giving hell of a time to certain political parties so why not just put stop to it?

        • I have a question, isnt there a way that we can individually make an effort to help eradicate this menace which pops up over a certain period of time. I am no expert on facebook working or other social media forums but I know if things are promoted by likes, then there ought to be a reverse mode too.

          It would be nice if you can do an article to advise ordinary users to play their part on these issues rather than to criticize the Govt actions which always lack technical expertise and are often haphazardly executed and result in extreme actions.

          Further I would like to share a whatsap message which I received a a few days ago, not sure if this is legitimate.

          Will appreciate your comments on my request.

      • Exactly my point.
        I myself have never seen an actual page with that sort of content, yes people sometimes post things in comments, but I’ve never actually seen a page.

      • This is what i commented about. you see it only when u wish to see. for past 9 years iv been using FB.Never gone through any such page just because i neither follow nor allow such people to be in my list who share such thngs.

    • In KSA they just trace the one posting blasphemy , not banning up FB and other social media …

    • We Muslims can accept insults to our religion but can’t live without social media. Social media is more important than Islam and our beloved Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Anything, no matter what should be banned if it insults our religion. Period. If social media is more important for you than Islam, I suggest you get out of here.

      • there’s this thing called free speech and freedom in general… the internet’s a free place where people can say and do what they want. if you dont like that then by all means, go live in a cave, just dont be intolerant by closing the internet

        • You Bloody rascal & son of a Bitch! Now it’s my freedom of speech & no one will get hyper & become intolerant by deleting my comment for sure Mr Afaq Ahmed!

          • Tell me this, if you follow religion so diligently and are so eager to insult someone else’s mother, is that not offensive?
            You find the so-called blasphemous pages to be offensive to your religion, but you just insulted this man’s mother for no reason.
            Is this what religion teaches you?

            Behave yourself and learn to act like a decent human being. Freedom of speech does not involve childish insults just because you’re butthurt about someone else explaining how the internet works to you simple minded folk.

        • as stated by you , ” the internet’s a free place where people can say and do what they want. if you dont like that then by all means, go live in a cave, just dont be intolerant by closing the internet” .

          So, can i fuck your mom?

      • As Afaq just said, free speech. That’s the whole thing with the internet, something that you brain-dead people don’t seem to understand. People will always be writing whatever they feel like writing, and just because you’re offended by it, doesn’t mean you behave like this.

        ‘Anything no matter what should be banned if it insults our religion’ with this mentality, you’re not fit to use the internet. You will be mocked, made fun of and you will be offended.

        If you find religion so important, don’t use social media, don’t use the internet, and you won’t be offended and that way you won’t even know if anyone insults your religion.

        Social media is important to me, it’s important to a lot of people, I’ve already said it in my first comment, if you don’t like it, then don’t use it. Banning it will solve nothing as there are still ways to access it, even a child can setup a VPN app and bypass any filters set by PTA.

        And lastly, we’re not accepting insults. We’re just ignoring them. Think twice before you post your goofy comments on here.

        • Oh why are you barking man just chill that’s my freedom of speech if you have any issue just keep away from my comment who asked you to reply, that’s really offensive man ?

        • What is your definition of “FREE SPEECH”? Does Jazzy B’s reply to Afaq Ahmed qualify as FREE speech? If it does, then I agree with your point of view and withdraw my case. But if it doesn’t and I believe it doesn’t, then we need to reconsider our positions. I was polite in my reply to your comment but before your reply, Afaq Ahmed jumped in on your behalf and advised me to go live in a cave. For peple like you and Afaq social media is more important than religion, but for me it is the other way round. If social media will be used to insult my religion, I will retaliate and if the government decides to block it, I will agree with it. You have the right not to agree. It is a matter of opinion and we must respect each other’s opinions rather than abusing each other.

          • Yes, it does qualify as Free Speech. That’s what everyone doesn’t understand, although his reply was rude and unnecessary, the internet allows you to have freedom of speech, and JazzyB expressed what he had on his mind.
            Living in a cave is a bit drastic, though it was a sort of tongue-in-cheek comment, I’m sure Afaq did not mean it seriously. The internet is a wonderful thing, something you can use to your advantage, express your opinions, all that good stuff, or you can be a fool and restrict it for everyone for something that you find offensive, we all have different mindsets, it just depends on how you view this situation.
            You think only social media is being used to insult your religion? Believe me, it’s being insulted in many different ways and you don’t even know it.
            Social media is used for business, informative reasons, and even to spread religion.
            Just know that it isn’t being blocked due to blasphemous content, it’s being blocked due to political reasons that IHC isn’t willing to share with us. PTA and all ISPs definitely have the ability to block certain pages, and even an agreement with Facebook could allow them to prevent users in Pakistan from seeing those pages, but, with the current situation in Pakistan, they will make up any excuse to block social media.

            Just letting you know the full side of the story. Most anti-religion or similar pages are taken down by Facebook quite quickly if they are reported, so if you do see a page that you don’t like, go and report it instead of whining about getting the whole site blocked. Also, for those who are being absolutely stupid about this whole thing and saying Mark Zuckerberg is a jew and he will not take the pages down, I don’t know about any of that, but I’m sure he is not sitting there and taking down each and every page reported himself. He obviously has a team to do it, and whether or not they are religious, they have to keep that aside, and if they find something offensive, they will take it down. I have seen plenty of anti-islamic pages get taken down within a matter of hours.

            So before you all support IHCs move to do this, just know that this is how it works. Once they block Facebook, and they get support from crazy people, they will not be reluctant to block the rest.

        • ” the internet’s a free place where people can say and do what they want. if you dont like that then by all means, go live in a cave, just dont be intolerant by closing the internet ” as said by afaq ,!!
          So can i fuck your mom ?

      • Exactly.Some liberals will try to oppose it by saying there’s freedom of speech and rubbish but they dont know that their freedom ends where my freedom starts.Freedom doesnt mean u kick anyone u want.And yes ban facebook twitter utube instagram and everything if necessary and if someones got a problem with that they should go somewhere else as this country’s ideology is based on islam.

    • Facebook ko har haal main band kar dena chaiye aur governmet tamam Gustakh e Rasool (sallaho waleyhi walsam) ko phansi ki saza dey.

      • Haan aur saath pooray mulk ki internet, communications, paani, gas aur bijli bhi band kar deni chahiye?

        Your logic is just… nevermind.

      • And Pakistan’s pathetic economy will become even worse without internet. So think it through before you make statements like this.

        If you find it so peaceful without internet, go outside your house, cut the PTCL wire, throw out your mobile phone, TV, computer, any electronic devices, and live like an amish for the rest of your life.

  • It’s the duty of PTA to block blasphemous pages. Do not expect FB jew (Mark Zuckerberg) to cooperate with you and remove those pages

  • I really don’t know how blocking can help rather it would do more harm than good. How? People would use VPN, even a bacha bacha would know about it how to open an adult site. Pakistani have become addicted to Facebook, thousands of startups rely on Facebook.

    I haven’t tried to see any blasphemous content on the internet. Even I don’t try to find in order to report because it would be a waste of time, it would take years of years to report and find.


    Our government is only expert in blocking, there are many solutions to the problem. The pages that are responsible for it, they can be blocked easily via specific URL for the whole Pakistan as we do with filter software. You put specific URLs and keywords that can be blocked because every Facebook page has a specific URL like

    • Aamir your solution looks good. I am surprised how a Muslim can be unconcerned about such blasphemous content. It will penetrate more and more with passage of time if you don’t stop it at start. As a nation we have an attitude to try to control a matter when it gets out of control.

      Mather pidar azadi is for animals. The animals do what they want to do. They do not have any concern about others.

      Islam gives you freedom to do good things which are good for society and stops you doing bad things which can be harmful for the society. We have inferiority complex about Europe and USA due to their scientific progress. Their society is destroyed morally due to their Mather pidar azadi concept.

      • The problem is not the content at all, the problem is awareness. for anything to get viral, the makers of the content require an audience. and unfortunately once we do identify such items we go into “Lanat bhej ker sheer karo” mode through the same platforms and in addition have talk shows / morning shows where the situation becomes magnified, which hurts us in 2 ways.. first the message intended to hurt us get across more screens and if the page it self is selling ads, we become a source of income for the creators of the same!

        now to address your surprise about the “unconcerned about such blasphemous content” state as you stated .. responding only on my own behalf .. I am not unconcerned per say, but am more likely to ignore and move on whenever we find something of similar nature thus defeating the purpose of launching such crap.

        and to add to your “Mather pidar azadi” concept … I will take a WILD guess and say that you have yet to visit Europe or the States and have based your opinion on movies / reality shows .. therefore nothing I could say would change your mind, but consider this, how many Europe / American territories are currently engaged in war on their own soil verses how many Islamic countries are bombed/engaged in civil war and then determine if its better to have 1% population being destroyed morally or 90% population becoming a refugee? food for thought!

      • Shukar he koi to Musalman he is page pe…kisi ne to sahi baat ki…..warna mujhe to lag raha tha is page pe koi Muslim hi nahi he….
        Allah ke Rasool (S.A.W) ne farmaya : (kami beshi maaf)
        ” Tum me se koi shakhs us waqt tak momin nahi ban sakta, jab tk men ( Nabi S.A.W) usey apne maan baap, Aulad or jan o maal se zada azeez na ho jaon”

      • Mujhe intihai afsoos hua ye dekh kar….ke social media hamari awam ke liye apne mazhab se or namoos-e-risalat se zada azeez hogaya he……
        Mujhe samajh nahi aata ye qoum qayamat ke din Allah Pak ko kya mun dikhae gi….
        Men lanat bhejti hun facebook pe, uske banae wale pe or uske chahne walon pe..

    • @aamir7:disqus Please take note of it, and write an article on the solution of blocking the Facebook pages effectively without being blocked Facebook. The solution given in the above comment by Haroon Ahmed Awan makes sense, and you can consult other experts as well. I hope the article will get viral, perhaps, our government can listen to the plea.

      @haroonahmadawan:disqus will it work even on HTTPS? Ain’t the requests sent by HTTPS encrypted?

  • Heraan hon in Chamchon py jab koi hall na ho Ban it.

    So Annoying People find those pages and share

    Bhai Lanat hai y are u sharing simple hide or ignore it

    I myself have Lot of Non-Muslim Facebook Friends of every Religion
    Stupid Move by Govt.

    Chalo Maan lia kr lo Ban

    ik VPN se sab kujj Unlock Ho jata


  • Hamary Pas to Hackers Bhi Hai :
    Ek Dafa Waqar Zaka K Show Ka Kisi Ne Page Hack Kar Liya
    FIR Katwai Banda Jail Gaya Khud Kaha tha Media Pe :
    To PTA ko to Sub Pata Hai Hack them & found out and arrest

  • There is a simple and elegant solution like that implemented at Youtube. Facebook should block only for Pakistan based users/IPs all controversial pages sent to it by PTA (which collects these from end user complaints).

    Youtube does the same. This is known as Geo blocking. Such a solution is elegant because isps and gateways locally have a limit to how many URLs they can block and this generally slows the internet down.

    If Facebook refuses this feature by all means block Facebook.

  • Please stop being fucking retards. Why don’t we burn the libraries while we are at it – pretty sure every library has some content that is derogatory /disrespectful. Better yet, GROW THE FUCK UP!

  • Why don’t we all just leave the earth since there are people on this planet saying blasphemous stuff? Let’s migrate to another planet and name it Musalmanistan.

    Facebook has a population of 2 billion people and counting, it’s the most populated place in the entire solar system. It’s not difficult but impossible to remove everything blasphemous from Facebook. Those who do have a problem sharing a digital platform with blasphemers should just quit using Facebook and should also leave the earth.

    • You mean migrate to an imaginary “planet” discovered by satan worshipers of NASA?

      D*mb Geek, even if blasphemous pages are blocked, that will have huge impact.

      • You clearly don’t have even a basic understanding of how the internet works.

        If you want to block such material from ever surfacing (or even blocked in a timely manner) you have to block the internet altogether. If you want to speed up the process, then the system would be open to abuse (people reporting material they don’t agree with as blasphemous even though it isn’t). Manual review is necessary.

        Secondly why should Facebook be banned for everyone? If someone doesn’t like Facebook or any other website, they can stop visiting it. Maybe we should stop enforcing our own ideology on every living creature for once.

    • These people won’t stop until they ban everything related to the internet. If they think blocking Facebook is a sensible decision at this stage then a few years down the road, even a blanket ban on the internet wouldn’t be too far fethched for them.

  • why does not the Supreme Court ban the Parliament as they are all corrupts and thugs and frauds and liar and incapable disgusting dark satanic souls with no morals, ethics or kindness??

    • Social Media temporary band hony ka abhi name hi lia gya, aysy lag rha hy jesy kisi ny Kutty ki Dum par paon rakh dia ho…

      Yeh qoum, corruption py nahi bolti, bus bc FB nahi band hona chahiye!

      Lanat Hy…!

  • Social Media temporary band hony ka abhi name hi lia gya, aysy lag rha hy jesy kisi ny Kutty ki Dum par paon rakh dia ho…

    Yeh qoum, corruption py nahi bolti, bus bc FB nahi band hona chahiye!

    Lanat Hy Is Hujoom Par..!

    Kanjaro, mulk mi mari ja rahy hain politicians, us waqt nahi bolty tum aur abhi sary Ashfaq Ahmad ki aulad band k wisdom jharr rahy ho

  • you cant stop corruption its just a drama ..its not due to this reason its the panama case

  • Good Move, at least one year ka liya to ho … Life main thora change hona chahyee .. FB FOBIA

  • Muslims are offended by everything. Let’s fight such blasphemous pages with evidence and convincing arguments. Banning social media altogether would send the message to the world that Pakistani Muslims are unable to fight back with reason and thus helplessly running from them. Let’s give substantial and logical answers to their questions.

  • Best is PTA should have the equipment to block any page(s) or website(s) within minutes. So as soon as someone reports anything it should be banned in the entire country effectively.

  • Just aik Blasphemous uploader ko pakro and punish him like hell. its automatically reduce more than 80 percent contents, so remaining will be easily ignored or to be blocked by concerned agency.

  • ایک چھوٹی سی کوشش۔۔۔
    جب ابراہیم علیہ اسلام کو جب آگ میں پھنکا گیا تھا تو ایک کبوتر نے اپنی چونچ سے پانی بھڑھ بھڑھ کر اس آگ میں پھینک رہا تھا بصورت اسکا یہ عمل کوئی معنی نہیں رکھتا مگر اسکو یہ ڈر تھا کہ کل قیامت کے دن میں اللہ کے سامنے کیا منہ دکھاوے گا کہ اللہ تعالیٰ کہے گے کہ جب میرے خلیل کو آگ میں پھینکا گیا تھا اور تو کیا کررہا تھا۔
    موجودہ صورت حال میں شوشل میڈیا پر گستاخانہ پیجز بلوک نہ کرنے کی خبر چل رہی ہیں اور اسکے خلاف اسلام آباد میں شوشل میڈیا سائٹز کو بند کرنے کی اپیل چل رہی ہے۔
    ہم کیوں اپیل کا انتظار کریں۔ ہم اپنا اکاونٹ کیوں نہ ڈیلیٹ یا بلوک کردیں۔
    میں نے اپنا اکاونٹ بلوک کردیا ہے۔ مجھے یہ عمل اس کبوتر کے عمل کی طرح لگ رہا ہے۔ آپ بھی اپنا اکاونٹ بلوک یا ڈیلیٹ کریں۔

    بلوک کرتے وقت یہ میسج ضرورپوسٹ کریں۔تاکہ اپکے تمام فرینذ و فیملی کو پہنچ جائیں۔
    فیس بک انتظامیہ کے گستاخانہ پیجز بلوک نہ کرنے کی وجہ سے میں اپنا اکاونٹ بلوک کرتا ہوں۔
    اوربلو ک کرتے وقت یہ میسج ضرور چھوڑیں۔
    I de-activate my fb account until facebook does not delete pages against Prophet Muhammad (peach be upon him) & Islam.
    Pages like roshni, bhesa, free thinkers etc.

    یہ میسج اپنے فیملی و فریندذ سرکل میں پھیلائیں۔

    • Welcome to the real world dost! Allah aapko istakamat dey.

      Warna last time (2010 I believe) jitne bhi logon ne account block kiye they apne kuch dinon main josh utra tha aur phir wapis wohi fazooliyat shuroo.

  • چونکہ اسلامی دنیا بارھویں صدی (12th century ) سے اکیسویں صدی میں ڈائریکٹ جمپ (direct jump) کر کے آئی ہے (یہ الفاظ مشہور فلسفی ، مورخ اور 20 صدی کے سب سے یکتا شاعر حضرت جون ایلیا کے ہیں ) . . . . اس لئے وہ نہ صرف جمہوری نظریات سے ناواقف ہے بلکہ آزادی اظہار جیسے مشکل ترین عقلی ڈائلما (Dilemma ) سے تو یکسر ہی فارغ ہے . کچھ دن پہلے چودھری نثار نے بیان دیا کہ اگر فیس بک اور وہاٹس اپپ نے یوں نہ کیا تو ہم یوں کر لیں گے . اسی طرح کی دھمکیاں آپکو انڈونیشیا سے لے کر پاکستان و ایران اور ترکی سے لے کر افریقہ تک کی اسلامی قیادت اور عوام سے سننے کو ملیں گی . حضور بات یہ ہے کہ اگر یہ دھمکی ہے تو ساری اسلامی دنیا الٹی بھی لٹک جائے تو یورپ اور امریکہ کی حکومتیں تو دور کی بات وہاں کی کوئی معمولی IT Company تک آپکو گھاس نہیں ڈالے گی .
    سب سے پہلے یہ سمجھنا ضروری ہے کی انٹرنیٹ ایک intellectual market ہے اور ویب سائٹس اس کی دکانیں ہیں . عام زندگی کی طرح یہاں بھی کچھ اچھا مال ہے کچھ خراب ہے ، کچھ بہت ہی مفید اور کچھ انتہائی نقصان دہ . آپ اس دکان پر جائیں جو آپ کو پسند ہے . جو نہیں پسند اس کو دفع کیجئے مگر آپ کسی دکاندار کو مجبور نہیں کرسکتے کہ آپکی مرضی کی چیز فروخت کرے اور صرف وہی فروخت کرے جو آپکو چاہیے .
    لوگوں کی سوچ کو کنٹرول کرنا جمہوریت کے بنیادی نظریات کے خلاف ہے . آپ کو مکمل آزادی ہے کہ آپ اپنی سوچ کو دوسروں پہنچائیں بلکل اسی طرح دوسروں کا بھی یہی حق ہے . اس عمل میں جمہوریت خود ایک ریگولیٹر ہے اور وہ اس بات کو یقینی بناتی ہے کہ آپ دو میں سے کوئی بھی دوسرے پر اپنے نظریات دھونس اور خوف یا دھمکی سے مسلط نہ کرے . کیوں کہ جمہوریت کی نظر میں انسانی عقیدہ( مذہب ) محض ایک نظریہ ہے جو آپکے دماغ میں رہتا ہے . اور باقی سارے فلسفیانہ اور سائنسی نظریات کی طرح یہ تنقید ، تحقیق اور تحقیر ( and satire criticism, scrutiny ) کی زد میں آئے گا . یہ نہیں ہوسکتا کہ آپ کہیں کہ آپکو آپکے عقیدے کی تبلیغ کی تو مکمل اجازت ہو مگر اس پر تنقید نہ ہو ، سوال نہ ہو ، اس کا مذاق نہ اڑایا جائے . اگر آپ کا عقیدہ ( جو جمہوریت اور فلسفے کی دنیا میں محض ایک نظریہ ہے ) ان حملوں کو برداشت کرنے کا اہل نہیں تو یہ فیصلہ آپکو کرنا ہے کہ آپ اپنے نظریے کو کس طرح عقلی اعتبار سے فول پروف بنائیں کہ آپکے مخالفین کے پاس دلیل کی دنیا میں ہتھیار ڈالنے کے سوا کوئی چارہ نہ ہو . یہ امید رکھنا کہ مغربی دنیا اس راستے کو خیرباد کہ دے گی جس پر وہ 800 سال سفر کر کے پہنچی ہے ایک خواہش ہوسکتی ہے مگر اس کا حقیقی دنیا سے کوئی تعلق نہیں .

  • Freedom of speech doesn’t mean that you are free to abuse anybody. It doesn’t mean that you can disrespect anybody. Freedom of speech means you can say your logic either its right or wrong. Must have accountability. Accountability prevents harmful thoughts.

  • Some time ago, a petition was filed in Lahore High Court to block GOOGLE… you know why?? “because it hosts the blasphemous material”… that’s laughable. This happens when totally non-technical (read illiterate) people does that.

    Now think about the damage which will be caused to the business associated with Facebook after this blockage.

    There is proper way to report and take down the blasphemous pages by contacting Facebook legal team, blocking would not help in any case.

    We need to educate ourselves and stop knocking our heads like idiots.

  • well i have been following this whole episode for quite some time! from the time…when i first noticed #bhensa, #roshni, #mochi and few other such sites…just by surfing on facebook. To my sheer amazement, i was astonished to see the blasphemous content.

    All i could i do was to report the pages to PTA. Somehow or the other……people like #salman_haider and #waqas_goraya went missing and thing came to lime light in media (perhaps they were being monitored by agencies or i dont know whome). i then saw ppl raising slogans for #salman_haider and #waqas_haider etc in the name of humanity and freedom of speech…there were protests in their favour…

    and the case took another turn, voice was raised again them in the National Assembly and then through our judiciary against these ppl…..

    and now we are discussing….whats right or wrong?

    i have following suggestions:-

    The Govt should have an agreement with Facebook to put a ban on blasphemous material like this instead of closing the whole of facebook.

    Govt must get the capability to trace down the culprits and punish them as per the law.

    No body should be allowed to publish blasphemous material in PAkistan and any body doing should be tried under Prevention of Cyber Crimes Act – 2016.

    In case Facebook refuses to endorse the requests of Pakistan regarding blasphemy….Facebook should be blocked in whole Pakistan. (this is the only way to force facebook to listen to demands of Pakistani community and pay respect to our islamic values)

    and last but not the least!!! there is a point to ponder for all of us….!


  • Common People why are you fighting with each other instead of looking into the solution .. The Best solution is so far to block the FB and authorities should take action fast .. We muslim should support each other and people in (Authorities)why are you still thinking i request to authorities to block fb immediately and people who use the fb i request don’t use and support the Muslim ummah

  • Facebook is a social manipulator. Facebook spies on you and flags
    comments that expose you . Facebook,google,yahoo, MSM, democratic
    liberals, In dubai they are already pushing self injecting rfid banking
    chips, so you can inject yourself with your own rfid secure banking
    chip. No more need for cash or that bulky credit card. Replacement. No
    need for fast food burger flippers we now have robot flippers,
    replacement.Gender identity? replacement. If you don’t like it “replace

  • i joined FB in 2008 and till today alhamdolilah iv nvr gone through a page against Nabi Pak (PBUH) bacause i have done some security settings and i dont follow unnecessary people. you see evil only when u wish to see it.
    For illiterate Pakistani govt. you can do IP settings by blocking specific pigs who bark about Nabi Pak. There are many companies and agencies whose business is solely through FB . Consider the no. of unemployed people after banning a whole platform..

  • it very strong and adorable step of gov of Pakistan first we have save our young generation then our money and time i myself appreciate our gov this step mover ever fb some unusual thing share strong take action on it as soon as possible fb should be closed in pakistan

  • Liberals vs Conservatives.(Islamic)

    LIBERALS : We ask for freedom of speech for everyone (no don’t ban FB Islamic extremisyt should go to cave , ….etc).
    CONSERVATIVES : Freedom of speech which hurts or mocks (anyone or our religion) should not be tolerated.Freedom doesnt mean u kick anyone u want.
    LIBERALS : fuck off man ,you retarded , go live in your cave freedom of speech , freedom of speech , yaa we want freedom of speech .. why are you imposing your ideology on us ? fuck you , fuck your religion …..
    CONSERVATIVES : ? bhai mein b tou azaideye izhare raey ka haq rakhta huun ? mein kee jhag maarr reya?

    (in reality you all are retarded and mentally conservative of your own self esteem and yourselves , freedom of speech waly so called liberals sy jb islamic extremist apni baat krein tou unka bhi voi haal hy jo k islamic extremist ka hy … non toleraable)

  • We are Pakistani and Praise be to Allaah

    We all want to stop all this aniti islamic ids, pages at all times,

    This is all being hijacked on our faith,

    At least some of the steps will be expected to improve

    We are a High Court with Pakistan’s decision

    And completely satisfied,

    Thank you our Hight court of pakistan .

  • close