HEC, Microsoft Partner for $100,000 Imagine Cup

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has partnered with Microsoft to bring the technology titan’s global student competition, Imagine Cup, to Pakistan this year. The competition presents a big opportunity for Pakistani students and offers prizes of up to $100,000.

What is Microsoft Imagine Cup?

The Imagine Cup is a global competition that empowers and encourages students from the field of Computer Science to form a team and create applications that shape how we live, work and play. It plays host to thousands of students from all around the world each year.

The Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017 is just around the corner and presents a chance for young developers to show off their biggest, boldest software solutions. The prizes include mentorship opportunities with industry leaders, an Azure grant and cash awards of up to a $100,000.

How Can I Apply?

HEC Pakistan has now collaborated with Microsoft to host the Imagine Cup for Pakistani students. Anwar Amjad, the Director IT HEC, detailed how the competition would work for Pakistani applicants.

You will need a project title, a description, a proposal, a software, a set of instructions for your software and video One Drive URL to be applicable to the competition. Submit them by visiting Imagine Cup’s site.

Once accepted, the teams will have to compete at the regional level. The winning teams will qualify for the national level. A mix of judges from both academia (as directed by HEC) and industry evaluates the solutions during both rounds.

Technology will be the primary judging criteria. Regional & National Finals detailed per team plan and relative winner’s announcements will be made on Official MSDN Pakistan Community Blog.

Source— Nation

  • Anwar Amjad has been acting like a lapdog of Micro$ucks for almost 2 decades now. Favoring a monopolist throughout his tenure over open source software has criminalistic reverberations to it. An clear cut case of conflict of interest and abuse of position. Shame on u.
    –ForAFewDollarsMore tsk tsk

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