Islamabad to Get New State of the Art General Hospital Worth Rs. 2.5 Billion

Islamabad is about to get a grand new hospital hopefully with state of the art equipment. The General Hospital will be constructed in Tralai at Tramari Chowk with a land area of 13.07 acres and should be completed by June of 2019.

It’s an expensive project of over Rs. 2.5 billion with foreign investors and international governments (i.e. Saudi government) investing in it.

Official sources of the Ministry of Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) have reported that the Saudi government through the Saudi Funds for Development (SFD) has given the Pakistani government a grant of 75 million Saudi Riyals (amounting to exactly PKR 2 billion) for the project.

Furthermore, the government has already allocated money for speedy completion of this project. About a Rs. 100 million have been allocated to the hospital building for this current fiscal year and the Pakistan Public Works Department has already started working on the boundary wall for the hospital.

A further amount of Rs. 18 million have been allocated for the completion and upgradation of various projects being carried out by the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS). The government has also carefully carried out feasibility checks of completing the started projects or updating those already in place and now PIMS is just waiting for the amount to be given to them to carry on with these projects.