FIA Tracks IP Addresses of Alleged CSS Exam Leaker

There has been a new development in the CSS exam leak case. Apparently the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has traced 4 IPs for the person who leaked the papers.

It all started 2 months ago when a Facebook user by the name of Sadia Kousar leaked CSS exams on the social network. The person operating that account leaked the exam papers on January 26th, 3 weeks before the exam was due to take place.


Buy Leaked Exam Papers

Reports indicate that some of the questions in the leaked papers were in the actual exam papers on February 16th. Rumors have also been circulating about secret social media groups selling papers from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 80,000. The students can access the papers using a pin which is only be given after payment is confirmed.

Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) denied these allegations and launched an investigation into the matter.

FPSC’s Response

FPSC’s response was quoted in a press release saying:

A news item has appeared in the press about availability of guess/questions on social media relating to two compulsory papers of CSS-2017 Examination, much before actual conduct of the papers. It has been alleged that the actual questions in the papers were quite similar.

It is emphasized that strong and foolproof mechanisms are in place to maintain secrecy and confidentiality of question papers as well as other related information at the Federal Public Service Commission. It is felt that certain quarters may be making an attempt to cast aspersions on the working of FPSC. The matter has been taken very seriously by the Commission and accordingly referred to Federal Investigation Agency to probe and investigate the matter.

Will Take 2 to 4 Months To Trace

FIA has managed to obtain 4 IP addresses linked to the Facebook account mentioned earlier. The agency claims that there are thousands of users on these IP addresses and it is next to impossible to trace the culprit. An investigation however is still underway which could take 2 to 4 months to complete.

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    • bhai unko to arrest kr k (Nisar Ali Khan) interior minister ne chhor dia…. agr wo begunah thay to koi aur hoga usko pakro………

    • yar had hye negativity ki ..bhai ek issue pe bat ho rahi hye ap ko andaza bhi hye ye howa kia hye …salon tak mehnat karny k bad jb aik candidate es tarah ki cheating ki waja se reh jata tu kia hota us ka … community pe kia asrat hoty us k ehl guess paper waly officers mustaqbil mn gustakh rasoolon ko kia pakrein gae…. kaise policies bnaein gae …har cheez ko mazhab ki aarr mn tanqeed ka nishana nhi bnana chahye… Allah ka shukar hye Gustakhi karny walon k khilaf bhi tehqeqat chal rahi hain so just dont comment for the sake of comments only wahab sahb…

      • This is not the negitive comments this is what we want quick action on Gustakhi :
        CSS Last result only 2% clear Waisay bhi Clear Nahi hota :
        I mean just quick action on Gustakhi same as CSS, i am not against of CSS leaker

        • The character of the nation can be judged by its symbolic, thinking pattern and priorities.

  • Great dishonesty on the part is CSS Commission for leakage & Marketing of CSS papers. This show a poor management system is handling CSS Commission and malpractices are running under the Clean Canvas of CSS. Supreme Court must Take Action

  • are we doing any improvement in the system to prevent such hacks/leaks?
    I am predicting another news soon.

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