VStudents is a Complete Resource for Students Applying to Universities

It’s that time of the year again – the day when your exam results are due. You’re already nervous. The parents are cautiously optimistic yet you know better.

Dreading it with every moment, you finally muster up the courage to check your results online. You open the website. You put in your roll number and…the site is down. Instead of feeling relieved, you know it’s more agony for you.

So goes a typical student’s experience while checking their results online here. Perhaps the school or college or university website could not handle the traffic. Perhaps the educational institutions didn’t know any better when they opted to get their results online with their limited IT resources.

Whether you are a student or an educational institution, you deserve better. And this is where aClassResults steps in, a service that makes online results checking a quick and efficient process.

The website has a collection of class results for the latest year. Their service acts as a backup resource. By maintaining a separate database just in case the primary results website aren’t prepared to face a huge amount of traffic, which leads to slow browsing or often crashed websites.

Exam results are simply and conveniently categorized. Separate drop down menus are maintained for each board and under the drop down options, users can select the particular class result they are seeking.

Moreover, further details and information is also provided on the website regarding the result announcements. Students can also send their roll number to [email protected] and their result will be emailed to them automatically as it is declared.

After completing basic 12-year education, students look for universities to apply to. Often times it is a hurdle, as each university has its own admission method and entry test dates.

To cater the needs of the students, vstudents.org came up with the idea to develop a website which will enable students to gather all the information online, instead of visiting the education centers.

The university information provided on the website includes admissions guide, admission last dates, fee structures, entry test dates, scholarships and more.

Students can also download admission forms and submit them online, if the university permits it.

Information isn’t limited to any field as the website offers information for Medical, Engineering and Business universities. General information such as latest university rankings, top universities to apply to in each field is also regularly updated on the website.