PEMRA Issues Show-Cause Notice Over ‘Objectionable Dance’ in Sahir Lodhi’s Show

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has taken action against Sahir Lodhi’s morning show aired on TV One. PEMRA has issued a show cause notice to TV One for its program “Aap ka Sahir”, hosted by Sahir Lodhi, which airs at 9AM in the morning,

The TV program in question aired an unethical dance featuring both, Sahir Lodhi and a girl (whose name has not been mentioned), which was aired live on the channel on 14th of March 2017.

The regulatory authority said Sahir Lodhi has been regularly involved in such acts and the PEMRA had received multiple complaints against him.

According to the notice, TV One was in violation of PEMRA Ordinance 2002 which states that private channels have to maintain ethical standards in terms of the content aired.

TV One has until 29th of March 2017 to reply PEMRA with an answer as to why the license holder violated its terms. The channel might have to adhere to one of the following penalties:

  • According to Section 27, shut down the program “Aap ka Sahir”
  • In accordance with Section 29, pay a fine of Rs. 1 million
  • In accordance with Section 30, cancel TV One’s license

The channel also has to answer whether Sahir Lodhi wants to explain the situation himself.

Recent PEMRA Activity

The show-cause notice was published only a day after Geo was handed a similar notice for its program Geo Pakistan where an inappropriate scene featuring a girl and a boy was aired live.

Geo also has to answer by 29th March 2017 and satisfy PEMRA or it will be subjugated to either Rs. 1 million in fine or the cancellation of its license.

PEMRA has been receiving a lot of complaints from viewers on deteriorating standards of dramas, commercials and other shows. To resolve this, PEMRA has held a meeting with relevant stakeholders including Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) and private TV channel representatives to discuss the quality and standards of TV content.

Source: PEMRA

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      He belongs to cartoon network

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    • Ghatiya banda.

  • PEMRA ko to Morning Show Pe He Pabandi Lagani Chahyeh :
    Subha Subha Banda ALLAH Rasool Ka Naam Leta hai :
    Hamary Yaha Dance Wo Bhi Live Musical Show K Sath :

    Had Hoti Hai Kisi Cheez Ki !

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      Bhai Shab…. 10 bjy kon si subha hoti hai

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          nhi bhai joro main dard hai…..

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            khair dard tu kahi aur ha yeh tu bhol pan ha ap na us ka nam joro rakh dia ha

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              Tu tu jigar hai apna…..

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            Nia lakri ka lagwa laayan

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              jaisy aap ko zaida acha lagy……

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          Arey yar ye idiot qadri, barelvi sect mein naya group bana rah hai, is ka Islam se koi laina daina nai na ke inqilaab se, is ke toh relationship hai politicians ke saath.

      • Program to 9AM Pe Start Hota Hai :
        Waisay Bhi Dance Music to Islam K Nazaryeh Se Dekhyeh :
        Sahir Lodhi ki Nazaryeh Se Nahi :p

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          Yar es absar alam ny dth ka kya kia,notice he byjta ha channels ko n 6lakh salary lay rha ha

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            Absar Alam toh bohat bara dhakkan hai gays ko support karta hai he is part of liberal terrorism.

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        Molana please clip share karr dain dance waala

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          good idea

    • I agree with you.


    Down with PEMRA. First of all suspend ARY & HUM films licence for airing vulgar movies and showing items songs as well as Mehwish Hayat scene in a Movie with an old Man . (Forget the movie name) Jo kaam krne kay hain woh koi krta nhi bus pabandian hi lagate raho

    • Nahi Yar Ye Jawani Hai Deewani, Bechana, Jalibee Achi Movie thi !

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        copy cat.

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        کیا موویز اسلام میں حلال ہے جسے آپ یہاں اچھی کہہ رہے ہو؟

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        Khahan hote hain

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      PEMRA noon league kay control mei ha…

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    This is a great word “Objectionable” , in the previous post a student gets arrested for posting “Objectionable” images of his teacher on FB and now this,,,,

  • Very Good, PEMRA should BAN “her” also. :/

    • Hahaha Block : (Notice k Foran Bad Khanay Ka Ahtemam With Zalima) Pemra Walo k Sath Kar Diya gya ab to

      • How can you say? Did you go there? :D P.S. Chacha Comment, Itna Halwa bhi na Samjho ab..

        • PEMRA Ka Notice HALWA He Hota Hai PEMRA Ki Complaints Parh Lo URL Pe Hazaro Log Ek He Channels Pe Complaint Pe Lagey howi hai But PEMRA Ka Qanoon Andha Hai Usko Paisa NAZAR Ata hai bus

          • Have you watch that the complaints are same or not? So, the problem is whether they BAN that specific program or sustain their transmission.

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    Shahrukh khan of Pakistan and His sister ashwarya rai of Pakistan are doing all kind of crazy stuff. Banned several times and then come back again on different channel doing the same stuff.

    • Correction : Ghareeebo Ka Shahrukh Khan !

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      Is ke sister kon hai?

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      Beghirat log jo hai is liye bar bar banned hone ke baad be ajate hain. These liberal terrorist have no shame at all.

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    Our media has just become a DISASTER. Other than local news, everything else including talk shows 90% of the content is GARBAGE. It always looks like they want to carry on with their so called program and they are some how doing it. Tune to any channel and you would see “This is Pakistan’s No. 1 channel”. Tune to any news channel, “This is ONLY this channel’s exclusive news” and then they keep repeating that this channel is the one who is bringing this news to you 1st and exclusive and with tooooooooooooo much EFFORT. In my opinion they all have gone NUTS total NUTS.

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      Chalo ap channel khol ke us pe 99.9 pc acha content dekha do, ap ka kisi ne hath toh na pakra?

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      They have to fill the stomach of 24—–hours. So many time NONSENSE . Change the channel ok

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    Absar alam jo kam krny wala ha wo kar,dth launch kr. Notice na pyj channels ko,illegal chairman of pemra,6lakh salary lay rha ha

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    Not sure if we’re becoming part of Kingdom of S.Arabia or Islamic Rep. I-RAN.. both of these three haven’t been a beacon of development & prosperity at any time of their history…..

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    jo loog is tarha ke programs dekhtay hain aur in ke TRP burhatay hain un ko Allah deen ki samajh de aur hadayat atta karay aur marasion se dhokkay bazoon se begairtoon se aur chooron se humaray mulk Pakistan ko nijat dilaye. ameen sum ameen

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      Aalim ko ALLAH hidayet nai deta beta!

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    TV1 per Es khusray kay prograam per kabi ghalti say nazar per jai to shram ati hay. Shukar hay PEMRA ke be ankh Khuli hay. Mr. Sarwar

  • Muhammad Nawaz Arain

    We must appreciate the efforts and regulatory steps taken by PEMRA. Its extremely necessary to monitor the compliance of rules and principles, specially the ones issued recently by PEMRA.

  • Why every time pimera gives him second chanse

  • Mrs. Sabiha jameel

    1. I watched one show of sahir lodhis and it did not befit an adult anchor asking girls during the program to catch him while he runs as fast as he can; and he can turn anywhere and as fast as he can, but you nust match my speed and catch me.
    2. Most of the shows on all different channels are trying to show dramas close to reality – for which they make brother/ sister relation like real brother sister; husband/wife relation as real couple ( sharing bed, getting as intimate as possible) ; show up as close friends among boys and girls all the intimacy they can show in such relationships.
    The dresses of the girls are very objectionable. They are totally different from the directions of Islam in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
    3. Even all the female anchors and hosts and news readers have come-up on equality terms with their male counterparts as far as their dresses are concerned. Mostly appear wearing pants and coats or a dress without dupatta. Tight dresses with bosoms out, does not suit a Muslim woman. Intellectually they should compete their colleagues and a modezt dress should not hinder their progressive growth.
    Even there is lot of extravagaza in morning shows. They invite guests and then arrange to make them dance in mixed gathering. What culture they are trying to depict?
    Then instead of portraying austerity; Ary and even others come up with ostentacious Rasumat , over a number of days ( if showing a wedding teality), with heavy dresses and makeups and jewellery. The audience and the public who watch them cant all afford all such extravagance. What role models would they make?