Harvard Welcomes Two Men From Pakistan For Marketing Course on Social Media

Two Pakistani marketing professionals, Syed Muhammad Raza and Kashif M. Sethi, recently had the opportunity to attend a marketing course on social media at Harvard University, USA.

During their time there, they gained some insights on social media marketing which they were excited to share.

Raza, who is also Senior Brand Manager of Seasons Canola, has had the launches of Seasons Corn Oil and Seasons Rice Bran Oil in his list of achievements. According to him, “Digital marketing is about understanding the consumer and their social media networks”.

Speaking during a detailed interview, he further explained his learnings from the marketing course, stating that campaigns should not only be centered on the strategic delivery of the brand message, instead they should be much more than that.

“The goal is to get the marketers to focus less on “how” a campaign is delivered, or the delivery tools,” said Raza. He further added, “They should be more about “who” they are trying to reach and the environment where they live.”

This venture from the experienced Brand Manager proves that the Pakistani marketing giants need to explore the fundamental shift in both the market and marketing. Hopefully, this move will encourage other major brands to also follow and explore similar opportunities accordingly.