Pakistan Leads Islamic Countries in Fight Against Blasphemous Content Online

A meeting of the ambassadors of the Islamic countries was held on Friday with Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan in chair.

The meeting convened by the Interior Minister on one point agenda i.e. to discuss blasphemous content on social media and how to effectively raise voice of the entire Muslim world against the madness unleashed against Islam and holy personalities in the name of freedom of expression.

There was unanimity among the participants that the entire Muslim Ummah is united to protect the sanctity and dignity of the religion and Holy prophet (P.B.UH)

It was decided that a comprehensive strategy paper encompassing all legal and technical aspects would be circulated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs among the ambassadors of the Muslim countries which they would be sharing with their governments to evolve future plan of action.

It was also decided that a formal reference would be sent to Secretary General of the Arab League and Secretary General of the OIC raising the issue of blasphemous content on social media and how such a tendency had been hurting the sentiments of the Muslims across the world.

The meeting decided that after response is received from the government of the Islamic countries, the matter then would be taken up at the level of United Nations besides looking into legal options available to follow-up the matter legally in the courts of the respective countries from where such content was being generated.

Addressing the Ambassadors, the Interior Minister pointed out that distortion of religious beliefs and sacrilege of holy personalities of any religion is intolerable.

He said that no law permits showing disrespect or distortion of any religion.

The Minister said that it was unfortunate that the Muslim being the biggest victims of terrorism were being portrayed as the perpetrators. He said that the Islamic Ummah must strive together to impress upon the international community to shed off Islamophobia.

The Minister said that distortion of any religion is also another form of terrorism that the international community must acknowledge.

The Interior Minister said that sections of the western world must get out of double standards about Islam and the Muslims. On one hand, they have laws against any kind of distortion or disrespect towards any religion and on the other hand, the most revered personalities of Islam are being ridiculed.

The Ambassadors greatly appreciated the Interior Minister’s initiative for highlighting the issue and taking lead role towards finding a solution to the issue. They agreed in principle with the strategy identified by the Interior Minister.

Secretary MOFA, Secretary Interior and senior officers of the Interior Ministry were also present during the meeting.

The Ambassadors present during the meeting included, among others, Ambassador of Azerbaijan, Acting Ambassador of Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ambassador of Kazakhstan, Ambassador of Lebanon, High commissioner of Maldives, Ambassador of Qatar, Ambassador of Somalia, Ambassador of Tajikistan, Ambassador of Turkey, Ambassador of Uzbekistan, Ambassador of Algeria, Deputy Ambassador of Bahrain, High Commissioner of Brunei Darus salam, Ambassador of Iran, Ambassador of Jordon, Ambassador of Kuwait, Acting Ambassador of Malaysia, Ambassador of Palestine, Ambassador of Sudan, Ambassador of Saudi Arabia, Ambassador of Tunisia and Ambassador of UAE.

  • Adeel

    Ab phir socalled liberal logon ki _____ mein keerha kaate ga aur bilawaja behas karen ge freedom of speech k naam par

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      They’ll start discussion with:
      Falan falan baat to theek hai lekn…..

  • Shaykh ul Islam Tahir ul Qadri

    also blasphemy against poray muslim e umma ki qatilo k mulik ko oil supply krny waly mulik main corruption kr panha lainy waly khilaf…..

  • Bilal Majeed

    Great work by Government,freedom of speech shouldn’t be used to hurt the feelings of billions of people.
    And whoever still support the people doing such blasphemous acts should answer only one Question;
    we love our Prophet Muhammad PBUH “more than” they love their parents so would you protect someone who disrespects your parents and say bad words to them? answer honestly

    • Adeel

      Bilal bhai wo liberal log hain wo aisi baaton pe khush hote hain, un k liye wo b freedom of speech hai ?

      • Bilal Majeed

        lol :P

    • Ahmed Habib

      Please correct, we love our Prophet Muhammad PBUH “more than” they love their parents.

    • Hassam Tahir

      I would laugh and judge the parwirish of someone was using bad words to disrespect someone’s parents. Like na meray parents ko koi farq parta hai na un ke zaat ko. Jo marzi bolta rahay koi.

  • Salman Haider

    ان بے شرم حکمرانوں کو تو پہلے اپنے اعمال مسلمانوں والے بنانے چاہیے پھر اسلام بچانے کی فکر کرتے. خود اپنے کرتوتوں سے تو ہر لمحہ توہین رسالت کے مرتکب ہو رہے ہیں.

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      An example please?

  • Paki

    We must appreciate the efforts, a step in the right direction, If countries have Laws against Holocaust denial then their must be Laws against Blasphemy. If you get punished for Holocaust denial so should be for Blasphemy.

    Freedom of speech should have limitations, you can’t hurt feeling of others peoples on the name of free speech.

  • Khalid Yaldram

    QADAYNI OR CHRISTIAN/HINDU/YAHUDI AGENT spoted jis na commnet kia ha yeh masof ghair muslim……………ha

  • AbdulB1

    AP coca cola ya Pepsi to ban nahe Kar sakte itnay gulam Hain AP magrib ke. Khud apne haton se aik dusray musalman ka khonn Kar rahe Hain app.

  • Ahmed

    Bus ini kamon may agay hai Pakistan.

  • AbdulB1

    vesay mei sochta hoon jab yeh sharabi , zani , jawari musalman leader magrib ko kahte hoon gai Blasphemy band karo woh kia sochte hoon gai?? yeh log to un companies ya cities se apna paisa nahe nikalte jahan khulam khula blasphemy ho rahi ho ….

  • rehman1

    Pakistan also leads in all sorts of bad things among islamic countries…. kudos for tht too

  • rehman1

    Aur to kuch theek ho nai rha… dehashatgardi to khatm ho nai rai..chalo liberals aur athiets ko pakrtay hain… shayd is say dehashatgardi khatm hi jai hi

  • Eli Ehsan

    Buhahahahahahahaa.. oh man! THE IRONY is unfathomable with our ummah…. as always..

  • ZAB

    @Aamir Atta:
    Either ban comments section in religious posts aur ban such filthy racist from commenting nonsense. This is an offense under Pakistani constitution and you should not provide a platform for blasphemy and offenses.

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      The mod(s) are sleeping gehri neend nashay main.

  • Saad Zaidi

    I wish Pakistan where internet is banned because of blasphemous content presence, TV channels closed because of objectionable unislamic content, Press because of existing fatwa on printing press (Google it), Mobile Phones, tablets, all kinds of TV, Camera, electronics, and all kinds of motor vehicles because it is made by Kaafir nahinjaar… We should live in caves and tents and use only camels…. The only radical islamic way!! #FacePalm #ReligiousBigots #Extremists #NoTolerance

    • Ali Salman

      What you just wrote is very very old, come up with something new. I have seen such writings 1000 times whenever there is debate on blasphemous content. People like you try to fit into so called west culture but are never fully accepted.

      No one is against TV but the content on it, no one is against phone but if someone is spying on the user invading their privacy go tell them this is not right.

      Any wrong Fatwas are as dangerous as FOX, CNN, ABC news which from breakfast to dinner brain wash people against so called Muslim extremism to sideline Muslims.

      Go write this for west, they ban and punish anything you say against holocaust, they attack Muslim countries and immigrants, mosques, women, kids. Not even 1% die in US/Europe in terrorism but all hue and cry is over terrorism in which majority of those killed are Muslims.

      • Nida

        Very well slapped on his shitty face……bloody atheist……har dafa zaleel hote hen ye begherat…..phir bhi wohi bakwas karne ajate hen.

    • Muhammed Ovais Alam

      Same sh*t Different Face (or Id?)

  • Ahmed_m

    May Allaah Help them in this cause …Ameen. Because according to texts Allaah even get done what ever he likes from those who are not pious (fasiq). So good plan and effort will be welcome even if by corrupt person.