Pliro is a One Stop Healthcare Platform for Doctors and Patients

Pakistan’s government has never really focused its efforts on improving the public health sector. This has created an opportunity for innovative companies to try and improve the local healthcare system on their own. One such software company is Aurora Solutions, which is trying to simplify the healthcare system for doctors and patients through its new product called Pliro.

What is Pliro?

Taking every problem into account, Pliro aims to bridge the gap between doctors and patients with the use of technology.

Pliro is essentially an all-round healthcare partner for both doctors and patients. It cuts the traditional costs and allows patients to connect with doctors online. Doctors get the added benefit of appointment management and it is handled automatically.

The Pliro platform can make healthcare more intuitive. Here are some of the features through which it can change the way the current healthcare system works:

Pliro for Doctors

The everyday life of doctors is hectic as it is. Administrative headaches and inefficiencies simply add to the burden. Pliro takes care of doctors with a diversified set of features and helps make their practice more simple, organized and effective.

  • Review and Cancel Appointments
  • Create and Reschedule Appointments
  • Create Patient Record (EMR)
  • Edit and Add Details to EMR
  • Manage Healthcare Services
  • Online Advertising

Pliro for Patients

Pliro is just as significant for patients, allowing access to proper guidance, assistance and treatment. With its wide number of features, Pliro provides a personalized experience for patients. Through Pliro,  patients can avail the following services::

  • Intelligent Search
  • Ratings/Reviews to identify good doctors
  • Exact Location of the doctors
  • Rate Card & Service Information
  • Appointment Bookings
  • SMS Alerts
  • Instant Ambulance Calling
  • Managing Your Healthcare History
  • Ask Expert Advice on Forum
  • Tips and Trends in Healthcare Blog

Another feature of Pliro is that it synchronizes and updates practitioners and patients with the help of email and SMS alerts, so there are no misunderstandings regarding the confirmation of appointments.

How Does It Work?

The process of accessing Pliro is extremely simple, all you have to do is download the application and follow these steps:

  1. Patient searches for doctors through filters, categories and the location.
  2. They request an appointment from a list of available time slots for each doctor.
  3. Doctor approves, cancels or reschedules patient’s request as per his/her availability.
  4. A confirmation SMS is sent to the patient and the doctor.
  5. Patient SMS reminders on the day of the appointment.
  6. Patient shares feedback by reviewing their experience with the doctor in turn helping others.

To sum it all up, Pliro is positioning itself as a definitive solution to the professional and personal problems faced by doctors and patients in the healthcare sector.

With the introduction of such technological services in the healthcare sector, medical practitioners will be able to address the problems faced by our growing population in a more effective and efficient manner.

To download Pliro’s app on Android, click here. iPhone users, click here instead.