Iflix To Offer Unlimited Access to PTCL’s Broadband and Smart TV Users

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has announced its collaboration with iflix, a leading subscription Video-on-Demand (SVoD) service for emerging markets.

According to the deal, iflix, will offer PTCL broadband subscribers (4 Mbps and above) and Smart TV customers an unlimited access to its service for 12 months.

The announcement was made at a joint press conference held in Karachi which was addressed by senior executives of PTCL and iflix.

PTCL’s Chief Commercial Officer, Adnan Shahid said on the occasion, “We want our customers to enjoy quality entertainment through PTCL Smart TV and our broadband service. Our partnership with iflix will allow our customers to stream international and Pakistani content at their convenience whenever and wherever they want. We are committed to be the preferred digital lifestyle partner of our customers and will work towards bringing more content and entertainment platforms in the future as well”.

iflix Pakistan General Manager, Farees Shah, commented: “Pakistan is one of the world’s fastest growing markets for internet and smartphone penetration. We are thrilled to partner with PTCL, Pakistan’s leading telecommunications giant to offer PTCL subscribers an unparalleled offering of local and international content. We can’t wait for more Pakistanis to press play!”

With access to iflix, PTCL subscribers can watch a vast library of thousands of first-run exclusive shows, award-winning TV series, blockbuster movies, popular local and regional content, children’s programs and much more.

They can download TV shows and movies to any phone, tablet or mobile device and even watch offline, when not connected to the Internet.

PTCL customers will be able to share their iflix subscription with family or friends and watch different shows on two different devices at the same time.

PTCL’s partnership with iflix is a testament to its commitment of providing high quality digital entertainment to its subscriber base through its high-speed, low latency DSL service, available in more than 2,000 cities and towns across the country with the most attractive high speed broadband packages.

PTCL is focused on constantly delivering a superb value proposition to its valued subscribers and its Smart TV and 4 Mbps and above customers will now be able to sign-up with ease via www.iflix.com to unlimited iflix content for one year.

Subscribers can also download the iflixmobile application from Google Playstore/App Store to stream the content of their choice on smartphones, tablets, laptops or TV sets. Users will additionally be able to download their desired content to their mobile device for offline viewing.

iflix offers premium TV content across a range of genres through a portfolio that includes Hollywood, Bollywood, regional and local programs.

The streaming service has signed content partnerships with major studios and distributors such as Warner Bros, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), Fox Studios, Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney, and Primeworks.

  • osama

    What about data usage?

    • Tarrra

      8 Mbps and above already have unlimited data (I use over 1000GB/month on it). Don’t know about 4 Mbps or below, but I heard it’s capped at 300 GB per month.

      • Ahmad

        now they are unlimited at 4mb/s connection

        if you download day and night you can download only 300GB maximum monthly, due to slow speed

  • Shark Lasers

    Perfect combination. Slow PTCL internet with low resolution iFlix.

    If anyone is looking for quality then Nayatel (or Zong 4G) with Netflix are a much better option.

    • None

      Does Nayatel give Netflix free subscription too ?

      • None

        I think they don’t

        • Faheem Ahmed

          and they have limit as comapred to ptcl

    • Umar

      what about the high bandwidth consumption rates @ Zong 4g . Huge difference b/w consuming 150GB at PTCL vs Zong.

    • Umar

      Although agree with you on Zong 4g Speed, amazing speed 24/7.

    • Faheem Ahmed

      nayatel is 2 times more expensive and also has limited internet vbolume

      • M Farooq Javaid

        I am using wateen gpon ftth services 20mbpd in lhr truly unlimited i hv download almost 500 to 700 gb data hurrrrry

        • Saad Ahmed

          what about service quality of wateen and what is upload speed? is is 20Mbps upload also?

    • Ahmad

      Zong ? 50GB 2000 mein detay hain,,,ab shayed rate increase bhi huway hain…

      1080p videos bhi aap k 300gb se bhi ziada kha jaye gi on netflix

  • None

    Can we sign up multiple times ?

  • Shahid

    I used both Iflix and Netflix both are good.

  • Bilal

    and when they are going to offer this?

    • Honey

      Offer already running, goto iflix and redeem it

      • Kashif

        How to avail this?

  • Danyal Asif


  • Zando Maston

    What license is Iflix operating under? Ptcl’s iptv?

  • hamza

    my connection is 4mb nut it says it i cant subscribe to this offer i need to be on 4mb or higher speed which im already

    • M Farooq Javaid

      Go into your modem setti gs and check your internet package
      Ptcl waly kehty 4mbps hy per ghareeb or masoom awaam ko 1mb or 2mb per he rakhty hy ports up nhi krty bechry log balli ka bakra bnty hain bill 4mbps daty hy or speed 1mb ya 2mb ki milti hy. Ptcl services suckkkkkksss

      • hamza

        well my upstream is 1092 and my down stream is 4607 im getting 4mb plus speed on speedtest
        have you been able to redeem the offer

      • I agree with what farooq javaid said. I check my link speed on my modem admin page regularly for this very reason. Because two times my link got degraded from the exchange and I had to call them and then it got fixed..

      • BADAR

        Yu are right. yeah sub Exchange walon ki harkatain hain.

  • Sada

    You cannot open webpages on ptcl broadband whose idea was that to stream videos through iflix I think it’s April (fool)

  • Saad Zaidi

    It will ease off on PTCL to provide content services. A good deal though

  • Yasir Hashmi

    Its not working. Tried to redeem on 4Mbps. Its not working at all. Totally Crap:D Fhat The Wuck !

    • hamza

      Neither can i’m having 4mb connection as well as ptcl smart tv connection but i still cant avail this offer

  • had been using PTCL since childhood, eske naam se hi allergy hogai hy ab, Thanks God, using Nayatel now. It’s absolute class. It has got its own movie steaming service named VOD, and one can watch unlimited Youtube+Facebook etc videos whole month, for just Rs. 200 at an amazing 10 mbps speed.

  • Arslan Ejaz

    Than you just subscribed to this offer on 4mbps PTCL

    • A

      whats the procedure?

      • Usama

        Go to iflix.com/ptcl procedure is written in it follow it and you are done.

  • Malik Hamza Bahu
    • hamza

      you got the offer how?

  • Lolz

  • Ahsan

    Thakka hua content hai. Netflix is much better

  • When this service will be available and how to use access this?

  • Hassan Munir

    How can we use it on two different devices with same subscription ?

  • Muhammad Arslan

    how i get this offer?