Futuramo is a Visual Ticketing System for Smarter Teamwork

Modern software development is a complicated endeavor. Project managers have to manage multiple teams working with different technologies. Keeping track of projects without a proper software solution can become an insurmountable task.

To speed up communication, foster team collaboration and ensure timely work, Futuramo has come up with a new web-based ticketing app — Visual Tickets — that will let teams submit, resolve, and track tickets and their project’s progress more effectively.

Hello Tickets

Tickets, or ticket requests, seem to be an everyday reality of any fast-paced company. They are relatively simple requests from one person to another, much smaller than tasks and mostly associated with quick fixes: bug notifications, change or feature requests.

To submit, receive and solve tickets, teams employ different ticketing / help desk software. However, there is a major issue that concerns traditional ticketing systems — they are time-consuming and demanding, asking users to provide detailed information, fill in multiple fields or write long descriptions. That comes in the way of increased productivity more or less.

What highly productive teams need is a good ticketing tool that will let them exchange tickets and solve issues even quicker and be more effective.

Meet Futuramo Visual Tickets

Futuramo, a cloud-based collaboration platform with a set of business apps, stepped in with a solution called Visual Tickets, a lightweight web application for project communication. Its features include ticketing, bug tracking, request management, feedback gathering and ideation.

Futuramo Visual Tickets focuses on teams, helping collaborators and business partners effectively exchange ideas, opinions, and requests. With intuitive features to create, edit and share tickets, teams are free of long text explanation and can communicate more easily.

What makes Visual Tickets different is its focus on the visual approach to get things done. Here, images are put at the forefront of the message. All attention is focused on a screenshot or a file that users can paste directly into the ticket window (by using drag and drop, pasting from the clipboard or attaching from the desktop).

Visual Editor feature allows scribbling on the message by using friendly editing tools. You can add a visual comment saying “Here! This must be changed!”. Team members can show what and where is the problem with just a few clicks.

In addition, Visual Tickets offers ticket properties management, powerful filtering and sorting features, search box, advanced statistics, commenting, user and project management, and much more.

With advanced platform features and flexible plans, Futuramo adapts to the needs of a larger audience — any two people who want to do business together can connect via Futuramo and work on common projects and goals. It is an asset especially for startups whose needs change accordingly to their dynamic growth.

In addition to Visual Tickets, Futuramo has also launched Futuramo Time Tracker, a smart time tracking app for better time and work management. Together, the apps build a unique and innovative work environment.

The Futuramo apps can be used by individual users, but their core purpose is to assist teams. Everyone can sign up for free and invite two other friends to collaborate – the collaboration apps are free for three users.

    • Why expensive? The product is completely free up to three users. If you want more, just contact the sales team. I’m sure you’ll get a nice offer. They are very forthcoming.

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          I happen to be working with the Futuramo Team. I’ll contact you via private message :-)

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