PIA Management Grounded A310s to Mint Money: PALPA Member

PIA pilots said that Airbus A-310 is a safe passenger air craft while rejecting media reports regarding the safety of aircraft.

They said that aircraft is still flying in Europe and other part of the world.

Captain Amir Hashami, former president Pakistan Airline Pilots Association, (PALPA) while speaking with ProPakistani declared that management had grounded these aircraft to mint money.

“Old management wanted to sell A310s at a throw away price, however, these planes could be used for few more years if they had spent some money on engines”, Amir Hashami told.

Captain Amir Hashami further told that PIA has its maintenance facility with trained pilots and simulator of Air bus A310.

“Media knows nothing of aviation industry but they pose to be experts just like PIA management.” He said.

During last 3 decades PIA successfully used A310s, which is a medium to long range wide-body airplane providing a spacious interior to its travelers.

PIA has deployed the A310-300 fleet on Far East, regional as well as domestic routes.

PIA’s decision to reuse its old aircraft clearly shows a shift in policy. Previously management decided to ground old aircraft and lease new ones to enhance the fleet.

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    As someone who cares about ProPakistani, I strongly advise you to stay away from taking sides and doing such stories. PIA, Steel Mills and others are hugely political organisations and many controversies from all sides, Management, Employees, Labour Unions, Governemnt and Political parties. Each has made mistakes and each has rights and wrongs. Please stay away from taking sides based on small unconfirmed facts and facts that some PALPA person cannot confirm in one conversation with you, who is doing it to get coverage sir. PALPA and other unions are the most to blame for pia. Many of the employees here were political appointments and are holding on to these jobs. Ask the PALPA head about the employment at pia compared to airlines of the same size or even double the fleet. Ask him what his solution is to bring the fleet to employee ratio inline within norm of most efficient airlines? And then paste us his answer. Pia is run by a very strong board and strong management team. Put a foreign audit agency to investigate this and then let the results come out. Then you can dedicate any number of Propakistani blog entries but let the investigation by a credible agency be complete.

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