After Backlash, Atta Ul Haq Qasmi Resigns as PTV MD

Famed columnist, Atta ul Haq Qasmi, recently faced scathing response from media when he tried to hold two executive positions at PTV at the same time. He has now relinquished the charge of Managing Director after widespread disapproval.

Abuse of Power

Qasmi is currently the Chairman of PTV, but last week, he tried to take over the charge of MD by calling the board of directors and passing a resolution in his favor. Inside sources have revealed that no such meeting was called and the decision was signed by the members when a circular was sent to their office.

Atta ul Haq Qasmi misused his authority for personal gains

During the short time frame that Qasmi held the charge, he made over a dozen transfers and postings.

Social media, opposing political parties and press took issue with him for misusing his authority in an attempt to gain more power.

The Incident

The information was revealed by Senator Farhatullah Babar during a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Information, Broadcasting, and National Heritage. Even the Chairman of the committee was unaware of this development.

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Astoundingly, the Minister of Information, Maryam Aurangzeb was aware of the incident which was termed ‘illegal’ by the committee members. She agreed to the members’ request that the decision be reversed.

What’s Next

Information Secretary, Ahmed Nawaz Sukhera, has now taken over the charge of MD PTV. The process of hiring a permanent executive will start next week. The post has been vacant since February 2016 when the previous MD, Muhammad Malik, retired.

Qasmi, the oldest Chairperson in PTV’s history, was already under fire as his appointment as Chairman was termed ‘without merit’ and because of other ‘wrongdoings’ in PTV which had resulted in financial losses for the state-run TV channel.

PTV, which runs the most watched TV channels in Pakistan, owes Rs. 58 million to artists and writers across its regional centers.

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  • Mr.Qasmi should leave the place and let the new blood come there.He is quite worn up and we know this . Enough is enough I suggest him to stay quite and get down from the throne he still feels to sit.There is a time and our time to stay on active seat to do CHAMCHA GIREE if I am on his place I will try not to involve myself.Relax and stay healthy.

    • Sir, in jaisay baabon ka bas chalay tou hum naujawano se jeena ka haq tak cheen lain yeh. Qasmi ya Chiri baba ki yeh umer hai badmashiyaan karnay ki? Qabr main paon hain aur paison ki hawas nahi jarahi inki. In baabon ki paisay kamany ki nahi, Madani channel dekhney ki umer hai ab. Isn’t it?

      • @khalidmasoudrehmanrao:disqus @disqus_f4tuCi5q2E:disqus

        Mr Qasmi took a temporary charge and did not self appoint himself, quoting my ex-class fellows whose father was once MD PTV.

        “If” you were in his place…but there is one big if…you are not Atta ul Haq Qasmi, this man earned respect and is very respectable person, Pakistan hardly knows you.
        You have called him chamcha… you can have some disliking for government but this doesn’t allow you to use such a language for a person like Qasmi..please learn to respect at least now….in Pakistan hardly anyone enjoys respect…even Edhi didn’t…every Pakistani thinks he has every right to abuse other.

        Bhai aap ki kitni zindagi baqi ha? Kia madni channel 60+ walay ky liye ha aur uss sy phly MTV ? Please read your post again, read about Qasmi, have you earned this much in life ? Are you of his age to use such a language for him ?

        • Oh Bhai, tu kitni dihaari leeta hai noora League se? Yeh bata de bas.
          Main yehi tou keh raha hun k us nay ab itna naam paisa kama liya hai aur itni umer hogai hai k woh aaram karay ab. Paisa chase na karay. Itna hi bara mukaam hai iska tou kyuin yeh lapak raha hai perks n privileges k peechey?

          • Don’t show your upbringing in public.
            “Dihari” might be your level NOT mine. You already have shown enough how much respect you might be giving to your elders….Oye, tu, tera, uska…keep this to yourself and remove that flag from your DP, you don’t deserve to hold it there.

  • Since being involved in politics, he has not only tarnish his image but also degraded himself among general public. This is one of his scandals just came to light few days back. Just don’t like things going this way for him, my favors and good wishes for him.

    • He is “involved” in politics because he is appointed by government as Chairman PTV ?

      A person who has history working with PTV for decades if is appointed as Chairman by the government should be dragged on streets with all slang he never deserved ?

      Come on guys, the way we criticize will fire back one way, aren’t we those who flare up if our elders are addressed rudely, if someone even pushes us on road or in a government office, we need to learn basic norms and etiquette.

      • you will realize his personal affiliations with pmln soon and the political reasons behind it

  • He should be jailed otherwise these sort of things will continue to happen and people will only give their tabsaras.

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