PIA Starts Blacklisting Passengers Over Misdoings

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) CEO, Nayyar Hayat, has directed authorities to start blacklisting passengers who were found to be smoking on a flight to Birmingham, UK.

The directive is to take effect immediately against all passengers who smoked during flight PK-791. A PIA spokesperson said “The concerned passengers were not only smoking on the flight but also misbehaved with cabin crew.”

According to reports, a group of two to three men were in violation of flight rules and were found smoking in the aircraft’s lavatory during the flight. When a female flight attendant asked them to stop it, they started misbehaving with her. One of the individuals verbally abused the attendant.

Flight staff reported the incident to the pilot, who alerted British Police. When the plane landed, British police officers were already present at the airport to detain one of the men.

It should be noted that PIA’s move follows UK police’s action against the very same British Pakistani man. He was taken into custody for misbehaving and using abusive language with flight staff.

If you are flying, it is advised that you follow all rules and regulations and accord everyone proper respect. If not, being blacklisted from airliners is now a very real possibility.

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