Alibaba Exploring to Start E-Commerce, Digital Payment Services in Pakistan

Minister of State for IT, Anusha Rahman while chairing a multi-stakeholder meeting with Mr. Michael Evans, president of AliBaba group, laid out the initiatives and policy measures being undertaken by the Government for enabling a broad based digital ecosystem in the country.

The focus on achieving full value chain digitization of the economy have reaped immense dividends and the situation is ripe to exploit potential of the digital infrastructure for enabling e-commerce and digital payments across the Business to Business (B2B) and retail markets.

Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce giant has one of the biggest market shares in the world in consumer-to-consumer, business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales services via E-commerce web portals. A high level delegation of Ali Baba Group is on a two day visit to Pakistan to discuss and explore investment opportunities in the E-commerce space in the country. Delegation is led by Mr. Michael Evans, President Alibaba Group.

Detailed presentations were delivered by the MoIT, Karandaz and NADRA on various segments.

Mr. Michael Evans, president of Alibaba group during the meeting appreciated the Minister of IT and her team for tremendous achievements in ICT Sector.

He said that Ministry of IT has expressed impressive commitment, dedication and focus in all digital development initiatives.

“Our Group is aggressively pursuing diligence process for setting-up their E-Commerce and digital payments services in Pakistan and to tap in to this high potential market”, said the president of Alibaba Group.

AliBaba Group expressed confidence in ICT Policy and infrastructure for E-Commerce market and Digital Payments in Pakistan.

The Minister of State for IT appreciated the efforts of Alibaba Group for continuing the engagement and due diligence for establishing their E-Commerce presence in Pakistan.

The meeting was also attended by the Secretary (IT & Telecom), Additional Secretary (Finance), Joint Secretary (Implementation – PM Office), Chairman PTA, CEO Mobilink, CEO Karandaz, Member (IT), Member (Telecom), Member (Legal), Member (HRD) of MoIT&T and Heads of Mobiles companies, representative of Ministry of Commerce, State Bank of Pakistan and other senior officers of public and private sector entities.

  • Enough of AliBaba….. Write when it actually does something….

    Ali Baba meets Pakistani Officials
    Ali Baba comes to Pakistan
    Ali Baba exploring
    Al Baba…Blah Blah Blah

  • Why are you people so much hyped for alibaba. They sale Chinese products, don’t they? That means no branded electronis but only copycats . Correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Ur type of people are the reason why Pakistan is lacking behind… Not happy in any situation!!

    • Copies are something else. They also have their own brands.

      PS: Another reason is that they have sort of a check and balance system. Feedback section etc.
      And vendors have rating so you know from whom to buy.

      • right brother there are tons of items that they sale not just electronics but also tons of sorts goods

    • You don’t understand the actual excitement of this Post, Ali Baba will actually launch digital payment system for online shopping. As you know paypal is not available in pakistan. So when digital payment system will come here, whole Online industry will grow, you can buy by paying online for all companies, Chinese, branded, etc

    • There are two types of Chinese products:

      1. Really Bad – Na Chly to Sham Tak, Chly to Chand Tak.
      2. Really High Quality Products that can compete with the world class products.

  • That means increase in outward remittances payments from Pakistan. More Pakistani money will flow out of the country. Further, increase dependency on Chinese products/foreign goods and local manufactured products will lose market share.

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