2.43 Million Pakistanis Work in Europe: Ministry

Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development has revealed that 27% of all the Pakistan’s overseas workers have jobs in European countries.

The ministry stated that there are a total of 9.08 million Pakistanis living or working abroad, and that 2.43 million of them are working in 25 countries of Europe.

The Numbers

Saudi Arabia holds the most number of overseas Pakistani workers with 2.6 million. Following Saudia is UK, which has proved to be one of the most favorable destinations for expatriates, with up to 1.7 million Pakistanis employed there.

UAE ranks at fourth position with 1.6 million Pakistani workers. In USA, which occupies fifth position, up to 900,350 Pakistanis are working.

Here is a complete list of number of jobs being provided to Pakistanis, according to the report:


  • Italy                                119,762
  • France                            104,000
  • Germany                        90,556
  • Spain                              82,000
  • Greece                            70,002
  • Norway                          38,000
  • Netherlands                  35,000


  • Malaysia                        120,216
  • Afghanistan                   71,000
  • Thailand                         65,000
  • China                              14,355
  • India                               10,000
  • Iran                                 7,065
  • Iraq                                 4,709
  • Russia                             3,560
  • Yemen                            3,024


  • Libya                               12,008

South America

  • Chile                                760

North America

  • Cuba                                600

Middle East

  • Turkey                             557

It is also stated that there are 19 Community Welfare Attaches posted in Pakistan’s missions abroad, especially in those countries which have a sizeable concentration of Pakistanis. The Attaches provide them with certain facilities given their nationality.

These facilities include issuance of Pakistani passports, provision of assistance in implementation of Foreign Service Agreement which is made between employee and employer and some others.

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