KPK Traffic Wardens Are Setting New Standards for Honesty

KPK government had made several claims about facilitating the traffic police with the latest technologies and reforming the force as a whole. The project started with Peshawar and was expanded to other cities of the province.

Over the past few years, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa traffic police has seen a major change in the way it deals with traffic and the citizens. Peshawar’s traffic wardens have been at forefront and have set some great examples for others to follow.

However, change does not come from changing uniforms or lacing officials with the latest tech. It comes with a change in mindset.

In this case, officials were encouraged to do the right thing without fear of unjust consequences. To aid and facilitate them and the common citizen that they serve, the traffic police have been backed up by technology. This can be seen with their use of a regular camera feed that records everything that goes on the roads and in front of the traffic wardens.

Here are a few examples of appreciable efforts by some traffic wardens in KPK:

Traffic Warden Refuses Bribe

A recent viral video shows a Peshawar traffic police warden rejecting an offer to take bribe. Instead of misbehaving the officer asked the traffic violator to promise never to do something like this again and fined him according to the laws of the province.

A similar incident was reported a few months ago where the Peshawar Traffic Police’s camera recorded an officer refusing to take bribe.

End to VIP Culture

Since KPK’s traffic police has the local government’s support, VIP culture is also diminishing in the region. Officers behave the same way towards the general public as they do with government officials.

VIPs – even MPAs and other government office holders – have had to face the law as traffic wardens continue to fine and warn them without any regard for their stature or authority.

Adapting With the Circumstances

Where some KPK traffic police officials strictly follow the rules, others have an odd (some might even say out-of-the-box) way of improving the province’s traffic situation.

Here are a few of initiatives taken by them:

Understanding the New Traffic Warden System in KPK

Since the new system is quite different from other provinces. The videos below highlight how the system was implemented a few years ago and some of its unique aspects:

Concluding Thoughts

Other provincial law enforcement authorities are also making strides in the same way. There are a few examples of cops in Sindh, Punjab and Balochistan exhibiting the highest standards in delivering their services. There is always room for improvement provided that an environment and the will exists to do better. Hopefully, things can only improve from here.

The idea here is that even though Pakistani police is notorious for adopting heavy-handed and at times illegal tactics to do anything but ‘serve’ the citizens, it merits mentioning here that not all is lost for the local law enforcement agencies. The lack of political will as well as an accountable culture is the first step in this regard. Ensuring that the public has a stake in the system and giving them tools to effectively give feedback on the police force can help matters immensely.

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    • Fear of no one but the camera with live feed ?

      In first video a pakhtoon policeman talking to another pakhtoon in urdu in KPK happens very is it for recording?

      I do not disagree with the writer but with a few examples and then “conclusion” doesn’t seem right just like a few bad examples in other provinces doesn’t mean all police force is unprofessional.

      Let readers make the conclusion?

      • I have not seen any traffic warden in Lahore speaking punjabi to a Punjabi just because he is Punjabi. Grow up bro Please!!! If you can’t appreciate the good then please don’t denounce it either.

        • Well, as per my experience in 90% cases two Pakhtoons always speak pushto when discussing something even when there are lot of others (non Pakhtoons) in meeting.

        • That person violated traffic rule. but officer is not supposed to do this. As per my knowledge this officer is suspended from his position ( might be penalized)

      • oh finally someone ,., and that is why there is no blog on their good deeds as well just like this one,., as there are many examples of good deeds as well in Punjab and Sindh
        if you can show the honesty then also show the dishonesty,.,., and if you cant accept the dishonesty then stop publicizing the other side as well,.,
        the bottom line is .., there are good and bad people every where., so if your are focusing on only province and only their good deeds then accept the critics as well

        • “if you can show the honesty then also show the dishonesty,.,., and if you cant accept the dishonesty then stop publicizing the other side as well”

          Wow. First let me clear one thing to you, I didnt write this article so stop advising me.

          “there are many examples of good deeds as well in Punjab”

          I see honesty of Punjab police every day so please dont tell me about your ideal force.

          ” so if your are focusing on only province and only their good deeds then accept the critics as well”

          No province has been more criticized more than KPK since the govt of PTI but seems like you missed all of those articles. And who told you I am against the acceptance of critics?

          • your 1st reply on my comment showed that you are against critics,., otherwise we were not discussing this .,
            if you see HONESTY in Punjab police daily., then take it to your end .,.,
            KP more criticized .,., end of discussion he hogeya bhayya :)

                • Haha. When I showed Mr Patwari I didnt write the article, suddenly I became someone who doesnt appreciate critics. Wah bhai waah. Har Ada-e patwariyaan nirali ?

                  • critics kya sirf article likhnay walon k liye he hota hey!!
                    o agaye foran patwari patwari kerne.., acha hey acha hey.,., yhi kerte reh jao gey.,

                    • Haha. How does saying that article is not written by me proves I am against critics? Aiena un ko dikhaya tu bura maan gaye

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                      baki ap apni khush fehmi mey khush raho.., looser aur dont have answer ya patwari ., waghera ki baatein kr k

                    • If you have comprehension disability, I will ask the question again. How does one claiming not the writer of something means, he is against critics?
                      Aab phir say idher udher ki bongiyaan na marna

                    • OK dheet ho :)
                      first tell me.,. did you accept what i shared as (GIF) on the reply of this article !!
                      aur apni ye so called comprehension inter k exams mey dikhana., examiner ko

                    • Once again proved you have no answer to justify what you said and still trying to be shameless. But it is expected from an N league voter :D

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                    • I think you are someone studied from Danish schools. It has answered already by someone that the police officer was punished. Now come back to the real question from which you are running like authentic Patwari. I am not interested in your chawals

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  • how about KPK traffic wardens beaten up very badly senior citizens ? video already captured on public, look it up on google. #ProPTI
    #nodiginity #AmirAtta

    • The difference is that the warden was removed from performing his duties and hence an example set. While we all know how those who massacred 14 people and injured many more in Model Town and captured on video were first protected in Punjab and later promoted. We all saw the videos of people being beaten but again no action is taken anywhere else. So i would have agreed with you to say no change took place if no action was taken against this warden.
      Try to appreciate positive things irrespective of your party affiliations.
      Lastly, let’s not throw labels at others.. this is the change we should first instill in our society.

  • oyyyy sianeyooo , punjab mai lahore mai khullay aam police ne Qatal kiye tau koi kuch nahi boola aur yahan ek badtamez aadmi koi trafic vioilation pe kick per gae tau us ko aisa uchal rahay hai jaisay pata nahi kia, mere hisab se traffic violation kernay walo ko 5 ghuntay jail bhi honi chahye

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