Google Maps Now Remembers Where You Parked Your Car

Lost your way in traffic? Google Maps is your best option of getting you out of there. This is particularly helpful If you are out shopping and park your car outside a huge mall. It’s easy to lose track of it, given the size and nature of modern parking spaces.

Finding your parking spot is a lot easier now thanks to the recent addition of Parking Assist to Google Maps.

The new “Save your parking” feature was announced last month and was available in Beta at that time. Google is now officially rolling out the feature in its newest update for Android and iOS users.

Here’s how you can use it on both iOS and Android:


Once you are parked at your location, open up Google maps and tap on the blue dot (as seen in the picture above).

Then tap on “Save your parking” which will drop a pin at the location. You can also add labels or notes to the location, for example, “3rd floor, 35C” or add a timer if the parking is metered with a reminder 5-10 minutes before the meter expires.

Additionally, you can take a photo of the parking spot and save it or share the parking location with your friends.


It works the same way on iOS (tap on the blue dot to save location, add pictures, notes, reminders etc.).

An added perk on the iOS app, however, is the automatic parking detection. If you connect your iPhone to your car through Bluetooth or USB audio, your parking spot will be saved automatically when you disconnect your phone and leave your car.

You can use the parking assist on the latest version of Google Maps. You can either update the app if you have it already or download it from the links below.

Download Google Maps on Android.

Download Google Maps on iOS.

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