3 Sisters from KPK Become Asia’s First BDS Elite Commandos

From politics to bureaucracy, women in Pakistan are gradually but surely progressing in almost every field. And Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, it seems, is at the forefront of inducting women into important roles that involve security. The province already boasts a brave lady working in the Bomb Disposal squad (BDS), and now it seems that the BDS has another feather in its cap.

Asia’s First BDS Elite Commandos

A total of 24 commandos including 11 women were trained in Nowshera’s Police Training School. However, this batch was special as it featured three sisters – Pari Gul, Samina and Rukhsana – who became Asia’s first BDS Elite Commandos.

These three sisters had already been serving the country as elite commandos for the past five years, participating in search operations and taking down various violent militants.

What motivated these sisters to opt for a risky profession was their challenging childhood. They belong to a small district village in KP called Badin Khel

Nooran Shah, the father of the commando sisters, is differently abled by birth and their mother is a housewife.

‘Our father, our inspiration’

The commando sisters draw their inspiration from their father – Nooran Shah – who worked in a coal mine.

Although Nooran did his best but his efforts were still not enough to facilitate his nine daughters and one son.

Elaborating on the struggles faced during their childhood, one sister said:

He was not only our pride but our inspiration, too.

But, since we belonged to a middle class, we had to face deprivations.

Extreme Poverty & Family Pressure

It is a difficult task to manage ten children as a coal mine worker, which is why Nooran Shah’s family faced extensive financial crisis. Speaking about the money constraints, the sisters said:

Father didn’t have many resources, so we never get to wear new clothes on Eid, in fact the money we used to get as our Eidi, we willingly handed to our father so that he could manage our household necessities.

If that wasn’t enough, Nooran’s family had to face additional pressure from the extended family since he believed in and made his daughters acquire a decent education.

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One of the sisters claimed that women in their family used to tear up books so the children could not carry on with their education and give into the family demands. Had it not been for Nooran, who stood up and raised his voice, the sisters would have been working as laborers as well.

Nooran Shah says:

I had to face much opposition from all my family members in getting my daughters educated. They boycotted and pressurized me but I remained firm on my decision. I never allowed anybody to do any harm to my daughters.

It is indeed remarkable that in the face of such adversarial circumstances, the sisters not only managed to make their father proud but they also broke a lot of barriers when it comes to women and society.

Making it as Asia’s first BDS Elite Commandos is no mean feat and deserves to be celebrated by our countrymen. How Pari Gul, Samina and Rukhsana managed to overcome the hurdles – poverty, opposition from relatives and challenges during their training sessions – should be a source of motivation for everyone.

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  • Aur yeh khetay hain kay IMRAN Khan nay kiya he kiya hay.
    USA, AUS, ISRAEL and every other western countries have female commandos.
    Now we have Pathan Commando Girls
    Mashallah – Allah aur taraqi day

    • yes, this is IK exploit to bring women on road, and make dance party jalsa etc. well done IK and its supporters. lagay rahoooooooooooooooo

      • Umer bhaiye kuch sharam hoti ha ? Kuch haya hoti ha ? Hamari bhi to ghar ki khuwateen hain yar ? Agar koi dosra aese hamare bare me kahe apko acha lagega kia ?

        Agar khuwateen agay barh rahin hain to kia nuksan ha ? Khuda ka khauf khao yar. Larkiyun ko bhi jeene do. Unka bhi haq unka bhi mulk ha jitna apka ha. Kab tk jahalat ke door me rahoge ?

          • Seeing the reply to umer from others like you, salman and adnan gave me hope. Agar ik bolega ha larkiyun ko ghar me kamray me qaid krdo jail ki tarah to 3 iske khilaaf bhi bolenge.

            I dont care jo pehle ki generations krti ayen pakistan me but atleast hamari generation ka mind thora acha ho aur pakistan modernize ho.

            Turkey me larkiyan jobs krtin hn. Koi kuch galat kabi soch tk skta ha unke bare me bhalla ? Pakistaniyun ko azad rehne do jail me band na kro aur thora sa taraqqi bhi krni ha abhi.

              • Abdul bhaye akele bethe bore ho rhe the to mene unko ghaseet leya bina bat ka Lol

                Just kidding. Kuch nai bhaye Abdul bhaye ke sath discussion kr rha tha me aese hi. Baat cheet kr rhe the wese hi.

      • Hadd ha yr tm Patwariyon ki bhi…People like you can never appreciate the good done by others..Patwari he raho gy tm log r tmhri next generations bhi.

        • So anyone saying anything against Imran is definitely from PMLN and should be named as patwari ? I see something is getting on nerves.

          • Did I mentioned PMLN or IK anywhere in my comment? Grow up bro…Appreciate the good done by anyone…I SEE SOMETHING IS GETTING ON NERVES…”PATWARI”…

          • And if you cannot digest the GOOD done by other than your favourites…YES You are PATWARI…

      • O bhai imran khan in girls ko kisi movie ya stage show me dance nahi karwa raha na hi koi dance party ho rahi hai… jab kuch theek hone lagta hai to tum jese aa jate hain keere nikalne

        • KPK police always had doors open for female, this is will and courage of these girls who came forward. How Imran should be given credit for this, kindly elaborate.

          • They does not need any elaboration . They strongly believe that GOOD things are reserved for IK and BAD is for N people.Instead of fight on social media , They should do some thing in NA. They can produce much better result if they give tough time in Assembly .But Now they have wasted much time. To win election there is need of voter. and all voters are not on social media

      • Umer, its people decision to dance or not. I’ve been to his jalsa’s but never dance or even watch someone dancing. I just went there, took some photographs with friends and came back after spending few hours.

        Its our decision to dance or not, not Imran khan.

      • Yar Umer koi sharam kro, patan nhi woh bachari kitni gareeb hon ge un ko job mil gai ha, jaiz rozi b na kama sakay koi khatoon…

        • عمران خان صاحب کہاں سے ٹپک پڑے۔ اگر عورتوں کو نوکری مل رہی تو اچھی بات ہے۔ یہ نوکریاں تو ہر جگہ مل رہی ہیں۔ تو پھر انہونی کون سی ہو رہی ہے ۔

      • تم نے تو انہیں ۔۔۔۔ چھیڑ ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ دیا ہے اب بھگتو ۔ اچھا ۔ اب وہ شروع ہو جئیں گے ۔

    • “Aur log kehtay hain ky Imran ny kuch kiya nahi ”

      I read this line on every small positive initiative, on something negative this is opposite, yar itni se baat ko itna barha charha rahay ho. Do you have same scale of judgement for other side, when you overlook big positive initiative of other side and find keeray in everything.

      But effort of these three sisters are commendable, KPK police always had door open for female, it is the society that bars women from coming forward. Their father should be really proud of them and we all as well.

  • Again misleading article. Women Elite Commandoes are in service in Punjab for a longer time now. But Punjab BDS is separate entity and they do not employ commandoes in their ranks. So PTI again misled us by these facts.
    They are not the first Women Elite commandoes in Asia, but since BDS ( Bomb Disposal squad) does not employ commandoes in all Asian countries so KP and PTI government introduced them for a marketing gimmick and then as usual twisted the facts by stating that they are the first Elite commandoes.

    BDS and Elite Commando units are two separate entities.

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