PEMRA Lays Down Guidelines for Ramadan Transmissions

The holy month of Ramadan is almost upon us. Every year, tv channels air shows during this month, aimed at promoting the teachings of Islam. Most start preparing shows in advance. In order to facilitate these channels, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has announced certain rules and regulations pertaining to Ramadan transmissions.

Serving Wrong Purposes

In recent years, according to PEMRA, these Ramadan programs have helped increase the ratings for the tv channels. This has also led to a rise in the number of complaints sent in by viewers.

They say that in their race to achieve higher ratings and views than their competitors, channels write and create programs that go in the opposite direction of the spirit of Ramadan. Not only do these programs destroy the concept of religious ethics and morals, they also promote sectarianism. This also spreads discord and chaos in the society.

Lack of Proper Scripts

PEMRA has received additional complaints that the programs during the Ramadan transmission do not have a written script for the sole purpose of increasing revenues. These programs are also televised without supervision.

Considering these complaints and problems noticed by PEMRA themselves, these instructions have been issued by the media watchdog:

True Purpose of Ramadan

According to PEMRA, Ramadan’s purpose is to create an environment for individual and congregational worship as well as a nexus of pure thoughts and actions. People are supposed to spend as much time as possible praying and worshipping the Almighty, their precious time should not be wasted watching recreational and entertaining content.

This time should instead be used to provide useful information, religious knowledge and spreading unity and brotherhood among Muslims.

These directives will ensure that Ramadan transmissions serve their true purpose rather than help TV channels increase their own ratings and ad revenues.

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  • Thank U So Much PEMRA for your supporting & rules :
    Nice Point for RAMAZAN Point H, I & P :
    Also to be added in these point k : Music Ka Koi Dhakal Na Ho :
    Rat 9 K Bajeye Tareevh K Bad 11 to 12 Ho Bus

  • Point number 3 is very good, as well as “O”.

    PEMRA being an authority, one can disagree with its decisions but where policies are very clear it is still handcuffed by courts. It should also improve its image without any affiliation to any party or to government, then it can implement its decision in its true spirit somehow more easily.

  • کیا پیمرا ایسی کاروائی ٹی وی پر دیکھائی جانے والی کمرشلز کے خلاف کر سکتا ہے؟
    کمرشلز کے مقابلے میں تو رمضان ٹرانسمشن میں ایسا کچھ بھی نہیں ہوتا جس پر اعتراز کیا جا سکے۔
    کیا کسی عام پاکستانی نے بے ہودہ ٹی وی کمرشلز کورمضان میں رکوانے کے لیے کوئی کمپلینٹ کی؟
    پوری قوم ایک ٹرک کی بتی کے پچھے لگ جاتی ہے۔

  • Cancel the licenses all together of every channel. Let’s get back to pure era of Hazrat Zia-ul-Haq (RA) & have only Radio Pakistan & PTV for mass entertainment……….

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