Muslims & Jews Unite Against New Law by Belgian Govt

Belgian government has just voted to outlaw kosher and halal meats across most of the country. The slaughter of any unstunned animal will be considered illegal after the law is implemented.

The decision was taken following the environment committees of Belgium’s Walloon and Flanders parliaments unanimously voted in favor of the ban. The new law will take effect from September 1, 2019.

Kosher meat for Jews is synonymous to Halal food for Muslims. While the ritual for slaughter is different, all non-alcoholic Kosher meat is halal. Both religions require butchers to swiftly slaughter animals and drain the blood.

Animal right campaigners had been working to get the bill enforced, arguing that stunning animals is more humane method of slaughter.

Muslims & Jews Protest

Now, the Jewish and Muslim communities are protesting against the move by the Belgian parliament.

Belgium’s Muslim Community said that its religious council had already opposed the suggestion of such a ban and there are no change in their stance. A Belgian Muslim Executive said “Muslims are worried about whether they can eat halal food … in conformity with their religious rites and beliefs.”

The European Jewish Congress (EJC) has strongly condemned the law and has called it “scandalous”. EJC’s President says “This decision, in the heart of Western Europe and the centre of the European Union, sends a terrible message to Jewish communities throughout our continent that Jews are unwanted.”

He went on to say, “We call on legislators to step back from the brink of the greatest assault on Jewish religious rights in Belgium since the Nazi occupation of the country in World War II.”

Both communities are now protesting against the government’s law which is clearly an interference in religious freedom. A petition contesting a similar law in Demark been launched by Danish Halal in order to allow both Muslims and Jews to practice their religion freely.

UK government recently voted against outlawing religious slaughter despite strong pressure. Prior to Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland and some other countries have banned either halal or kosher meat.

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  • Why only for Balgian Government :
    Why not for Indian Government & Public have many issue with HALAL foods & Muslim : (As seen on media)
    Kindly consider on THIS articles.

    • will you allow them to eat pork in Pakistan its their country and their laws i dont know why are we creating so much fuss

      • If someone says 2+2=5 then ya we should stop them, in the same way pork has harmful parasites in its meat, so yea its not abt their country and their laws, its abt facts my dear child.

      • they do eat port in Pakistan, drink wine and do all kind of stuff. Islamabad has a dark old side, not properly revealed yet

        • well i am not aware of any such restaurant still if any such thing is happening they do it behind the curtains Muslims can also do so in Belgium

      • I don’t see any problem here, why they can’t eat pork here? there are so many restaurants and hotels in Pakistan which serve alcoholic drinks and haram food.

        • well i am not aware of any such restaurant or place which is openly selling pork or alcohol whereas you can find halal butcher shops easily in us,uk and big european countries

          • its because, large number of Muslims are living in US/UK and in big European countries, but there are very minor non-Muslim living in Pakistan.

            • they are not in so small number that we cannot let them open one shop which openly sells pork and alcohol

            • Yar is ke moo nai lago ye pork aur alcohol ko support kar raha hai soucho is ka kia anjaam hoga qiyamat ke din. Mujhe toh taras atta hai is bechare pe aur is ke akal pe.

              • bhaijan meri kis baat se aap ko laga kah main support kar raha hun pork aur alcohol ki non muslims ko is se faraq nahin padta ke woh haram cheezain hain aur woh use karte hain apni daily life main apne countries main musalman countries un ko yeah right apne countries main dene ko tayyar nahin (jo ke dena bhi nahin chahiye according to our religion) magar muslims ko un ke countries main ja kar shor bhi nahin dalna chahiye mar gaye hum lut gaye humain halal cheezain nahin mil rahin un ko kiya jane se pahle nahin pata tha this is hypocrisy itni si iltaja hai meri

  • Muslims have always saved Joos and they have always backstabbed Muslims for their generosity.

    • True. The history speaks for this! The latest example of backstabbing is Palestine and treatment of Palestinians who are Muslims!
      So called God chosen People!

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