PIA Pilot Invites Chinese Lady Into Cockpit During Flight

Just recently we heard of a PIA pilot who was caught sleeping during a flight. The gentleman admitted that he was sleeping but refused to admit that it was a mistake on his part.

Now another PIA pilot, Captain Shahzad Aziz, has gone even further and invited a Chinese lady into the cockpit during an airborne flight, a move that violates standard flight protocol.

During PIA’s flight PK-853, which was headed from Tokyo to Beijing, the on-duty pilot invited a Chinese lady into the cockpit and gave her a tour of the restricted area of the plane. All of this was recorded on video by another passenger on the flight.

The lady was in the cockpit area for around 30 minutes, while the crew was asked to leave the area during that period, putting the lives of all the passengers at risk. Some reports suggest that the lady was alone with the pilot and the first officer for over 2 hours.

The video has just been released onto the social media and gives the complete detail of what went on during flight PK-853.

Take a look at the video below:

PIA officials have confirmed that an inquiry will be launched against the pilot and anyone else involved in the incident.

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  • They did wrong with Chinese women, Their is no point of making her video. It was Pilot’s fault he should be held responsible for this.

  • Again a great technology new by daily ProPK that rise our image in the world. Good step ProPK.

  • یہ تو غلط بات ہے۔ کیا پائلٹ کا دل نہیں ہوتا؟ ایسے افسانے تو صرف ہماری پروازوں میں ہیں۔

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  • Aisy kisi pa ilzam nhi lagana chaiye kya pta khatoon CPEC kay taahat aai ho…

  • if you were to be a man you would have confronted crew not the lady….. you went for her coz you knew she was help less. you are caword not a man.

  • these Captain are entertaining the Chinese People for making Cpec project more successful.

  • NOW Even Chiness in this LIST… BAKAMAAL LOOG LAJAWAB Serivce !! WELCOME CPEC !! :D

  • This guy making a video is like a phupho on your wedding making rola just beacuse she did get a PEPSI. Banda puchay tujhe kya masla hai agr wo cockpit main le gea… Sala jealous :D

  • It seems that there were a few passengers on the plane, may be this video was made before the flight time when it was taxi on airport.

  • The face of the East Asian woman should be blurred out @propakistani before showing it on your website. It’s the ethics of journalism. It is requested that you do so. It is not clear why the woman was asked to go into the cockpit but putting up a video online with her face and voice, instead of those who broke the security protocol, is incorrect.
    An inquiry should be held by PIA of course but there could be a million reasons. The plane clearly was not flying and it was repeated by the person with the camera that the plane had ‘landed’ so the breach of protocol may not be as severe.
    No one seems to have inquired whether the East Asian woman may have been a pilot herself or a flight crew or some medical expert who may have been asked for assistance in some capacity.

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