Mobile Phone Signals Cause Cancer: Chaudhry Nisar

In a press conference, Interior Minister of State, Chaudhry Nisar revealed that mobile phone signals cause cancer.

He added that signal towers erected by telecom companies are a health hazard for the masses and are affecting children the most.

These towers are present at various public locations including schools, markets, hospitals and sometimes on homes as well. Mr. Nisar did not share any kind of research to back his claim.

For years, several researchers have conducted studies all over the world warning about the dangers of cellphone towers emitting dangerous radiation.

Those living in a 50-300 meter range of the tower are at a higher risk than others. Dr. Girish of the Indian Thermal Analysis Society submitted a research paper in 2010 in which he said,

Being exposed to a mobile tower located within 50 m of your home or workplace is like being in a microwave oven for 24 hours.

Admittedly this sounds like an exaggeration but the risk is very real.

Blasphemous Content on Social Media

Earlier the Interior Minister said that they will go to any extent to block blasphemous content on social media even if they are forced to block the social media sites themselves. Terrorism and blasphemy are major sensitivities and Pakistan will not compromise on either one of them, said Mr. Nisar.

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He observed that the international community must realize that encroaching upon religious sensitivities of any religion through any channel is intolerable.

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    • Dear Abdul Wahab… are you out of a job? Do you need help finding one? Itna free time kisi ke paas nahi hota ke har post par pehla reply karta rahay. You need to get a life my friend!

  • why not ch. nisar take action while he is minister ? he must take action, lakin gal e vee k mall band ho jasi na !

  • And his job is done…why dont he stops them…ask them to relocate these towers.?

  • after mobile towers, will come X-Ray and ultrasound and Echo etc. Back to stone age…….

    • Yes. It will again lead us towards simplicity. But then there will be more inventions that will not harm human beings

  • Agar waqae aisa hota to aaj shehro ka har doosra fard cancer ka shikar hota.
    Aur taraqqi yafta mulko me to is pr buhat pehle pabandi hoti

  • Mobile phone signals se honay walay hazards abhi tak prove nahi ho sakay. Zyada se zyada sar dard ka masla waghera dekha gya he. Cancer ka to sawal hi nae peda hota.

    Kisi chez ko cancer ka risk factor kehne se pahle prove bhi karna parta he medical science mein. For example, ye prove ho chuka he ke tobacco se cancer ho sakta he.

  • Forget 24 hours You cannot put glass of water in a microwave for more than 90 seconds before it is almost boiling hot. I do not know why he would make such an obvious error in his press conference.

    I have to wonder what his angle is. Why did he say this? Is he preparing us for more mobile network shutdowns?

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