Breaking: Jazz Becomes Only Operator to Bid for 4G Spectrum

Jazz has emerged as the only bidder for the auction of Next Generation Mobile Services (NGMS) (3G/4G) spectrum and will get it at base price of $295 million, we have checked with sources.

Ufone, Telenor and Zong are not participating in the spectrum auction and the government has also failed in attracting any new operator to the market.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had announced that it will hold spectrum auction on May 24, 2017. The deadline for submission of applications was May 17, 2017 and  only Jazz submitted the application.

The spectrum included in the NGMSA comprises of 10 MHz of paired spectrum in the 1800 MHz band, however, exact lot details will be finalized later as per the re-farming plan.

As per the Information Memorandum (IM), in case where bidding is not required due to single bidder, applicant that submitted a pre-bid offer supported by a legit pre-bid deposit will be awarded the license for use of spectrum.

The government, however, reserves the right to withhold the spectrum for a future auction or award it as deemed appropriate.

It must be mentioned here that Jazz opted for new spectrum and is in favor of disposing off Warid spectrum that it got through acquisition. It maybe recalled that Warid’s spectrum is expiring in 2019.

With this, Ufone — as we thought it could participate in the auction — is left with limited options in the long run by not participating in the bid.


PTA has officially confirmed that it has received one bid till the deadline of 17th May (1600 hrs) for a 10 MHz paired slot in 1800 MHz.

A statement issued by the regulator said that bid was placed by Jazz.

PTA said that it will now evaluate the bid as per IM and if it is found to have met all required conditions the bid will be declared successful.

Jazz — if termed successful bidder — will have two options for payment i.e all payment (USD 295 Million) made upfront, or 50 percent payment can be made upfront and remaining 50 percent in 5 equal annual installments with one year LIBOR plus 3%.

In addition successful bidder will also pay 10% tax on the auction winning price to FBR which comes to 29.5 USD Million.

It may be noted that this is the third NGMS auction held so far since 2014 and a total of USD 1.98 Billion have been earned for the national exchequer through these spectrum auctions.

  • Carl

    3G service still unavailable on most of the areas and city …………….4G still far way……Except Metrolpol Cities.


    What??? Amazing news. Didn’t expect that from Jazz.

  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

    So Jazz is not going to renew Warid’d spectrum in 2019 and will get 10 MHz straight chunk of 1800 MHz now instead off 8.8 MHz of 1800 and 4.8 MHz of 900 on same price 2 years later. Good decision.

    • YA Raza

      Aham Aham
      Zafara Bhai kesi tabeat ha ?
      Phoolon k jesi hoi ha ya nhi abi !

      • Askarian

        Zafar bhai pareshan hain :D

        • YARaza

          Agr koi keh deta tha k Jazz ko mily ga license to zafar bhai danda ly k us k peechy parrh jaty thy ,,,
          Abi Ahmed bhai k comment ka wait ha mujhy bus

          • Fayez Najeeb

            Hahahahahaha bilkul. I remember him being the smart guy and making bold claims! Anyone can post those screenshots? :p

          • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

            See now. Propakistani has updated the article and Jazz is clearly not going to renew Warid spectrum. So Jazz and Zong will become even in terms of total spectrum in 2019.
            Keep in mind that Zong is using 15 MHz 4G at most places but after 2019 Jazz wouldn’t able to use more than 10 MHz 4G unless compromising 2G.

            • Umar Awan

              Yes , bilkul apne ase hi bola tha . Agreed

          • ahmed

            Yes it was obvious for me.

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        I accept that I was wrong. But I still beleive Jazz get this spectrum over the price of Warid which will they have to pay in 2019. Good luck to JAZZ

        • Zaeem

          Zafar Bhai is Telenor launching 4G on its 1800 MHz band? Because I am getting Telenor 4G signals on my Huwaei y6 || which doesn’t support Telenor 850 MHz band.

          • Muhammad Haris

            Same here. My set doesn’t support 850 mhz but receiving 4g signals.
            I think they are using their 3g frequencies for 4g

            • Bilal

              Yes telenor is refarming it’s 1800Mhz spectrum and using the freed spectrum to launch 4G in certain areas..

          • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

            Telenor has launched 4G on 1800 MHz by refarming 3 MHz of its spectrum in Karachi and Raw/Isl. Don’t know about other areas.

            • Zaeem

              Why just 3Mhz? They have 8.8 Mhz of 1800 mhz band.

              • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

                They are using 5 MHz for 2G

                • Zaeem

                  Btw Telenor 3G speed has quite improved in Rwp/Isl.One will get constant speed of 6Mbps in peek times.

                  • Exactly! Telenor has improved a lot. I am getting constant speed between 5-6 Mbps (peak hours) and 9-13 Mbps (off-peak hours) and that too at different locations in different cities.

    • continuedhere

      what do you mean same price? price will increase in 2 years.

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        Warid bought license on same price in 2004. It wil get renew on same price.

    • ahmed

      What I have said you in April and i mentioned that mark my words. This was what i know since long. Jazz will get this spectrum

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        Over the price of Warid yeah

  • Jazz & Warid Only ???
    Sahi Kehte Hai Jazz Pakistan Number Data Network !
    telenor, Zong & Ufone, they should be participated in Next Auction, specially Ufone

    • Ufone isn’t going to participate anytime soon. They have just missed another chance/opportunity.

  • Syed Shabbir Kazmi

    khuda ka laya azad kashmir man b 3G 4G lunch kero please

    • Gulfam Mustafa

      It will be possible only after appropriate decision by AJK Government because it is an autonomous region.

      • Ahmed Habib

        May your statement RIP, badar sb.

      • Wasn’t SCOM ready to launch 3G/4G in AJK and Gilgit Baltistan?

        @Aamir_Atta, any words?

      • Shuja Siddiqui

        it seems that legibility of your birth is also disputed.

    • continuedhere

      it’s too late for lunch. more like dinner time now.

  • Gulfam Mustafa

    RIP Ufone

  • Askarian

    Expected particularly Ufone to go for this one, they’ll bleed even more customers in the coming months. Sad.

    • YARaza

      Bhai jan jaldi ho sale hon jay ge company , zong is future of ufone
      Good b yahi rahy ga k zong k pas 0333 code aa jay

  • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

    So now Ufone going to be a part of some one’s new dream?

    • YARaza

      Zafar Bhai Jazz k lte license leny say Ufone k sale hony k chance barrh gay hein ,one more thing agr Zong purchase krti ha ufone ko to apko jaldi he news mily ge Jazz+Telenor k merge hony ke , mumkin ha k 2019 mein license renew krwany say pehly uy sara procedure complete ho jay
      Is k baad telenor aor warid ko apny licenses renew krwany ke zarorat nhi parry ge , aik aor bat 2G shutdown hony k qareeb ha before 2020 from all over the world for more info check wiki 2G

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        Jazz and Telenor can not be merged. Ask why
        And by acquiring Ufone Zong will surpass Telenor and will become 2nd largest cellular operator.

    • Zaeem

      Telenor should buy Ufone as they will have additional 5 Mhz in 2100 MHz(total 10 mhz of 3G),6 Mhz in 1800 MHz(Telenor’s 8.8 MHz + Ufone’s 6Mhz=14.8 MHz) which will solve congestion problem on their network.

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        Zong and Telenor both are in race to buy Ufone. But probably Zong is in talks with Ufone already.

    • Ufone is focusing on its expansion in Baluchistan through USF projects, they already got Chaghi, Awaran/lasbella lot and will get Dera bugti too. Thats why they are refusing offers of sellout.

      Telenor is strong in northern areas and recently they got USF project of Kohistan that will cover areas from Khanpur (Texila) to Gilgit. Quality of telenor network going downday by day due to low quality ZTE equipment, but it is competing other telcos with its 3G coverage in northrn areas specially.

    • Asif Ali
      • Muhammad Faheem

        well i am pretty happy with jazz 3G, i would say its beter than zong 3G… 4G has since come from warid which itself has been exemplary in recent past and deteriorated only after merger. I hope it will settle soon. I can easily get 3 to 4mbps during peak hours and often 15 to 20 mbps late night on jazz 3G in a remote village of punjab with much stability unlike Zong

      • Muhammad Faheem

        Furthermore jazz has better voice and sms services and quality so its an overall package

        • Waqar

          That is not true. Since last month signal strength and voice quality is a little improved in Lahore. But before that, jazz was the worst cellular network when it comes to voice quality.

      • Muhammad Faheem
  • Kaka

    Hearing a lot about possible Ufone acquisition by Zong. Even a knowledgeable person working at a top notch position said so. Can any body please shed light on it?

  • monis

    So in 2019 jazz customers will face service degradation.
    Waiting for Zong to launch VOLTE

  • Zaeem

    @@disqus_f4KOfxsOH9:disqus What is the price of renewal of Warid’s GSM and 1800 Mhz band which will expire in 2019?

    • Umar Awan

      291 million $

    • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

      As said by umer bhai

  • good move from Jazz

  • Daniyal Ahmed

    Ufone is its own biggest enemy. Their 3g service is okay but the setup.process of packages is so pathetic. Once you subscribe, they keep on renewing it even if you try to unsubscribe. I had to call helpline to get rid of their bloody package. Also.they charge you for checking remaining mbs. Like wtf man!

    Moreover they don’t use ussd codes so the whole process is done by oldschool sms.

    They better collect their s*** together or they are on their way out of Pakistan.

    • Askarian

      They’re all the same man. Ufone might be a tad bit more pathetic than others. I’ve been on every network. One way or the other they are all racking in money through codes and help lines. You are right, the packages keep on self-subscribing everyday lol

  • Ãhšãñ Wãqãř Jüťť

    So Ufone Jub se Estalat k pass gi hai.
    Tub se Ufone nay koi khas Position Hasil nahi Ki…
    So sad ?

  • Ãhšãñ Wãqãř Jüťť

    پاکستان میں اصتعلات کو PTCL اور Ufone کے ساتھ شامل کر کے ہی بہت بڑی غلطی کی ہے۔
    کسی ایسی کمپنی کو PTCL اور Ufone کو سونپتے جو مالی طور پر مستحکم اور مضبوط ہوتی۔
    UAE بے شک ایک ترقی یافتہ ممالک میں شامل ہے
    لیکن وہ پاکستان کے مقابلے میں بہت چھوٹا ممالک ہے
    Ufone اور PTCL کے ساتھ ایسی کمپنی ہوتی جو مالی طور پر مستحکم اور مضبوط ہوتی۔۔۔۔۔۔

  • Ãhšãñ Wãqãř Jüťť

    Etisalat جو ابھی تک PTCL کے بقایاجات واپس نہیں کر سکا
    وہ Ufone کو آگے لے کر کیسے چل سکتا ہے
    اور تو اور Etisalat پیسے کے چکروں میں ہے
    Ufone اور PTCL کا پاکستان میں نام تھا۔
    Ufone پاکستان کا دوسرا بڑا موبائل نیٹورک تھا
    Etisalat آتے ہی Ufone or PTCL نے اپنی پوزیشن مستحکم نہیں رکھ سکی۔۔۔۔

  • Touseef

    nothing special to me
    n what do we expect .??? increase in Internet bundles rates …..public service was never the main objective of any Org.. its maximizing the wealth of the share holders.. n govt income is going to panama again .. n we are at the same place again.. jeeye bhuto . go nawaz go n .. sheer ayaa. :P

    • continuedhere

      almost all telcos are running at a loss so your rant is not based on factual reality.

  • Umar Awan

    Whether jazz renewed its warid lisence or not , still it has 2 years in hand with that warid spectrum . Till then jazz can provide 4g on 20mhz . 10mhz from old spectrum and 10mhz from upcoming spectrum .

  • Muhammad Shoaib

    Congratulations to Jazz.

  • Aamir sohail
    • monis

      location ?

      • Aamir sohail