5 Reasons OPPO F3 is the Perfect Smartphone for Millennials!

Millennials and Smartphones are a match made in Heaven. The youth has adapted to the ever-evolving technology, and trends like taking group selfies and staying updated with social media on-the-go are in full swing.

OPPO recently came out with the F3, a phone full of — specifically tailored — features and everything a millennial needs. Here are some specs that will definitely convince you to go to your nearest outlet in search of this phone.

Dual Selfie Camera Phone

The OPPO F3 features a dual selfie camera for all those who absolutely love to take pictures of themselves and their friends! The 16 MP and 8 MP cameras are great thanks to the crisp colors of their pictures and high quality detailing.

Face Detection

With their newest phone, OPPO is breaking all barriers of technology. The facial recognition feature is fairly new in most cellphone brands but OPPO is making sure you get the best without spending too much. The 16 MP camera has a sensor of f/2.0 and the 8 MP has a f/2.4 sensor to detect all your single and group selfies. Going out with your friends is even more fun now!

Fingerprint Access Only

Don’t want anyone else to sneak into your phone? That’s a very millennial thing, don’t worry! Another amazing feature of the F3 is the new and improved fingerprint sensor.

This will keep all your data safe and keep those who are always trying to get into your phone very, very far away and disappointed. The hydrophobic membrane makes sure the phone opens on the lightest touch by your finger and none other.

Battery Saver

Every young adult nowadays is constantly involved with several apps at the same time. Lasting over more than 15 hours thanks to the 3200mAP battery, the F3 lets you use as many apps as you want without the fear of running out of power and sprinting to your nearest socket.

Say goodbye to the heavy blocks we call power banks because with long lasting battery, you don’t need those!

Processor with Power 

A 64-Bit Processor is a large amount of storage space for something as small as a smart phone. These amounts of bits are capable of accessing up to 4 billion times more memory than normal.

The OPPO F3 comes with a 64-Bit Processor enabling the phone to access as many apps and download all sorts of data because the space never runs out!

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