EveryCatalog Makes it Easy for Brands to Publish & Market Their Apps

Statistics reflect that 1 out of every 10 people is likely to order something online through their mobile phones. With the population of Pakistan being around 188.9 million, this makes up around 18 million people!

For any brand to make a significant impact on the market, a considerable amount of money needs to be spent on printing catalogs, mobile app development, and advertisements. However, to break that trend and open a new sales channel, EveryCatalog has been introduced.

As a business, imagine being able to hit this market in less than 1 minute!

EveryCatalog is a revolutionary publishing platform that allows brands to create their very own personalized mobile applications, in less than a minute.

The platform fashions product catalogs with images and product details and its m-commerce feature enables end users to order the product with just one click of a button. With the growth of Smartphones and introduction of 4G internet in Pakistan, mobile commerce has never been easier.

Utilizing the power of visual and technology, EveryCatalog has brought a different flavor to the market which is yet to be tasted.

Here’s How EveryCatalog Stands Out

EveryCatalog aims to empower businesses in growing their sales numbers, customer interaction and mobile engagement. The primary goal of the platform is to market, enhance and improve existing businesses/brands by presenting their products in online digital catalogs with stunning visuals.

With this radical platform, entrepreneurs and brands can now market and sell their products to an international audience with a diverse reach across the globe, through their mobile application.

Furthermore, it can significantly reduce printing costs and directly reach out to their clients without having any delays caused by logistics or printers. Seamless integration of m-commerce with the brand’s mobile application further facilitates in the process of increasing sale figures.

With EveryCatalog’s inbuilt analytics, the company empowers businesses to study their customer’s behavior even after a sale has been made and get valuable insights into the purchasing patterns of their market, their spending algorithms, and their direct feedback.

In the world of social media, complete integration with social media platforms is essential. EveryCatalog also provides the facility to share the images or catalogs with their friends and family with just one click of a button.

Along with the commercial advantages of EveryCatalog, it is also a step forward to an improved environment as it aims to eliminate the massive environmental and monetary impact of paper catalogs, which casts a drastic impact on the environment.

As an entrepreneur, what is it that you seek? A seamless platform that allows your customers to order your product, even from the comfort of their home? A personalized mobile application without having agonizing technical discussions with developers and investing a huge amount of money?

Log on to EveryCatalog and sign up to make your mobile app right now.

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