Budget 2017-18: Rs. 200 Million Allocated for Establishment of E-Gateway in Pakistan

Federal Government of Pakistan has allocated Rs. 200 Million in funds for establishment of e-gateway in the country, the budget document revealed.

According to details, State Bank of Pakistan has been tasked to establish e-gateway in the country. Budget document said that e-gateway will streamline the Mobile payments in the country.

Document said that allocated funds will also be used to educate and train relevant departments and personnel.

It is anticipated that e-gateway will enable Pakistani users to be able to send and receive online payments across the internet.

More details are likely to surface on this and we will keep you posted about them.

  • What about previous payment gateway GOVT started back in 2006. Bunch of noobs running IT Sector!

  • Better than nothing. Shame on the people who beg for this and when this opportunity comes they only criticize the govt.

    This can help the middle class of Pakistan use internet for Education and other services in E-Commerce space.

    This is the only puzzle piece we need.

  • Thats very good as i am living in gulf,, i know very well online portal how changes the life. Great job by Ganga Taklu :D

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