Budget 2017-18: Taxes on Smartphones Decreased

Government of Pakistan has reduced taxes on certain kind of smartphones, the budget document has claimed.

According to details, one category — for which import duty was Rs. 1,000 — has been reduced to Rs. 650.

Government said that the step has been taken to increase the uptake of Smartphones in the country.

It must be mentioned that there were three categories of handsets as following:

  • Feature phone – Import Duty: Rs. 300
  • Low end smartphone – Import Duty: Rs. 650 (Previously it was Rs. 1,000)
  • High end smartphone – Import Duty: Rs. 1,500

It must be noted here that import duty for two other categories of phones will remain intact.

It merits noting here that import duty on smartphones was increased from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1,500 with-in last two years only, which has now been slashed partially.

  • Can someone please tell me ?
    I imported 2 phones in past from Aliexpress !
    Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (1 year ago)
    and a Chinese copy of Samsung Galaxy S5 (3 years ago) !
    but both times i paid almost 4000 -4500 as custom duty to Lahore GPO ! everyone else is paying like that and he said to me “Beta abi to china se aaya h sab se kam duty lgayi h ?” i am reading online from 2 years custom on mobile phones is 1000 rupees then why they charge so much and officially !! not under the table !

    • Apko Custom Clearance Walo Se Rabta Karna Chahyeh tha :
      Wo Documents Ka Bana 0.5 KGS K Naam Pe GPO Nikalte Hai :
      AWAM ko Traiif ka Nahi Pata hota GPO Wale Faida Uthye hau GPO Se 1 KG Parcel Ka (Andar Kuch Bhi Ho) 1500 Dete hai Hum

      • Doesn’t work that way. They still ask minimum 4K. I have experienced myself last year. My phone was worth just 10k but they insisted 4K tax.

    • True man they are looters , last year I imported Chinese phone for 10k rupees and they still taxed me 4K and insisted that it is minimal duty. I was confused but he said import 50k or above next time.

        • rules are there but not following them is another thing. they say be happy that u even got ur phone. many xiaomi phones were even not given any noc at all. Mine was ZTE so it was cleared. But I had to pay nearly 4.5 K and a visit to the GPO in 40c heat.

  • Ye to 2017-2018 K Liye Hai :
    Jo New Model Pakistan Main Available Hai (Jo Middle Class Waly) Waise Bhi Buy Nahi Kar Sakte Hai:
    Un K Liye Kiya Hukum hai Daar Sahab ?

  • Sath Main Ye Bhi Kehna Chahyeh tha :
    Ye Specs Allow Honge :
    Minimum 2 GB Ram (DDR3 Version Not Q Mobile Wala SDR RAM)
    Minimum Andriod 6.0
    Minimum 5 Inch 300 ppi with 1000 Plus Pixel Resolution
    Minimum Core2Duo Or Snap 650 Processor
    Minimum 3500 Mah Battery
    Minimum 16 GB Built In Memory (Expendable)
    Price Range 15,000 to 25,00 only Mid Range Smartphone..

    • Qmobile nahi hote aliexpress pe.
      Their own Chinese brand. You can buy Xiaomi, Meizu and other many brands.
      Suggestion: Xiaomi and Meizu.
      You have to pay duty around 3k to 4k

  • I have opportunity to import Apple i phone and other brand new mobiles in Pakistan. But what about custom process and which courier service would be better?

  • Contact me if u want to import i phone 7 Plus 32 GB (T mobile) direct courier from Chicago to anywhere in pakistan in price 575$ (mobile cost + shipping) without custom.

  • Did anyone buy used mobile from ebay and ship to Pakistan through DHL or FedEx ?
    Do I still need to pay duty and sales tax and other stuff ? Or I will get mobile at home ?

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