PSO Reduces Fuel Prices During Ramzan

Pakistan State Oil has announced special prices for its customers all over the country on Altron Premium and Altron X High Performance.

Company said that special prices are set in connection with holy month of Ramzan.

This is yet another milestone in PSO’s transformation into a more customer focused oil marketing company that has dedicated itself to bringing the best possible fueling experience to its customers.

PSO took the lead in introducing Altron X High Performance, Altron Premium and Action+ Diesel. These products, at par with international standards, give better mileage, enhanced engine performance, reduced emission for cleaner environment and a great driving experience.

PSO continues the journey of its transformation into a consumer-centric oil marketing company by initiating a special price offer for this Ramzan, wherein all PSO retail outlets across Pakistan will sell petrol below the officially announced prices.

PSO said that it is committed to ensuring that all customers get the maximum relief, have a great fueling experience and save money as well during this holy month.

  • Weldon its good example for our country.Other non Muslim countries reduce prices on special events but we against as muslim

  • What is the use of this article without the price? According to my sources the price for Altron would be reduced by Rs 0.77 only. Good luck with so much saving.

    Fill up 35 litres and save just about enough for a Tehzeeb vegetable samosa (Rs 30).

  • did any one manage to find the price 8n the article? i guess the author is also trying to find out

  • TF was that? Propak might as well just publish all the Marketing gibberish every corporate hack has to offer on an IT blog but the Tech related stuff. #Goons

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