Dell Announces AMD Ryzen-Based All-in-One PCs

With its launch now a couple of months in the past, we are starting to see more diverse and varied Ryzen-based systems from PC makers.

The latest ones come from Dell which, aside from announcing a budget desktop PC (starting at $599), has made its new All-in-Ones running on AMD’s platform.

Dell’s two new AIO models come in 24 and 27-inch versions. Both incorporate Dell’s popular InfinityEdge display with almost no bezels. The lower-end Inspiron 5000 (24 inches) maxes at 1080p (with optional touchscreen), while the upper end Inspiron 7000 (27 inches) at 4K (no touch options likely).

Storage, RAM and CPU

Dell Inspiron 27 7000

On the Inspiron 7000, you start with a mid-range quad-core Ryzen 5 1400 processor, aided with a 4 GB RX 560 GPU from AMD. You also get up to 32 GB of RAM.

This setup is probably enough for low-to-mid end gaming on most new titles, but thankfully there are options to expand them, to a Ryzen 7 and 8 GB RX 580, taking it well into VR territory. Storage options run up to a 256 GB SSD + 1 TB HDD (or a sole 2 TB HDD).

In a shocking twist, Dell is also making it possible to upgrade the CPU of the machine in the future, till at least 2020 since it runs on AMD’s AM4 platform.


Dell Inspiron 24 5000

On the Inspiron 5000, you get up to an AMD A12 APU, RX 560 GPU (as standard) and up to 32 GB of memory. Storage options include a 1TB 7200rpm HDD, or standard 256 GB SSD + 1 TB 5400rpm HDD.

Connectivity Options

For connectivity, you get USB-C, 4 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, Ethernet, card reader, HDMI in/out and audio jack. There’s also an IR webcam on the front for Windows Hello as well as subwoofer for better sound.


As for the pricing, the 7000 starts at $999 for the base model, while a Ryzen 7 and RX 580 take it to $1300. For $200 more you get to 4K.

The 5000 starts at a reasonable $699.

  • Interesting, encouraging for Pakistan to review AMD at a good price. Dell was never heard to be launching flagship products other than Intel.
    Now the ex Intel guy changes the loyalty to AMD. Hence Dell has to change its stance.

    • Dell has used AMD in past where they could make most of the money, that being Enterprise market.

      • Could you please give a comparison of Ryzen family vis-a-vis AIO product of Intel in similar ranges. Is this launch of Ryzen family AIO launch of IPO in Pakistan.

        • This is not specific Pakistan’s AIO launch, but was announced at Computex Taiwan (Currently on going), wonder why ProPakistani picked this only up and not some useful post like, where can be buy Ryzen CPU in Pakistan, what vendors are saying about bringing Ryzen CPU and motherboards.

          You cannot find Intel’s product in similar price range for sure.

          • The history of AMD processors/products enters the resale market very soon in Pakistan. With depreciation and related adjustments difficult to manage. Is this AIO products, launch with a special promotional offer as an IPO with replacement if any issues.

            • There is very very unlikely going to be any issues with Ryzen series AIO, for their thermals are better than (way better in fact) intel’s, and in AIO’s thermals is always considered a bottleneck in terms of designing hardware, with regards to depreciation, Ryzen series is going to go a long way before considered obsolete for the number of cores its packing in the single die. This is not the first time Dell is building up their system on AMD, I have seen Phenom on Inspiron still in use. Just for the sake of argument, lets say there is an issue in fundamental design of hardware, yes it will be backed up fully by the OEM builder.

    • Dell has used AMD previously. It’s just that for the past 5 years AMDs bulldozer architecture was a severe flop in every aspect compared to Intel’s successive architectures building upon a rock solid base from Sandy Bridge, so dell wasn’t crazy to hurt it’s reputation by offering Bulldozer in it’s machines and then have to deal with bad performance in games and heat and power consumption. Now Ryzen has changed the game. Even Nvidia is offering Ryzen processors in their new GTX Battlebox prebuilts. Oh how times have changed.

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