Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4+ Comes with Better Safety Features

Smartphone batteries have increased in size over the years, making fast charging a requirement. While efficiency and gains brought by software optimizations are present, fast charging is quickly becoming a life-saving feature on a number of upper and mid-range Smartphones in the market.

The latest news comes courtesy of Qualcomm, one of the pioneers in the field with its Quick Charge technology. It has announced the new Quick Charge 4+ standard, which runs faster and cooler than before.

15% Faster Than Quick Charge 4

The performance gains here are as much as 15% percent over Quick Charge 4, while the efficiency is up by 30 percent, too. While charging, the battery also typically stays up to 3 degrees cooler, which can be helpful as fast charging phones have a tendency to heat up while recharging.

The first phone to come with Quick Charge 4+ will be ZTE Nubia Z17, a top-tier smartphone with Snapdragon 835, up to 8 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage. Its 3,200 mAh battery will support Qualcomm’s new standard of fast-charging batteries, rounding up what is already quite an impressive phone from the Chinese manufacturer.

New Safety and Charging Features

These changes are brought about by a plethora of impressive, new hardware features:

  • Intelligent Thermal Balancing balances current so it flows regularly amount to all charging pathways.
  • Dual Charge brings a secondary power management integrated chip to cut down on heat and charging time.
  • Advanced Safety Feature will monitor phone and charger temperatures to prevent heat accumulation and circuit damage.

We can expect more phones to pop up with Quick Charge 4+ , however, the feature is hardware related so current Snapdragon 835 phones will not support the new standard. While the performance gains are there, Quick Charge 4+ is not a game changer on its own. Rather, it is just another reason to own a Qualcomm-based phone.

  • 3°c Cooler , 15% faster and 30% more efficient, but no current devices have been confirmed to support even Quick Charge 4.0, Galaxy S8, U11 etc with Snapdragon 835 without QC 4.0 and Qualcomm went ahead announced QC 4+ ;)

  • Qualcomm didn’t cultivate the culture of assembly of Snapdragon and related devices as quick charger, smaller size of hardware phone, etc., etc. Why any of local assembler kit companies consider Qualcomm as theri product.

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