Pakistan Ranks Closer to USA for Average 4G Speeds: Survey

Pakistan’s 4G users experience an average speed of 11.71Mbps on local 4G networks, which is just below USA’s average speed of 14.99Mbps, reported OpenSignal in its latest network report on 4G services.

According to a comprehensive survey, which is based on billions of tests conducted from several thousand devices, Pakistan ranks higher than Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Argentina, Iran, India and Indonesia in terms of 4G average speeds.

Report said that highest average speeds for 4G networks were recorded in Singapore that stood at 45.62 Mbps. South Korea won the second slot while Hungary was third for the highest average 4G speeds.

OpenSignal said that more than half of Pakistani population had access to 4G services at the time of survey. It said that 4G is accessible to 53% Pakistanis but didn’t say where 4G coverage was available geographically.

  • After Jazz’s deployment of new 4G spectrum things are going to change further for Pakistan in a positive way. Pakistan’s average LTE speed will jump to 15-20 Mbps and coverage will touch 60-70 % of the area.
    And Trust me LTE internet in Pakistan is much much better than India, Iran, UAE and other countries in terms of speed, rate and limitations. Like WhatsApp calling is ban in UAE.

    • zafar Bhai jazz jaisay ghatiya network ki tu abhi tak Taunsa city mein 3G coverage nahi aaii jahan zong 1 saal sy 3G 4G dy raha hy aor baaqi sab network 3G dy rahay hain aor jazz abhi tak backward 2G dy raha hy
      jazz ki 3G coverage sirf 300 cities mein hy aor zong ki 4G coverage 350 cities mein hy
      agar ap Dera Ghazi khan sy indus high way sy Dera Ismail khan jayen tu raastay mein kaheen bhe jazz ka 3G nahi hy even in big cities
      total distance 300km banta hy from Dera Ghazi khan to Dera Ismail Khan where jazz 3G doesn’t exist
      aor ap kehtay hain k jazz 4G dy ga
      joke of the year

      • Bhai Indus Highway k darmian jitne bhi cities aaty hain between Dg Khan to Kashmore tamam cities my Jazz 3G available hai..i think ap ny travel nhi kiya Rajanpur ya Rojhan mein

        • o my brother thora ghaor sy mera comment read karen main ny Dera Ghazi Khan sy Dera Ismail Khan tak ki baat ki hy
          aao kabhi Taunsa shareef side khushboo laga k phir pta chalay ga k jazz kahan kahan 3G dy raha hy Dera Ghazi khan sy Dera Ismail khan tak Indus high way py kisi bhe jaga jazz ka 3G ni hy

        • zara Dera Ghazi khan sy Dera Ismail khan tak travel karo total raasta 250 kilometers banta hy es poray distance py indus high way py kaheeen 3G nahi
          agar mobile py wcdma only mode lagao tu signal py cross lag jata hy
          taunsa shareef city mein sab network ka 3G hy aor 4G hy but jazz abhi tak 2G py apna monh kala kar raha hy

      • Jazz just got 4G and they will expand soon. Zong is expanding since 2014. Early adoptation of 4G by Zong giving them edge

        • INDIA’s average 4G Download Speed in May 19.123Mbps,
          source:- TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India).

          opensignal report Q1 2017 data, when Jio gives unlimited FREE 4G in INDIA.

          latest INDIA’s 4G average download speed in MAY:-

          Reliance Jio 4G download speed 19.123Mbps,
          Idea Cellular at 13.709Mbps,
          Vodafone at 13.387Mbps,
          Airtel at 10.153Mbps.

          this is average 4G speed in INDIA

          but I got 70Mbps to 90Mbps speed in Jio 4G with 2300Mhz + 1800Mhz carrier aggregation.

          Jio & Airtel expand carrier aggregation to soon launch LTE-Advanced in PAN-INDIA.

          • OpenSignal just released its report and Indian LTE speed was worst in the world. In fact India was on 74th position out of 75. Yeh Ch*tya kisi aur ko bnao bhai ja kar.

            Biggest Problem with Indian LTE is their 80% cell sites are connected via microwave backhauls and only 20% cell sites are connected via fiber cable. Fiber cable provides unlimited bandwidth along with low latency. But microwave backhauls have 300 Mbps bandwidth limit and high latency issues. So in short your 80% network is shittt and not 5G ready as well. Because for 5G fiber cable backhaul is must.

            And it is impossible for Indian telecom operators to introduce 5G untill 2025 due to lack of infrastructure. At the same time we have nationwide fiber network in Pakistan.

    • better than India? in your dreams

      come to India and observe in your own eyes bhaijaan. khuda hafiz

      • Lols. Read above article again. Our average speed is already more than double of India.

        Because, in India 80% of the site cells are connected via microwave backhaul whereas only 20% of the sites are being connected through the fibre cables. Microwave backhaul has some bandwidth issues as it uses the traditional bands providing 300 Mbps of capacity. On the other hand, fiber-based backhaul can offer unlimited capacity and low latency. And in Pakistan we have nationwide Fiber access.
        And for 5G fiber backhaul is must. So 5G is also not coming to India any time soon than 2025. Now chill.

  • I visit the US every year and have Verizon and T-Mobile SIMs.
    We are definitely better in most areas of Washington State, Texas, NT State

  • Wrong tool for benchmarking. The global regulatory authority, GSM arena. which is the ultimate source, says otherwise. We are at a very low end actually for 4G speeds.

  • If u compare it with price to speed ratio then Pakistan would rate even higher. Cz 4g data is dirt cheap here as compared to developed countries.

  • Good one, aane wale kch mahino mein 4G network aur improve hoga aur ho sakta hai k average speed 20+ tak jaye ?

  • Aisi Speed ko [email protected] mein lena hai, jub Download hi na kar sako kuch…
    Zong 50GB RS. 2500 mein deta hai, 10000 mein 200GB hai

    Baqi Companies kay iss se bhi mahangay rates hain

    • One year wala package ly lo ap Rs. 18,000 mein aik saal 50 GB per month data 1500 k hisab say taqreeban

        • same here, kisi mobile company k packages nhi achy k downloading k liye use kr sky bnda. loot macahi hui hy inho ne bs awam ko ulla bna kr advertisements se

            • mein hr country k package dekhne se to rha k kon sasta de rha hy data. lekin agr nhi b derhy to loot he rhy hyn awam ko its clear just like our telecos.

            • India mein bahot sastay package hain 300 k recharge py 80GB data aor unlimited calling offnet aor on net woh bhe 3 months k liye
              jio network dy raha hy
              jio network ki dekha dekhi vodafone aor airtel aor idea bhe 300 k recharge py 40GB data monthly aor unlimited calls dy rahay hain

      • whatsoever its fu**ing internet so no one decides whether if its for downloading or not. You might be used to that idea because no one here offers any decent data plans.

        • He is not deciding. You can download a lot of data on Mobile but it will cost you more as compared to PTCL.

  • while we get happy over our 4g speeds or seeing how slow 4g is in US, their fix broadband connection avg at 40 ? something hidden hands in our country are making hard for us to achieve.

  • اس انسان سے کبھی” بدتمیزی” مت کرنا جس کی “نیٹ سپیڈ” ، “سپیکنگ سپیڈ” اور”ٹائپنگ سپیڈ” آپ سے زیادہ ہو ;)

  • The best part is we beat India easily here their avg speed is just 5.1 ??? They called themselves shining india ??? Pakistan Zindabad

    • Bhai ap ki baat theek hy magar India mein network bahot bahot sastay ho gy hain last 1 year sy
      etnay sastay k shayad pori dunia mein na hoon
      jio network 300 k recharge py 80GB data aor unlimited calls to all network deta hy
      jio network ki dekha dekhi sab companies ny apnay rates kam kar diye vodafone Idea aor airtel 300 k recharge py 40GB monthly aor unlimited calls to all network detay hain

  • kia dmag kha rhy ho Ek RDP lelo (windows server) remotely acces kro 2k ma 3TB data :P wo bh 1gb/s ki speed k sath bs net apka aesa ho k remote connection sae rhy aur then usma jo marzi kro 1gb/s speed jo idm par downlaoding 100mb/s+ dyga :P

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