Rozee’s Survey Reveals the Ride Hailing Preferences of Pakistanis recently conducted a survey on the ride hailing services in Pakistan. The “Ride Sharing Trends” survey tries to answer some common questions about the likes of Uber, Careem and other similar services in Pakistan.

A total of 7,391 individuals participated in the survey through an online questionnaire. The survey itself was conducted at and was sent out to 1.2 million professional members on the website.

People from Lahore and Karachi participated in the survey.

It focused on answering the question “which ride sharing apps are preferred by the Pakistani society and why?”

Main findings of the survey included:

  • Who are the primary users of ride-sharing apps within Pakistan?
  • Which ride-sharing app is more popular among that demographic?
  • What factors influence these preferences?

Despite making efforts to make the survey as unbiased as possible in terms of gender equality, the responses were male dominated with only 17% female participants responding to the survey.

Usage of Ride Sharing Apps

73% of respondents who own a smartphone use a ride sharing app, which is a pretty high number.

Based on general voting however, the stats were a little different. Users were presented with 5 choices: Uber, Careem, MetroCab, GoRickshaw and Other. The users were allowed to choose multiple options. Here are the results based on general voting:

Ride sharing app usage based on general voting

In terms of frequency of usage, most of the users occasionally use a ride-sharing app. 74% of the respondents use a ride sharing service 1-3 times per month. Here are the detailed stats:

Frequency of usage

Most Popular Ride Sharing Apps

As the previously mentioned statistics indicate, Uber and Careem are almost on par with each other in terms of popularity. Do note, however, that the survey participants were from Karachi and Lahore so it may not be indicative of these apps popularity in other cities or regions.

Most popular ride sharing apps

Narrowing down the results for the users who used both Careem and Uber, the former had the lead in Karachi while the latter had the lead in Lahore:

The difference isn’t too big between the popularity of the two apps. Careem has better coverage in Karachi as compared to Lahore, which explains these results.

Another interesting finding was that users with higher tier incomes prefer Careem over Uber in both Karachi and Lahore. Uber was more popular among users in Lahore who weren’t earning.

Uber and Careem users by income

In terms of frequency of usage, casual users (74% of respondents) that use the services 1-3 times per month preferred to use Uber in Lahore and Careem in Karachi.

Regular users that use the services more than 4 times per month preferred to Careem in both Lahore and Karachi.

Factors Influencing User Preference

The survey asked the responders to choose from a list of reasons as to why they use their preferred ride-hailing service. Here’s a list of common reasons:

Less wait time for vehicles to arrive

This was the most commonly chosen option. Careem received 47% of the total votes here and Uber got 53%. Although the actual difference in arrival times is not very different, Uber was preferred over Careem.

In Karachi the preferred service was Careem with 56% of users voting for it compared to Uber’s 44%. As mentioned earlier, Careem has a larger coverage area in Karachi than in Lahore.

In Lahore 62% of the survey participants voted for Uber.

App is well designed and user friendly

Overall, Uber users were more pleased with the app’s designed than Careem users. Breaking down the data by city the results seem odd but understandable.

68% of respondents from Karachi liked Careem’s app better than Uber. In Lahore however, Uber was more liked with 60% of users opting for it.

Personal preference for a particular service may be influencing the users’ decisions. As Uber is more dominant in Lahore and the same is true for Careem in Karachi, the results are understandable.

Cost is lower

The results were clear for this option with Uber gaining an overwhelming majority of votes. 70% of users voted for Uber while 30% voted for Careem.

Drivers are reliable and professional

Careem had the upperhand in this case, winning against Uber in both Karachi and Lahore. Overall 74% of users preferred Careem over Uber.

In Karachi the number was higher at 78% while in Lahore Careem had a significant advantage at 69% over Uber.

Vehicles are in better condition

Careem had the advantage over Uber in this regard as well. 70% the users (from both Karachi and Lahore) are of the opinion that Careem’s vehicles are in better condition than Uber.

Offer good discounts and promotions

Uber lost to Careem on this front as well. Careem users responded at 71% for this option compared with Uber’s 29%.

Despite Uber offering lower rates compared with Careem, the latter continued to offer good discounts and promotions from time to time suggesting that Careem lowers its cost more often and has the edge on Uber in this regard.

Check out the complete report here.

Which service do you prefer and why? Share your opinion in the comments.

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  • Should have also asked customers what travel medium were they previously using before Careem and Uber were launched. I don’t agree with the general perception that most of these customers have been taken away from taxi’s. People who used to ride taxis and still ride them generally don’t have smartphones. Those who can afford a smartphone do not trust or prefer riding a taxi. This would have been an interesting finding.

  • Uber in Karachi is crap. Cars having very poor condition and maintenance. Once a driver said AC is not working, another time another driver said this is not an AC ride. Very much disappointed with Uber. On the other hand, Careem is very good. It needs improvement but way better than Uber.

    • I had exactly same experience with careem in Lahore.
      Right now it’s too difficult to declare any one of these as clear winner. But Uber is a tad bit better in my opinion

  • I found Careem more relyable and drivers professional. They time to time introduce promo codes making their services more affordable. and before the arrival of these services I was using rekshas.

  • Raksay ya old taxi say agar app uber use karain tu acha lagay ga but 1 dafa careem use kar lain tu uber Raksha Taxi J sa he lagay ga.

  • I always use Careem, Uber sirf us waqt kaam aati hai jab Careem par peak factor chal raha ho aur uber par normal rates. Warna Uber hamesha 2nd choice hoti hai mairi. Normally din main 2 dafa use karta hon main Careem.

    • Agar Go pe peak factor ho to main Go+ aur agar G+ pe peak factor ho to main Go use krleta houn.
      Uber sasti hai lekn reliable nhi.

  • I’ve used both services in Islamabad. I prefer careem because of thier reliablity. Uber driver didn’t show up.

  • There is no doubt about it that Careem is just simply eliminating UBER from people of Pakistan’s choice list. The way Careem enter the market is awesome, a part from its services and captains, Careem’s marketing strategy and PR strategy were extremely effective and mature, they penetrate market smoothly and created excellent brand image through its mature and effective communications strategy . They hired professionals and experienced people, in other hand UBER is total flop and unsuccessful in Pakistan, they have hired inexperienced and inefficient staff, zero strategy for Marketing and PR, extremely weak process of hiring drivers and in totaly keeping themselves underground. And the most pathetic thing is ZERO customer services, even if UBER driver MISBEHAVE, ROB or MURDER customer, they dont give a SHIT. there is no body to contact and even if you contact them, they just provide there stupid copy paste shitty words of sentence.
    They have recently launched in ISL/RWP, do you people know about it?? i think 98.9% people got this information through ProPakistani. They have zero Media engagement and pathetic strategies, infact there is no strategies.
    In few months or year UBER will be vanish from Pakistan, that i can BET.

  • Ham to Raksha use karty hain bahi…na uber ty na careem…we use ching chee dream…

  • I am active/daily user of Careem. Uber main driver ka bara masla hai + koi support bhi nahi hai unki.
    Careem ki support kaafi behtar hai.

    Captain ajeeb hain Careem k bhi kuch. Arrival se pehle arrive mark krdena, AC pe rona aur dosre maslay yahan pe bhi hain lekn support walay email pe respond krte hain timely.

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