From Around the World: Here’s How Pakistanis Celebrated the Victory

Pakistan won the final of ICC Champions Trophy 2017!

And needless to say, the victory brought Pakistanis from all over the world to their feet in celebration of the empathic win.

The much needed victory was made even sweeter due to the fact that it was against India, against whom Pakistan had earlier lost in the tournament.

We are presenting below a few videos in which Pakistanis are seen rejoicing at the victory against India at Oval Ground.

To start off, this is the ground itself right after the 10th Indian wicket fell:

Fans were quick to react:

Then this is what happened  outside the cricket ground:

And on the roads:

No wonder the roads were jammed:

Celebrations were so rampant that Indians were burnt out:

Before we head to Pakistan, this is how Kashmiris celebrated Pakistan’s win:

More pictures from Kashmir:

In Pakistan, in case you didn’t leave your room, the streets and roads saw the most enthusiastic celebrations we have witnessed in the recent past.

Roads were jam packed, dhools were beating, people were dancing and then — in big cities — there were occasional fireworks too.

Check out the scenes from Rawalpindi:

Saddar Rawalpindi:

Liberty market Lahore:

More celebrations from somewhere in Pakistan:

Celebrations in Balochistan:

Prime Minister Sharif from Saudi Arabia:

Army Chief saw the match in style and was joined by senior military officials

Even the DG ISPR — and his team — was found singing mouka mouka and #tissuelaylou

This is not Lahore or Karachi but Dubai. Yes, Pakistanis rocked the Dubai streets too!

More scenes from Dubai:

One last video from Dubai:

  • One thing to note. Last video of dubia. It’s coverage was done by south Indians I think. No doubt this is a moment to rejoyce.

  • Incredible! Balochistan has one city named Balochistan!! Petition to rename Larkana as Sindh so that I can say Sindh,Sindh on my postal address…..

  • India is really crying now , after a long time Pakistan won match , and we can see how happy is the nation of Pakistan after getting succeed from India and India is crying now but you know what it’s just a match , and it all depends on luck so Indian’s shouldn’t take this loss so seriously as it is shown in a video where they are breaking TV’s instead of that they should be happy and appreciate their neighbor country for this success and also Pakistan should do the same when Indians win the match from them. Spread peace between two nations , don’t spread hatred this advice is for both nations India and Pakistan.

  • Never let victory get to your head and never let defeat get to your heart.

    Pakistan Zindabad!

  • Pakistan Zindabad
    Hats off to Pakistani players aur Pakistanio aur supporters ko Mubarak ho

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