Pakistan Shoots Down An Iranian Spy Drone in Balochistan

An unmanned drone from Iran, allegedly on a spying mission to Pakistan, has been taken down by a Pakistan Air Force (PAF) JF-17 Thunder fighter plane. The incident took place in Balochistan’s Panjgar area according to official sources.

The officials said that the unmanned drone had ventured “deep inside Pakistani airspace” and was at Parom, Panjgar when it was identified and shot down. An official who spoke on the condition of anonymity stated that the drone was on a spying mission.

Security forces have collected the debris of the drone after its wreckage was discovered on Monday. The exact date and time of the incident is still unknown.

Following the event, security was increased in the area. Official media and PR channels of Pakistan Air Force have declined to comment on the matter. Regardless, the matter should not be taken as it is since many pieces of the story are still unidentified.

This is the second drone from Iran which has been shot down during the past 24 hours. A few hours ago, US Coalition forces claimed to have shot down an Iranian unmanned drone operated by pro-regime forces in the southern part of Syria on Tuesday.

Media channels recently reported that Iran’s army chief had warned regarding the militant safe havens in Pakistan and how Iran could take action against them following the death of 10 Iranian border guards at the hands of the terrorists recently. Pakistan strongly protested against the remarks. However, Iran’s Ambassador affirmed that the remarks were misunderstood and reported out of context.

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      • Afghanistan is now a colony of India thanks to our foreign policy. People mentioning saudi arabia need to get a med check up, since its the very propaganda that iran runs in Pakistan that we start calling friends, foes. We have used Saudi Arabia in every way possible for our advantage, of course they use us too but no where near to what we have been doing to them for decades. The only problem with Saudi Arabia is that they can’t propogate or incapable of doing so and their enemies exploit it and use it to malign them everywhere they can.

        • You need to get your stats correct, Mr. FonePhreak!
          Pity that some people do not research before believing something…

            • Brother I can share my research and can give my opinion on them as well, but I prefer that everybody research themselves so that no biases come along. Just for the start, please check the recent history (20th century) of ‘Saudi’ Arabia and Iran:

              Decide yourself that who used the power of sword and who used spiritualism. Who has the monarch rulers and who has republican rulers (even in the present).

              Please research and decide without any bias.

              Salam to all!

            • I will restrain from giving any comments since they can be declared biased. Better to research yourself. Salam!

        • Lol, thinking those Sheikhs up in their glittering castles are your friends. Naivety at its best.

        • America, Israel, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia are no different. All they’re doing is eliminating their opponents in the name of peacekeeping. If they had wanted peace, they shouldn’t have had introduced those terror organizations in the first place, And stop painting Saudi Arabia being the victim, it has been one of the prime peace disrupting countries just for the sake of their hegemony and pleasing their American masters. They’ve always used us to meet their foul ends, and still they want us to join their vile game so that they can bomb their defenseless neighbors in the name of war against terror, which they continuously are doing. Saudi Arabian government is nothing but all puppets and slaves who would do anything to do what they are told by their string pullers. As far as propaganda is concerned, everyone has been doing that and you have just happen to have chosen to recognize one side’s propaganda as truth while declaring other as propaganda. Dare knowing the truth rather than defending what you’ve chosen. Take off the mask of bias-ness, and see things as they are.

      • It was not SAudi Arabia who threatened to “raise an army of 100,000 armed Shias in Pakistan against the army” — in case you are stupid enough not to know, this was the threat of the Iranian ambassador to our Foreign office when action was being taken against Shia terrorist organizations who were recruiting Pakistanis in Hazara for Hezbollah to fight in Syria. . . they actually have a facebook page for Pakistani Shia terrorists fighting in Syria — go google it!

        Iran has always been Pakistan’s enemy from day 1 and a friend of India, the 15% Pakistanis that they claim to be Shias in Pakistan is largely inflated number because of pathetic shameless sunnis who have sold their deen for a few pennies, and declare themselves shias just to avoid paying zakat on their accounts.

        Pakistanis are completely enslaved to them because of their total domination of media, news and entertainment,
        Of course I expect Pro-Pakistani not to have enough balls to publish these comments, even if they are facts!

        • We don’t trust Govt for good use if taxes then why trust for Zakat. Most people intends to pay Zakat themselves directly to needy.

          • Your point is irrelevant to the discussion, so I will address it in the end.

            The discussion is about Iran’s attitude towards Pakistan, and how the loyalty of Pakistani Shia community is with Iran, not Pakistan.
            Despite their extremely small numbers as a minority, they wield a huge
            influence in Pakistan, extremely disproportionate to their numbers, because of infiltrating media and key positions in key institutions.

            100% of the Pakistanis, even non-Muslims, respect the Prophet’s grandson’s death as much as any Muslim must do, and all Muslims love them more than our lives, but mourning for death has been allowed in Islam for only three days, no matter whose death? So why all this after 1400 years? And in such ways that are repugnant to Islam, and even not allowed in their own core spiritual homeland?

            Why do the 90% of Pakistani muslims have to be held hostage for ten days watching such unislamic rituals thrust down our throats by a small minority?

            Was the assassination of Omer Bin Khattab, who was also murdered by a Khawarij, while leading Fajar prayers, or of Uthman Ghani? Or Ali (RA) who was also assassinated by Ibn Maljam, another Khawarij any less a catastrophe?

            And let me give you a completely new perspective to those who have an open mind for intellectual discussion. If you are serious about studying the REAL history, and I will not give away any details here, because those who really care will actually research this – read the book “Karbala, Fact or Fiction” by Professor Shabbir Ahmed, and you will discover many things that you may never have known before, including the role of Imam Zahri, and what damage he has done, and who was Jaban bin Hormuzan?

            Last, whether a sunni wants to sell his soul for a few dimes by declaring himself Shia is not the point, but since you mentioned it, let me address that as well. If a Sunni wants to give Zakat himself, he should not put money in savings account, but instead in current accounts where there is no Zakat deduction, and no interest payment also, or even in so called Islamic banks, which then can do things in their own so-called Islamic way.

            Using interest based banking and then lying to change one’s sect to save a few pennies cannot be justified away in any way.

            May we follow Allah’s repeated Directive in the Quraan, “Do you not ponder?” and do a bit of research before any further comments.

  • Pakistan Politician and Army is very Hypocrite !
    Pakistan is supporting Jindullah, Afghan Taliban, Jammat al Dawa and Sipah e Sahaba snakes in Pakistan
    Pakistan Army and Politician also supporting proxy war against Iran, Now, Rahil is in Saudi for Saudi-led Alliance.
    May be, Irani drone monitoring Jindullah movement alongside its borders.

    • So you used your pathetic logic to support spying?
      Another way to say that Iran is doing right :/

      • who hide aziz baloch and other terrorist who attack on kaba this kind thing only shi’its done lant of shi’its and there supporters

    • What is Iran doing? meddling in Yemen, Syria and Iraq killing innoncent, In afghanistan and now Pakistan by exporting Indian spies and spying itself and firing mortars. If Pakistan do the same what will you say?

  • nice. i hope our geeks are out there reverse engineering their tech. we might learn something. iran knocked down an american drone some years back so their tech is likely more advanced than ours.

    • wah! wah! wah! you are ware that it was Russian technicians who did that? Not Iranians. And the technology used was also Russian, and the drone was then used for reverse engineering by Russians, and then given to Iran to make a copy?
      Learn from Iranians — it amazes me how many illiterates who do not even want to research a topic before commenting here there are on Pro-Pakistani now-a-days. used to be a time when only educated and enlightened people used to read Pro-Pakistani — seems every child with a smart phone now has access and seems to think that they have a right to comment on matters they barely understand

      • you should create your own website where you can restrict speech to your choice of experts. however this site allows us to comment so we will. get over it.

        btw this site was originally for IT experts and was never a place for drone experts so idk what you were expecting.

  • Great action, does any body can told me why the same action could not be taken against USA?

      • America today is not the same it used to be. There are other powers at play now. I think it will be a lot harder for US to drone northern areas today than it was 3-4 years ago

  • Dear Aamir Atta,
    Though your blog has been converted into a gola ganda and a tech blog anymore, but i request you to stop publishing religious or this type of conflicting news on your blog, as you can see how it turned into a sectarian discussion here. So if can’t avoid publishing such articles than at least refrain from enabling comments on these. Else one day you might get into trouble. It’s a sincere suggestion. Hope you’ll consider.

  • Now Iran dreaming of “Cyrus The Great” empire of 3 thousand years ago by meddling in every country. From Syria to Lebanon, from Yemen to Bahrain and from Afghanistan to Pakistan. When Pakistan starts the same thing they will regret.

  • Someone who does not even know how to use the words ethically, is the least persuasive. I can only pray for you!

  • Yes there is no Matam allowed in Iran with knives and such things, which is clearly forbidden by Khomeini himself, but in Pakistan everything goes!

  • Iran is a better country than Arabs due to following reasons.
    1.Only Iran is considered enemy of Israel. All Arabs have accepted the Jewish state.
    2. Iran is the only democracy in Islamic world (no involvement of forces)

    And a bad country due to following
    1. It uses Pakistan as play ground to counter Saudis
    2. Works for the benefits of Shia only
    3. They are close friend of India

    So Pakistan should be cautious when dealing with Iran. Saudis are also the same but are helpful to Pak economically in time of need.

  • I see that people every take such context in sectarian conflicts and torch each other’s beliefs, always. One thing is to be made clear here to everyone, YOU STAND AGAINST DIGNITY AND SECURITY OF PAKISTAN AND YOU WILL BE BROUGHT DOWN.

  • Please please behave everyone. It should be Iran’s Action (country’s action) Vs your opinion. Don’t do Shia Sunni Fasaaad anymore.. This thing already shed a lot of blood. We are all educated peoples but acting like baby sitters. Please look forward. Would you like to live in brotherhood or like to be a hindu and a muslim? We are already facing sindhi blouchi, pakhtoon and punjabi disputes. Don’t do this any more. Leave other’s eeman to Allah. If you find a little bit of islam in yourself, leave other’s eeman b/w him and Allah Tabarak wa Tala. Allah Tabarak wa Tala won’t ask other’s sins but yours only. Muhammad (SAW) already predicted that ummat will divide into 72 parts but said:
    “Aik insan ka qatal puri insaniyat ka qatal hai’
    Please follow this single order as an Ummati and dont be even a cause of anyone’s murder, otherwise how will we face him in the day of judgment? JazakAllah

    • we can’t even know those who bring up sectarian fights here on social media are even Muslims or not, it could be anyone for example they could be the people hired by enemies of Islam and I think its most likely that they are.

      • Exactly. And see most of them don’t hav profile or don’t have gut to use their identity. Using anonymous names

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