flydubai Offers Huge Discounts on International Trips from Pakistan

flydubai offers more than 90 destinations in 44 countries. Through its Pakistan–Summer Gateways promotion, flydubai wants Pakistanis to travel abroad this summer and enjoy some of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Destinations across Europe, Asia and Africa are now accessible at discounted rates through flydubai’s new offer. The airline has added new destinations to its portfolio this year and wants tourists to experience the best of some international cities.

Flights are available from Faisalabad, Sialkot, Karachi, Multan and Quetta airports. A total of nine tourist destinations are available at discounted rates from each of the aforementioned airports. Both Business Class and Economy Class tickets can be acquired using the offer.

List of places along with minimum one way and return fares are listed below. Please keep in mind the prices vary a little depending on your departure city so check out the complete details in the link below.

  • Dubai Economy: One Way – Rs. 15,800; Return- Rs. 22,625
  • Dubai Business: One Way – Rs. 25,930; Return- Rs. 60,024
  • Bangkok Economy: One Way – Rs. 31,761; Return- Rs. 42,418
  • Bangkok Business: One Way – Rs. 47,822; Return- Rs. 74,308
  • Bratislava Economy: One Way – Rs. 33,043; Return- Rs. 47,758
  • Bratislava Business: One Way – Rs. 76,348; Return- Rs. 118,202
  • Istanbul Economy: One Way – Rs. 28,702; Return- Rs. 47,784
  • Istanbul Business: One Way – Rs. 63,481
  • Maldives Economy: One Way – Rs. 32,805; Return- Rs. 54,590
  • Maldives Business: One Way – Rs. 63,805; Return- Rs. 99,700
  • Prague Economy: One Way – Rs. 33,043; Return- Rs. 47,840
  • Prague Business: One Way – Rs. 76,348; Return- Rs. 118,095
  • Sofia Economy: One Way – Rs. 33,043; Return- Rs. 47,769
  • Sofia Business: One Way – Rs. 76,348; Return- Rs. 118,160
  • Tbilisi Economy: One Way – Rs. 33,043; Return- Rs. 48,016
  • Tbilisi Business: One Way – Rs. 73,788; Return- Rs. 184,100
  • Zanzibar Economy: One Way – Rs. 37,094; Return- Rs. 53,357
  • Zanzibar Business: One Way – Rs. 113,577; Return- Rs. 161,150

Customers who register as OPEN members get an additional discount worth 5 percent. Those who want to become an OPEN member can register here.

More details on exact pricing and how to buy the tickets is available here.

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