Careem Busts Dozens of Captains Found Involved in Fraudulent Activities

Careem has blocked a good count of its captains who were found involved in dodging the company through means that were not allowed in the rule book, we have confirmed with sources.

According to details shared with ProPakistani, some Careem captains used to book rides at their own to meet targets and to ultimately qualify for the bonuses that company offers after achieving daily, weekly and monthly goals.


Technically speaking, these captains had found a way of manipulating the system by going into deserted areas such as city outskirts — where chances of other captains on service are usually less — and then booking a ride (from other than their primary smartphone). This way, the same captain used to get the same ride that they had booked themselves.

While captains don’t do this all the time — or they would never make money from the bogus rides — such fake bookings were done when few final rides were needed before targets are missed due to the deadlines.

Bogus rides are also booked at the end of shift when captains are far from home and then they are to ride back to their places anyway. In such circumstances captains used to book fake rides and then travel without any passenger but the ride would count towards their targets and hence the bonuses.

According to sources, Careem’s fraud detection system — they call it Sherlock —  was quick to identify such ghost rides and some 374 captains were flagged who were found involved in manipulating the system.

While we know that Careem trains its captains and they are warned about consequences if found involved in any fraudulent activity, such cases happen — as with any department.

We couldn’t confirm this officially but sources said that Careem took the action and blocked the IDs of over 50 captains. Sources said that others were fined, their bonuses were reversed and were given the warnings.

Those captains who were blocked will not be allowed to work with the company again, we were told.


Careem reached out to us and shared following response on above development:

Careem believes in fair play and just rewards for our Captains. There is no tolerance for fraudulent practices which people use to try and deceive us.

Fraud is a crime and they are only harming themselves as Careem’s systems are very good at picking up suspicious activities.

Its unfortunate that people resort to unfair means to make a bit of money, they only end up spoiling it for themselves as Careem can block them permanently and penalize them

We also attained following screen-grab from Careem’s fraud detection software, through which captains were found doing things that they shouldn’t have done:

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • It is also to put into your knowledge Careem these day’s are doing some cheap kind of market strategy. They are putting Peak factors on Go for all the time & even not a single minute you will see with out Peak Factor. In last 4 days there is a Peak factor more then 2.5 around 3.0 which means passenger have to pay 3 times more then the actual value.
    The reason for the putting Peak Factor is when Demand is more and supply is less but it seems its not like as on daily basis number of people are getting register in Careen and start earning then how is this possible in each and every area of Karachi you will not see the Peak factor is removed or not.
    Careem people are doing one thing more clever that when people needs this service like on special occasions like EID or when its raining they immediately put the Peak factor, so then customer has to suffer with it.
    Myself & my other fellows are very much annoyed with this.
    Initially, Careem has attracted the peoples to come and travel & once they are permanent user then they doing this cheap activity.
    It is just like our Corrupt govt.

    • Yes. I have been noticing it since eid day 1. On such occasions their rates are always high.

    • When it was the match of Pakistan vs India, they posted a promo code for 30% discount. But when I opened the app for ride. There was already a multiplier on the GO. So that code was of no use.

    • I got this reply when asked about peak factor.
      Dear ,

      Thank you for your email. We hope that you are doing great.

      We are highly apologetic for the discomfort that has been caused. We strive 24/7 to provide hassle free service, But sometimes due to human or system error, we fail to do so.

      Peak is a ride cost multiplier that is automatically activated at times of high demand and limited supply starting at 1.1x the ride cost.

      Peak ensures that Captain’s are incentivized to accept your Careem bookings regardless of how busy it is.

      Feel free to write if we can do anything further for you.

      Best Regards,
      Isma Irshad
      Team Careem

      • Normal Fare from MCB Tower and my home is Rs. 321-350. Now peak factor has enhanced fare to Rs 850-1000. Is this reasonable? I don’t think so. Why should we pamper captains this way?

    • Careem car owners/drivers have their families and relatives too and have full right to get together on Eid. They can’t just leave their personal lives and be in our service 24/7. So this is obvious, not some conspiracy as u trying to fake it. Use the same means of transportation for these 3 days which u used to use earlier before Careem and Uber n be patient.

      • So what about Police/Security Forces and other support staff who are are available on every occasions.

        • Police and security forces are public servants while Careem is a private business, you dimwit.

          • does not justify again private means start looting people?? on Eid holidays careem or uber can shutdown business and pay Their captains from own pocket that make sense since they are getting millions of profit without any additional cost

          • Please read complete comments of mine also include support staff who are working in other private companies to facilitate public.

            • Dear first try to read the system Careem is not a salary based service. You can be a captain if you have car register it and you can switch off it any time of your wish and comfort you switched off and you will not get business. Simple is that that is what ZAB s saying they have families too so they prefer to stay in family instead of being on road. This is not a obligatory service. Got it

      • They have joined a SERVICE after signing an agreement. People on essential services work during eid days.

      • it means the restaurants, stores, etc open on eid day should charge us double? they are also working on eid and away from family. incomprehensible argument.

        • Yes private businesses have almost unlimited freedom to set whatever prices they want whenever they want, provided it is transparently conveyed to potential customers.

          And you have unlimited freedom NOT to use their services for whatever reason you want.

          Price seems unreasonable? Don’t buy it. Simple as that.

          • Agree with you!
            It’s simple “Supply and Demand” rule.
            Supply and Demand Impacts the prices.

        • There was no need of your lame comments but well, restaurants, stores, petrol pumps have their own employees. Careem captains are their partners not employees. Those captains run their own cars not careem’s. If they would be driving careem’s cars as employees then ur comparison would be fine. Next time please don’t compare apples with oranges.

          • did propakistani request you that they need your comments? and do you want to see every comment in support of your comment? and is it ethically fine to declare anybody’s comment as lame in a forum? just 3 humble questions :) we are here to share and comment, not to compete each other. you have your opinion, i have mine. mine can be wrong, yours can be correct and vice versa.

    • Just had a ride Careem in Lahore my regular fare was 220-250, But i had to pay Rs.407 because of the peak factor 1.7x There were so many careem GO cars available around me i don’t know why peak factor applied. Just sucking money from us.
      BTW i have 2 very bad incidents where careem lost there reputation in my eyes and my friends and family.
      Once they falsely charged Rs.150 for canceling the ride, which i didn’t cancel(There Operator did on my complain) because he didn’t arrive at destination, called him 10 times which he didn’t picked. After almost Half an hour, i lodged complain to operator on UAN number and they allotted me the next available Captain and charged me Rs.150 for cancelling my ride.

      • Same happened with me. I complained about the unfair 150rs penalty but they reversed it after investigation on my complain.

      • It’s not just of having a number of cars available, it’s also about the demand – which should be higher than usual on Eid days. Instead of calling them, you could have simply emailed them. I have emailed them twice for two different incidents and they repaid the extra money that was unfairly charged.

    • 100% agreed we stop using rickshaws due this reason when their is rain or special occasions rickshawala charge double or triple amount then whats the difference in Careem or Riskhawala they are using same thing. from last 4 days 2.5 surge rate is applicable and even not only careem Uber do the same whereas Uber has i think 2 or 3 times more cars then careem but i dont understand the logic of double or triple late 1.1 or 1.5 Max somehow can be considered as incentives but beyond 1.5 is considered as looting !!

      • That’s what Careem vendors are shouting about. They believe that careem and rickshaw should have significant fare difference. Sometimes, careem is lower than rickshaw too. Vendors invested billions of rupees not to be treated like a KHOTA GARI.

    • peak factors are when there is a constant demand rose from that area and the enough drivers are not present in that area. To attract other drivers from the nearby areas in Eid days generally most of the drivers are gone to their native towns so there is less drivers on road that is why factor multiplies. There is no other reason, If we get benefit so should be thankful.

    • Yeah even the other thing which they are also doing is to accept the ride and after 2 to 3 min captian has canceled the ride by saying that “he does not know where the exect place” which will deduct 150 from yours account either ride is canceled by captian not by yourself .I must have to say on that if they don’t know then why they accept such rides.

      • Well if driver cancels the ride he should not get paid unless there is an appropriate reason that you made him wait too long or streets in your area are too narrow or damaged excessively that reaching you will damage his car and you did not tell him about that.

    • I think they are forcing people to try their Careem packages ( you can buy rides in Kms and you pay upfront ). Those users will not suffer any peak factors or surcharges. It’s a terrible business decision… and definitely hurt them in the long run .

  • One more thing to point out here. Careem is also cheating with their captains in rides calculation. We have reported this number of times to careem via helpline, email and by visiting their office. Sometimes they don’t even agree that there is a miscalculation (or wrong calculation) in compensation for captains and even they agree that yes there is miscalculation they always say “we are working on its resolution”. Ok if you are working on its resolution then will you please compensate us for these rides until it is resolved permanently. For this they don’t have any answer simply “aain bain shain”. If there is some flaw in your system and you say you are working on its resolution (Which is not going to happen as it did not happened in last 3 months) then compensate us as you compensate other errors (mostly bonus calculation error which they compensate after we report them). We have spent time and money on facilitating customers at least build a stable system. It is hard to build a fool proof system but it should error ratio should be less than 10% not more than 50%. One of their representative agreed that there is miscalculation in 100% rides ( I wish I have recorded that conversation). I have email proof as email records on which they don’t bother to response on our concerns.

    In my Experience, careem is using cheap tactics in every department. With customers, with vendors/captains and with Goverment of Pakistan.

    Their system is extremely buggy. I also have proof where their employees are doing corruption. I reported this corruption to their CEO and he is not interested in getting more details of it.

    In short in every aspect of Careem there are major problems and no one is looking interested to fix those. If it continues like this lot’s of people will speak and it will not be good for Careem in Pakistan.

  • one more thing, careem hired such captians who are involved in harassing the clients preferably female clients when they are using it alone. i had an experience last month near gulshan where my male colleague who was accompanying in ride way back to home, he got drop at his place and when the captain realized single female to drop at nearby place, he make a suspicious call to some of his fellow and told him that he is taking her somewhere as she is alone and get their asap. he talked all of it on phone call.. when i heard such thing i asked him in seconds to stop the car and he got confused as that area was so crowded and i already had opened car gate to attempt jump out of the car. he stopped it rite away and then i moved on by using an auto.

    when i raise the complaint against it, they didnt respond me back properly but we are investigating the incident and will report it soon.

    Please females specially be careful while using careem as it not as safe we think. their track can be traced out but by the time the car will be traced something bad could happen. Careem’s claim having trained and verified captains and good background check in their force is wrong.. they do not anything about the it. they openly offer anyone to join.

    • Usman, Saad and Ayesha. One person with 3 different ids seems to be on some special assignment. A shallow attempt though.

  • Good Step Ahead. Also Share Details With Other Ride Companies. So The’ll Not Do This With Them in Future.

  • Just had a ride Careem in Lahore my regular fare was 220-250, But i had to pay Rs.407 because of the peak factor 1.7x There were so many careem GO cars available around me i don’t know why peak factor applied. Just sucking money from us.
    BTW i have 2 very bad incidents where careem lost there reputation in my eyes and my friends and family.
    Once they falsely charged Rs.150 for canceling the ride, which i didn’t cancel(There Operator did on my complain) because he didn’t arrive at destination, called him 10 times which he didn’t picked. After almost Half an hour, i lodged complain to operator on UAN number and they allotted me the next available Captain and charged me Rs.150 for cancelling my ride

    • Once, i booked a ride for my mother and booked a ride from my account. As the ride ended, Captain didn’t show the amount on his mobile (Rs.280) to my mother and asked her to pay Rs.400

      • i booked a ride on eid and careem captain came and refused to go there. and cancel the ride on his own. now i have balance in – amount. what that means? like -195

        • If you go beyond the policies rules and regulation of any organization who is giving you their service you will not be welcome.Before you download the careem car service you must read and understand their rules regulations and policies to getting benifits instead you become hopeless,but it is also noticed that you do not put correct adderesses pickup and drop off locations vise versa car wasting your and careem captain time and fuel which becomes arguemental between both the careem captain is not bound to drive their car into narrow and cunjusted streets and broken roads and you could not dictate them to drive fast or faster so you reach to your pickup or drop off locations very early which is not in careem policies rules and regulations careem made his policies rules and regulations to give their riders and captains to travelling comfortably

  • All those people who’re complaining about the Captains and their behavior do know that after each ride, you get the opportunity to rate that particular Captain, right?

    Why else do you think these companies have a rating system in place? For the purpose of judging each Captain’s performance. Rate the Captain appropriately, leave a comment if possible and you’re done. Leave the rest upto the company.

  • And for all those people who’re complaining about peak factor being present also when there are numerous rides available on the map – well, here’s what’s going on in such a scenario: all those rides which you’re assuming as being “available” have already been assigned to different people and might be on their way. The number of cars on a map doesn’t necessarily reflect “available” rides, hence the system applies peak factor.

    Found this out from a Careem employee.

  • I want to highlight one more issue which i have face two times. Captains are delaying to pickup and after some time they cancel the rides and careem credit the basic amount to my account on email communication they just said they are investigating but nothing so i finally emailed them and said now you people are in true color of Pakistan means corporation

    • I always get refund (almost immediately) whenever I email them with details.
      I was NEVER charged a single penny because of captains’ cheap and unethical ‘harkat’.

  • Tabishqazi
    Jun 22, 19:11 +04

    I made two trips yesterday.
    1. Gone from PECO road to Emporium Mall
    2. Came back from Emporium Mall to PECO road.


    when I saw the trip details in my Email receipt I noticed.

    TRIP 1 was 12 KM in 23 min
    TRIP 2 was 23 KM in 22 min

    How on earth this is possible?

  • Careem is also cheating in another way i know many fellow who have old model cars and they paid careem workers to get there cars registered

  • Geo Pakistanio. Har cheez mein 2 numberi dhund he lete ho. from bottom to top the trend continues.

  • The whole country like to b!tch about everything………..dont like it dont use. Same goes for the business suck blood out of people

  • I am a Careem Captain and i moved from distant places to Factor area in a lust to get a good rate but to my utmost surprise when i drove in the middle of factor area i still cant get the ride how it could be as the factor came when there is high demand. Contrary to that i get bookings in Factor Area from the non factor area probably five to six kilometer away. This is a logic i cant understand till date.

  • Last week one of the Uber driver harassed me to cancel the ride as he was not willing to come. He told me that I dont know who he is and now that he knows my address hes coming to intrude into my house and keep me and my family hostage. Even when I cancelled the ride he called me again and kept swearing that hes on his way to my home and it doesn’t matter whatever I try now. I was amazed and on the other hand shocked with this specific behavior. Raised a complaint, action taken, got a call from Austria from an angraiz Uber support apologizing and assuring me and my family’s safety. Looks like the jahil class drivers of Uber and Careem along with their criminal and fraudulent instincts don’t last long. Looks like the era of filtration has initiated which would put forth only honorable and serious workers. Lets see how it goes.. time flies..

  • Careem and Uber committing fraud and fleecing customers. Authorities should take notice of this manipulation of PEAK FACTOR.

  • The arguments against peak factor are NONSENSICAL. Uber has had this for many years in Pakistan and abroad. Uber at least provides an estimate fare before the ride and asks the customer to accept (the CUSTOMER can refuse!!!). So if you don’t want to ride or take a rickshaw or walk it it is your choice.

    Second for God’s sakes there is overtime payment we pay our employees, there is extra charges we pay them for working on Eid and when demand for certain skill of employees exceeds supply, then these employees naturally are offered and ask for more salary. Careem has same issue and during surge pricing they offer better compensation to drivers so that more drivers come in and release the traffic pressure.

  • Bajae sonay k anday letay rehnay k, in logoun ne sonay ki murghi hi kaat di.

  • No one is forcing you all to geo with Careem and Uber. Do whatever you want.
    If some one is driving his Car in rain water and mud then he must be given some extra money to let his car clean for upcoming days.

  • main hyderabad s hou yaha p careem ki takrebn rides lagti hi universities k lia hain and yaha p 3 unis hain teno Jamshoro m hay lken hyd s jamshoro k bech ek toolplaza ata h
    laken tollgate students s nahe lia jata agr ap apna id card show karen and also teacherz and other employees s bh nh lia jata and akser toll wale card chck hi nh krty or larko ko asy hi allow kr dety hn uni time m
    laken careem wale bill ma tollgate bh add kar lete hain
    unse contact kia gaya to phla rply aya k ham ya paise captain ko dky compensate karengy
    mene kaha jab usne pay hi nh kie to phrr kiyu dngy phr ek or msg kia same usk bd unho n kaha ya gvt s deal h ham unhe dete hain paisyy mene kaha G ya govt policy hi h k students s na lia jae
    or wese bh normaly jamshoro k lia kisi s bh nh lete hain local count hota h jamshoro
    to phr end m kaha nh ya careem policy h k paisy wapas nh hote hain
    ya sare msgs ek hi conversation m hue lkn har bat inho n new bat ki h
    last m phr kaha sir apne ya cnfrm kar dia h k apne paisy pay nh kie nahi driver n to apko ham wpas bhj rae hain lkn apse ab company ki taraf s ek survey hoga is conversation p to accordingly rate kejyega ….usk bd ma frequent user tha next time phr wohi same bahane

    PS: mere ek do dost ko tollgate wapas wallet m milta thaa lkn uske bd hmny bht try kiia lkn hme nh mila yah asy wese excuses krty hain

  • Guys what ever they are charging is much cheaper as compare to yellow taxis and metro taxis. Secondly estimated charges are shown to u if u feel more charges cancel the trip. I still my sympathies with careem and its captains.
    What I feel as a nation we are quite non satisfied nation nowadays even we get Ferrari rides we will not be happy

  • close