Facebook Crosses 2 Billion Active Monthly Users Mark

Facebook this week announced that it had 2 billion monthly users on its website during past 30 days.

The announcement came after company grew more than 250 million users — during the span of past one year — mainly from emerging markets.

With this, Facebook has further strengthened its position as a service that’s used by more individuals on planet earth than any other product in mankind’s history.

Facebook started its journey in 2004 and has gradually connected the world in a manner that it can now influence individuals, businesses and global politics more than any other entity that currently exists.

Following is what Mark Zuckerberg had to say about the achievement:

In addition to Facebook’s 2 billion users, company also hosts more than 1.2 billion users on its instant messenger and another 1.2 billion users on its recently acquired Whatsapp service.

Not to be mentioned, users on Facebook, Instant Messenger and Whatsapp could be common as well.

If we look at other major web and Mobile services, YouTube achieved 1.5 billion monthly active users while Twitter has attained 328 million users till the time. Snapchat is hovering around 255 million users while Wechat, that’s mainly used in China, has grabbed some 889 million users till December last year.

Monthly users graph via TechCrunch

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