Pakistan Gets New Submarine Cable with Design Capacity of 40 TBs per Second

Pakistan is now connected with a new submarine cable system with design capacity of at least 40 Terabits per second across 5 fiber pairs as AAE-1 (also called Asia-Africa-Europe-1) announced the commencement of its operations just moments ago.

AAE-1 is worlds largest submarine cable spanning over 25,000 KMs and is one of the first cable system to connect Hong Kong, Singapore, Middle East with Africa and Europe.

AAE-1 consortium, that coordinated efforts to complete the project in 10 years, include China Unicom, CIL (HyalRoute), Djibouti Telecom, Etisalat, GT5L, Mobily, Omantel, Ooredoo, OTEG, PCCW, PTCL, Reliance Jio, Retelit, Telecom Egypt, TeleYemen, TOT, Viettel, VNPT and VTC.

In Pakistan, the cable will be operated and managed by PTCL.

AAE-1 will immediately increase Pakistan’s international bandwidth pipe multiple-folds and will make country’s international connection more redundant.

New submarine cable will also help Pakistan meet its bandwidth needs as the internet usage in the country is on the rise.

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Pakistan’s current international links and bandwidth capacity include:

  1. TW1 with design capacity of 1.28Tbps
  2. Sea-Me-We-3 with 480 Gbps with two fibre pairs
  3. Sea-Me-We-4 with design capacity of 1.28Tbps
  4. I-ME-WE with Design Capacity of 3.86Tbps
  5. AAE-1 with design capacity of 40Tbps
  6. Sea-Me-We-5 with design capacity of 24Tbps

Following international links with landing points in Pakistan are under construction:

    • Bro all internet service in pakistan is already managed by PTCl whether it is jazz,warid,zong,wateen internet or telenor,ufone , nayatel.

        • That is because their local management and complaint resolution time is better. Moroever, Wireless companies offer internet via centralized station so all they have to do is care about it. Fiber based companies also have good local system as fiber bandwidth is very high and management and fault detection is easy. PTCL is still providing its internet services on Plain Old Telephony System Lines. Their bandwidth is very low and cables have worn out after completing their desired age. That is the reason, PTCL is also shifting towards fiber based technology. Same phases of Islamabad and Bahria Town is fully fiber based by PTCL in same cost as DSL technology. Only 3000 extra for fiber to internet signal conversion devise which is very cheap than Nayatel that charges you 20,000/- as starting price.

          • The Rs. 3000 fiber to ethernet device you are referring to is a single-connection point-to-point device and only has a single fiber pair and single ethernet port. You’ll have to buy separate wifi router for wifi, separate analog telephony device to connect telephone, and separate ethernet to coaxial device to get analog TV channels.

            Household fiber internet connections (FTTH) usually use a technology called GPON which allows a single fiber to be optically split to dozens of subscribers (point-to-multipoint). They require a GPON modem at the subscriber end, which is more expensive than either a simple fiber to ethernet converter or an ADSL modem. The Huawei GPON router being supplied by Nayatel for Rs. 20,000 provides, in addition to ethernet and wifi, a coaxial port for cable TV, and two analog telephone ports.

            Having said that, I still do believe that the price is unjustified and the primary reason for this is that Nayatel doesn’t have any serious competition almost anywhere they operate (probably choose their areas wisely). Because open-market GPON devices by TP-Link are available for much less than Rs. 20,000 for those who don’t want analog cable TV or telephone. TP-Link TX-6610 GPON router with just a single fiber and ethernet port costs about Rs. 4,000-5,000. Another one, TP-Link TX-VG1530, which includes built-in wifi, 4 ethernet ports, and 2 analog telephone ports (but no coaxial port), costs about Rs. 11,000.

            Those who are considering getting a Nayatel connection could condition their subscription on their allowing you to bring your own router instead of purchasing their overpriced models. Or wait for the inevitable competition to arrive, which will finally bring them to their senses regarding monthly package and device charges.

            • TP-Link has offered their device to NayaTel but they reject it because of unavailability of coaxial port for for cable TV.

        • Transworld has been represented as TW1. It majorly provides internet to ISPs only. Their new project currently running in Karachi is now trying to attract home users.

      • sans Transworld, though tw1 do come under pta, not sure how much PTCL involvement is their (for all the blocks required by govt).

      • Wrong P.I.E pakistan internet excgange and TW1 2 gateway hy pie ptcl k saath kaam krta hy jisme ufone b shamil hy. jb k moblink zong wateen qubee and witribe nayatel telenor tw1 (optix fiberlink strom fiber. Pie+tw1 ) se attach hy multinet aapni international fiber se connected hy.

        • Because PTCL sells 90% of its bandwidth to other companies for profit. And its own customers only get 10% of the speed.

        • The real question is that why is only PTCL allowed to import bandwidth to Pakistan. What are the structural reasons that other Telecom companies cannot directly import the bandwidth they require?

          • PTA authorized 2 land stations licence for international connectivity 1 PTCL 2 TW1(private sector tier 1 operator ) .

    • Probably not. PTCL is not very good with routing problems.
      It is not going to have any impact on National gaming servers
      It can however have an impact on international servers should PTCL try to improve their routing.

    • Definitely for sure. Earlier, the ping for European regions, middle east and specially Hong Kong was very high for the same reason as we had to take length route. Now we are directly connected.

  • please help me understand is it already functional? or it will be in 10 years?

  • Any one please tell PTCL that they have not revised 8mb internet rates since 2014 :( , Really expensive

  • may name is saadat hassan khan. may ye jaan’na chahta hoon k iss nai izaafi bandwidth ka hum end users ko kia faayeda hoga………………………………………..

  • Well this new submarine cable has no effect on Steam / DOTA 2 Servers. I’m still having the same old ping to SEA server i.e. 141 ms.

    • Check with Chinese Servers, specially in HongKong. Pings would be significantly less than before

  • Consumer prices will go down, fiber to Home users will have 100mb package as normal. Just wait and see next 6 to 10 months consumers will benefit.

  • Can anyone explain me in simple words, how the end users like us will get the benefit,
    And will it improve the existing Bandwidth offered by PTCL & lessen it’s cost.

  • Well done PTCL Internet usage will increase.People will benefit a lot from this cable

  • Does Pakistan has its own fiber link? I mean has IT department in Pakistan made its own fiber link which could allow the traffic of internet to flow in Pakistan from overseas and vice versa.

  • Generally now pings with servers located in China specially HongKong have reduced significantly to around 170ms

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