QMobile A1’s Fingerprint Sensor Beats iPhone 7 and Oppo F1s

The fingerprint sensor, considered a luxury a few years ago, has now become mainstream.

Head to a mobile shop and you’ll see several dozen Smartphones with a fingerprint sensor on them.

The reason for their popularity was the simple convenience of unlocking your smartphone simple by placing your finger on it. It comes with an added bonus of security barring anyone else who hasn’t saved his fingerprint on your device, from unlocking your phone.

In the early days phones took almost a full second to detect your fingerprint and unlock your phone. With time, smartphone brands have improved their offerings with the fingerprint scanners detecting prints faster than ever.

One of The Fastest Fingerprint Sensors

QMobile is one such brand which is now competing against the likes of Apple, Oppo and others. Their latest flagship smartphone, the QMobile Noir A1, can unlock in just 0.2s through the fingerprint sensor.

It unlocks faster than the likes of Oppo F1s and even Apple’s iPhone 7. Yes, you read that correctly. A phone that costs just Rs. 27,500 beats out a flagship phone that costs 2-3 times as much.

Comparison With iPhone 7 and Oppo F1s

QMobile A1 was tested for its fingerprint sensor’s speed against Apple iPhone 7, Oppo F1s and Vivo V5. The test footage was reviewed in slow motion and repeated at least twice to ensure the credibility of the test. You can take a look at it yourself below:

QMobile Noir A1 Features

The phone comes with a 5.5 inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS LCD display with an all metal chassis. It features a 2.0 GHz octa-core MediaTek Helio P10 processor with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage.

One of the key features of the Noir A1 is its 16 MP front camera with a dedicated soft light selfie flash (the primary camera includes a 13 MP sensor).

A large 4,010 mAh battery powers the phone and comes with an 18 W dual charging IC with fast charging support.

QMobile Noir A1 is available at retail shops for Rs. 27,500 only. The phone was available for pre-order a few days before the official release. Pre-ordering the phone would get you a signed bat & ball by Wasim Akram and Shohaib Akhtar, free power bank, selfie stick & various personalized merchandise.

A techie, Overwatch and Street Fighter enthusiast, and Editor at ProPakistani.

  • Ye to Q Mobile ne “Khud Kush Hamla” kr diya hai doray brands py…

    kahan IPhone aur Kahan Q-Mobile

    Q-Mobile stand for kiun-mobile yani ye Mobile hi kiun hai…

      • You’ve no idea what you’re saying, Mr. Patriot…

        The Flagship Qmobile Z14 is basically an unashamed copy of Gionee S6 Pro with Q logo slapped on it…

        And this particular model, The Qmobile A1S is actually a re-branded Gionee A1…

        Look it up on GSM Arena…!

      • dearap sab q fight kr rhy ho gionee or q mobile py.dono hi marketing companies hain not manufacturing. Google ne har country me ek 2 local brands ko license dia hua hai jo same mobile apne new name k sath apni market me sale kre. in easy word q and geonee purchase mobiles from China and then resale it in there respective countries with new name.

  • Wah g Wah IPhone aik effect use kar raha hay jabke Q-Mobile simple display karwata hay tu speed kahan se slow hu gaye

  • Why is this not labelled as a sponsored post? Did Qmobile even pay you to pose as if this is an unbiased editorial piece?

  • You forgot the ‘sponsored’ tag or you just remembered that Qmobile already did that a while ago?

    Would have been so much better if you asked Qmobile to lend ProPK their smartphone for reviewing purposes. Then you can go ahead comparing its cameras, fingerprint sensors etc. If you have done this, they fingerprint sensor timing test would be so much more believable, even better if you used the set for a week or two then we can see which one’s the best.

    This is nothing but endorsing their product.

  • If you notice closely, finger pressed bit early on Qmobile A1 and later on iphone.

  • Awam ko ch bnaya ja rha hai iphone ko unlock karny k liye homw button wala option hai so button press karny or fingerprint sensor dono ko apna task karny mein thoda milli seconds ka to farq pary ga meanwhile qmobile py app ko just finger rakhni hai

    • Bhai Price Difference bhe to hai na Ap Log Bus Brand Daykhty ho ye Nhi daykhty ky Cheez kitnay ke mil rahi hai Or kya kya feature hain …

  • So… For 23 Grands you get this Qmobile with a 5.2″ FHD Display, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of ROM and a 4,000mAh battery, eh? Nice, right? WRONG… THIS IS GARBAGE… And I shall explain why I think so cause I’m no blind basher:

    If you look closely at the specs, everything becomes crystal clear…

    This phone has an ANCIENT Mediatek MT6753 (1.3Ghz x 8 Cortex-A53s built on 28nm, single cluster) with absolutely PATHETIC Mali-T720 GPU (37 gFlops) and 4GB RAM @ 666Mhz (5.3 GB/s) that was released back in 2013 if I recall correctly…

    For the same amount of cash, you can get yourself a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 with a MASSIVELY SUPERIOR Snapdragon 625 (2.0Ghz Cortex-A53s built on 14nm) with Adreno 506 GPU (130 gFlops) and 933Mhz 4GB RAM @ 933Mhz (7.5GB/s)…

    So, to summarize all that technical mambo-jumbo for not so tech savvy people here:

    Among the two; Xiaomi has:
    Faster CPU Clock (1.3Ghz vs 2.0Ghz).
    Faster RAM (666Mhz vs. 933Mhz).
    Faster 4G LTE Modem (Cat4 vs Cat7 Modem)
    Over three times more powerful GPU (37gFlops vs 130gFlops)
    Smaller core die (28nm vs 14nm).
    [FYI, The smaller the die, the better thermals it possess, hence less heat leakage which translates to less power consumption. Heat is wasted energy, after all…!]
    Better core fabrication (Q’s LP vs Xiaomi’s FinFet which is same as Snapdragon 821)

    The only thing I dislike about Xiaomi is The Custom UI which looks VERY childish… But other than that, Xiaomi has Qmobile beat in ALL aspects…

    Good Day!

      • Is that a compliment, brother…?!

        Anyhow, I’m thinking about starting my own blog as not many people are aware of all the technology that goes in smartphones…!

        • I am admiring you brother:) But there isn’t a enough readership for a monetarily successful blog. Despite the fact ProPk is the only tech blog around, still traffic isn’t as hefty as it should be. I myself am a hardcore techie but did not start a blog because this very reason.

        • why don’t you share your insights with us. contact me here aamir at the rate propakistani dot pk

    • This. Only if ProPK tried to do phone reviews this way. Kudos.

      But no, Qmobile has the FASTEST fingerpring sensor so nothing else matters xD

      • I wish they hire me…

        I hate my current job, you know…?!!

        Thanks for the kinds words, brother… Not everyone take geeks seriously around here…!!!

    • BTW, that comment was for A1 “Lite” which goes for 23,000, not the A1 mentioned here…

      But still, The A1 has an outdated, almost ancient Helio P10 and is just no match for Snapdragon 625/626 or the latest 630 which is rumored to come with Xiaomi Mi Note 5…!

      In 20k range, get The Mi Note 4 with your eyes closed… Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered…!

    • i love this MIUI actually. i dont know what is childish. not opposing you, may be i am wrong. but i am truly satisfied using MIUI. it is definitely not the best in town but it has some very good features indeed.

      • Well, some people absolutely love MIUI and I respect that, I truly do… I didn’t mean to offend anyone as it was just my personal opinion, that’s all…
        But… I just appreciate the clean and simple interface of stock Android and recently Samsung’s Touchwiz based on Android Nougat more, now called The Grace UX…
        But again, since Xiaomi runs on a Snapdragon, it’s pretty easy to mod…!

    • Well sai bro and true also but there are many custom roms available for redmi note 4 means redmi note 4 also has software support that Q lacks

  • اسی لیے تو کہتے ہیں کہ ‘چلے تو چاند تک، نہ چلے تو شام تک’

  • i can wait for my fone to unlock for even one full second. I can have such patience. but i will not use Q Mobile. :D

  • Please ask this awesome testing person to turn off the animations on iOS and then try :) it’s clearly scene that the Android devices got no aninamtion and the just pop up when unlocking. Secondly I don’t understand how important is fingerprint reading speed is. I dont find any use of speed in it. Usually it was done to open the camera app, but camera apps are now swipe away. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0ca87cc1137c35f150fd442d364169339aca5faf487e6f5fc11ab1069591e56c.jpg

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