PIA Finds Two Pilots in Breach of Safety Rules

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) management says that 2 pilots have been found guilty of violating safety rules and they will soon be penalized.

This was communicated to the Senate Standing Committee on PIA which was on a visit to Head Office. Top items on the agenda included pilots falling asleep while flying and the incident involving a pilot inviting a Chinese lady into the cockpit.

Senator Mushahid Ullah Khan presided over the meeting. Syed Muzafar Hussain Shah, Farhatullah Babar, Lt. General (R) Abdul Qayyum and Sherry Rehman discussed pilots and safety issue in the meeting.

Advisor to Prime Minister on Aviation Sardar Methab Ahmed Kahn informed the committee that inquiry against the both pilots has been completed and both are guilty of violating safety rules. But due to some technical issues, the final statement of both pilots was not recorded.

Senator Sherry Rehman said that if a pilot is sleeping, it means he hasn’t gotten or hasn’t been allowed to take proper rest before reporting for duty.

Senator Mushahid Ullah said that last several meeting have been on these issues but no results have been seen so far. “Both incidents are serious volition of aviation safety rules. Pilots are habitual in violating the rules.”

“Another incident happened on a flight from Islamabad to New York where one pilot slept in cockpit during the flight. But I don’t have any concrete evidence to prove this incident.”

Mushahid Ullah also said that pilots are regularly harassing the cabin crew. They try to influence the duty roster of cabin crew.

Passenger Allowed Inside the Cockpit

During PIA flight from Tokyo to Beijing PK 853, a pilot invited a Chinese lady into the cockpit. A journalist on board filmed the incident. First PIA management backed the pilot and spokesperson said that if a passenger went into cockpit, it is not a violation of law and safety. After media pressure, PIA management started a formal inquiry against the pilot in charge, Captain Shahzad Aziz.

Sardar Methab Kahn told the Senate committee that according to International Civil Aviation Association, no unauthorized person is allowed in the cockpit and necessary action will be taken.

Pilot Found Sleeping

This incident occurred on April 26, 2017 on PIA flight PK 785 from Islamabad Airport for London. Soon after takeoff, captain in charge Amir Hashami was found sleeping in business class and the aircraft was being controlled by under training pilots. He slept for over two and a half hours. Captain Amir Hashami first denied sleeping and said that he was resting as per CAA rules but pictures told the whole story and an inquiry was started.

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