Pakistan First Steps League: Walk, Jog and Run to Win Prizes

During our childhood, we are taught that a sound body has a sound mind. The question is how does one obtain a sound mind? The answer is very simple – through regularly playing sports or something as simple as going for long walks everyday.

There is an abundance of talent in Pakistan yet the improvement in the country’s sport sector is a constant struggle due to lack of sports education, resources and facilities. And the list goes on.

Organizations that can bring back sports at a grassroots level in Pakistan are more important than ever.

One such organization which is dedicated to bringing young blood in the field of sports in SportsFever360. Launched earlier this year, SportsFever360 has, through sheer determination and effort, held numerous successful sports competitions.

Remaining true to its motto of #HealthyPakistan, the organization is taking a new initiative with Pakistan’s First Steps League (PFSL).

Pakistan’s First Steps League

The key objective of the PFSL competition is to help make their participants walking, running or jogging a habit. A team of 3 people can compete.

The most attractive aspect of the competition is that it is for everyone, as there is no age limit or gender restriction. In fact, women are encouraged to join this activity along with their friends and family.

Not only is SportsFever360 promoting this healthy cause but it is also offering a lot of incentives and lucrative prizes for the winners and runner-ups.

As for the prizes on offer, the winning team will get Rs. 15,000 whereas the runner-up team can secure a cool Rs. 10,000. There will be bumper gifts and giveaways for best participants in the league too.

What Exactly Do the Contesting Teams Have To Do

For the Pakistan’s First Steps League, the teams have to

  1. Walk, jog or run – every step counts.
  2. Keep your mobile phone (with the app installed) with you or use your smart-watch.
  3. Reach a daily target of 27000 steps for each team. 
  4. Teams must achieve this target in 18 days or less.
  5. Team with the maximum number of steps in 3 weeks will win the competition.

Which App to Use?

  1. For iPhone users: Use the built-in health app.
  2. For Android users: Users can use their own phone’s dedicated health app.
  3. In case your mobile doesn’t have any app then you can download from Google Play Store. 

How to Register Your Team

You can:

  1. Fill in the register form from here.
  2. Deposit your registration fee in bank (details available on the above link).
  3. Email or WhatsApp your receipt.
  4. Registration fee is Rs. 1500 but first 30 registered teams will get discount of Rs. 500.

Team Composition

  1. Team can have maximum of 3 players.
  2. Each team will have a team leader that is allowed to coordinate with SportsFever360.

Time Lines :

  • Registration ends on 17th July, 2017
  • Competition starts on 22nd July, 2017
  • Competition ends on 11th August, 2017
  • Winner announcement on 14th August, 2017

For further information you may visit Sportsfever360 website / Facebook Page or send an email on [email protected]

Check out SportsFever360’s Facebook page from here.

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