PayPal is Not Coming to Pakistan, Yet: MoIT

Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication made it clear on Tuesday that PayPal is not coming to Pakistan, but that the Ministry is currently working on it.

Universal Services Fund (USF) officials, while briefing the National Assembly Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication, said that to empower women in the un-served and under-served areas of the country, they are working to promote e-commerce through the development of e-commerce portal.

USF said that women would be able to put their hand-made or otherwise items online for sale on portal and get response from the customers, however, when committee members raised question about payment, USF official said that they are yet to finalize a workaround.

When Ali Raza Abidi, MNA asked about the entry of PayPal into Pakistan, Secretary IT Rizwan Bashir said, “they are not coming but we are working on it”.

Earlier Anusha Rehman Minister for State for IT and Telecom had announced that Pakistan has made all prerequisite regulatory arrangements needed for global tech companies to start their operations in Pakistan.

Anusha had said that Pakistan is now ranked in FATF’s white-list, meaning that Pakistan has now internationally accepted anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing standards in place which were previously not available.

Pakistan, until recently was listed in grey-list of FATF (Financial Action Task Force), which potentially blocked the way of global tech companies, such as PayPal, Amazon etc. in starting their operations in Pakistan.

The USF gave detail briefing on ongoing and future projects along-with completion date and fund utilization up to 30th June, 2018.

The officials explained the year-wise receipts and expenditure position as of June 30, 2017.

USF also briefed the programs to utilize the fund for its intended purpose. It said that such programs are designed in a manner to cater for the needs of un-served and underserved segment of population across Pakistan.

USF also showed it intents to provide coverage to the un-served areas in FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.


  • Don’t expect Amazon to come here anytime soon as they need market and customer awareness. I don’t think many people are buying from daraz etc.

    • Amazon has a greater chance to come in Pakistan due to high penetration rate of internet connections and one of the largest middle class family countries in the world that can buy something online. The need is the awareness that can be done by robust TV advertisements. According to this Propakistani news, Daraz earned a billion rupees in the previous year, I can expect Amazon can earn 10 times more, in other words, 10 billion rupees.

      • I think right now Amazon focus is on India i don’t see them coming to Pakistan but lets see anything can happen.

      • What high internet penetration? Apart from Afghanistan we have the lowest internet penetration rate in the entire region. Just 20-30% of the population has internet access.

        The government keeps on making policies to dampen adoption of IT. For example taxes on internet access and access to mobile communications while in other countries they are trying to get people connected. Taxes on the imports of smartphones and monitors for PCs. On top of that they keep banning websites. It’s a very hostile environment for any internet company.

  • Despite the Govt’s say and their hollow vows, one of Paypal’s server administrator (Ireland) told me last month:
    QUOTE: “We have upgraded our servers and are in a process of blacklisting all such external requests reaching our servers made through IP addresses from Pakistan being the 3rd highest fraudulent/spam region in the world affecting the Paypal servers. Besides, our automated system is being configured to detect and deny all such connections routed through a VPN server too. So, it’s highly unlikely that we’re going to start operations with Pakistan unless the Govt redress the security issues and implement financial regulatory law to curb fraudulent activities from the region effectively.”
    Allah bless Pakistan and our nation’s moles who’re performing malicious and fraudulent activities with Paypal.
    For freelancers: Get hold of Payoneer and other alternatives. Paypal is NOT coming to Pakistan until 2025!

    • Yeah i call bullshit on that quote of yours. It’s incorrect English and you wouldn’t expect a native English speaker to make such mistakes.

      • You do know English spoken in Britain and Ireland is wildly different from the common US English.

      • Neither I had a call recorder app or a notebook while talking to that gentleman, nor the apropos QUOTE is a verbatim, mister! It’s the gist of the discussion outlined from a series of questions and answers between us.
        Had you any doubt, just give them a call to enquire the same FAQ. If not really, you’ll summarize the discussion with somewhat similar extracts.
        Assalam o Alaikom.

  • I always wonder why MoIT gets involved in Paypal discussions. Shouldn’t it just be State Bank or Ministry of Finance or something like that? Paypal has nothing to do with IT. If services like FINCA or Jazz Cash or Easy Pay can operate online in Pakistan then our IT infrastructure is good enough for Paypal. Issues about FATF etc have to do with money laundering…. what does MoIT have to do with that?

  • You cant bring them because you people are the reason that Pakistan does not have strong financial back to support these platforms. I wish to see my country free from such politicians.

    • our people and system are to blame ….. they choose ‘peeshab’ and ‘pakhana’ everytime they vote …….. nach gaana, bhangray, malang dance karwalo …….

      solution: people change themselves, and the correct leadership would come up

  • Pakistanis use fake IDs and VPNs to make a PayPal account only because the service does not support Pakistan. And Pakistanis, esp freelancers, badly need PayPal.

  • So what is the news in it, we already know it is not coming, it has been a news if it was coming.

  • Toh na aaye, Pakistani itna chalak aur akalmand he khude koi paypal alternative launch kar de? Pakistani businessmen poore dunya mein hai launch kare koi service kon rok raha hai. Geo wala kar de, Jazz kar de jazz cash ke through ap nationwide to karte he ho transaction us ko internationally bana na kia mushkil hai? har jaga to jazz wale deal karte rahte hain. Jazz direct paypal, moneybookers and skrill se agreement karle kia mushkil kis ne roka?

  • paypal should be available in pakistan…..we are unable to get paid by the best websites of the internet.Ministry of IT should resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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