Guess Which City ‘Drowned’ After Heavy Rains Yesterday

Whether its planned cities or unplanned ones, when it rains like it did last night, you get to see the actual preparations by the local city management authorities.

The pictures you are about to see are not from Karachi but another major metropolitan area of Pakistan. Take a look and guess which city it is?

Credits: Waleed Ahmed Usmani

A picture is worth a thousand words and as you can see, there are a lot of words to be said regarding the picture above. As you might have guessed, the picture is from Islamabad. To be precise, it is from Sector I-8/4, one of the more posh areas of the city.

Here’s a more detailed panorama of the area.

Credits: Waleed Ahmed Usmani

There’s nothing better than going for a morning walk and finding a flood in your neighborhood streams! (Once again I-8)

Credits: Ezaz ul Haq

Islamabad Riverway! (Also known as Islamabad Expressway)

Kashmir Highway near Shakarparian.

Let the pictures do the talking.

(F-11/1) – Credits: Fawad Ahsen

Agha Shahi Avenue

Cargo Area of Islamabad Airport

It wasn’t just roads, even houses were affected.

We end it with this picture. If you don’t look at it up close, Islamabad still looks as beautiful as ever.

Credits: Yasir Shirazi

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  • Granted this is original and not just copy pasta off of somewhere, this is the first quality post on Propakistani in quite a while. Thanks for this report. I had no idea.

    • What quality post? are you serious? only two lines with picked up photos from social media? huh?

    • Just like you had no idea, I too was unware that propak just not only copy paste from leading newspapers sites but saw same ditto word to word copy from awaytoday and some other websites. Propak didn’t bother to change a word. I salute their blatant professionalism.

  • Shukar Alhamdolillah. Rain what Pakistan needs most. After that need Quomi Ghairat to wipe all corrupt & criminals in all parts of our society. May Allah send Abbabeels again to destroy corrupts Ameen

      • Jab Ayub ne banaya tha, tab is se zyada baarish main bhi kabhi ISB ka yeh haal nahin hua. Sharif ki hukumat ayi, to itni se baarish main doob gaya ISB.

    • Woh pooray mulk ko dubonay k chakar main hai. Bas badshah salamat ki kursi salamat rahy.

  • Pakistan koi taraki nahi Kar raha sab bakwas or Dhooka de Rahe hain. Pakistan olta peche ja raha ha. Pakistan full of paluted and i have visited almost every city. No infrastructure no planning or work for future. Kabar bana Dia Pakistan ko. Government full fail or nalaik ha. They don’t know k kin kin cheezo pe kaam zarori ha. Trees almost finished. Plastic shoppers even in beautiful rivers and. Logon ne khoobsorat jargon ko bhe tabah or Ganda Kar Dia ha. Har jagah plastic phenke hain. Swat or muree ka kia haal bana Dia ha. Eco system is destroying here in Pakistan. No one is taking action on these. Gov main Jahil hain. No cleanliness projects for northern areas of Pakistan. Shame on people and shame on Pakistan government

  • Yeah Aamir we already know you are extremely pro pti.
    No need to remind us of that.

  • This is post-metro era, for Islamabad… How unfortunate! The city that was, once, said to have the best drainage, mostly due to the natural flow and availability of flood streams, has now been turned into a city of trash…thanks to the planners of the so called “development projects”.

  • How about G13 and E-11 sectors. They were the worse. This climate changes are getting worse every year. Better prepared for the worse.

    • Climate change is real but it is not caused by elevated co2 level. In fact it is being caused by excessive heat generated by billions of vehicles, billions of air conditioners, heat generated by heavy machinery in millions of factories, heat from coal fired, natural gas, crude oil powered power plants and extreme level of deforestation

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