Systems Limited Announces Breakthrough in Aspera, A New Media Technology

Systems Limited, a Pakistan based technology company, recently announced a leap forward into Aspera, a leading media file transfer solution suite.

Aspera, an IBM Company, offers a set of software products to help media and entertainment houses absorb, stream and share volumes of bulky rich media files at unmatched speeds with customers and teams across different locations in a secure and reliable way.

Notable disruptions in the industry in recent times with virtual reality and innovative viewing habits such as ODD streaming and high HD videos has set forth a need to transfer rich media files without glitches and delays.

Aspera accelerates global content delivery by automating internal and external collaboration.

It enables uploading of remote footage, breaking news and HD videos faster and better, regardless of file size and location. Aspera ensures high quality transmissions of live events and delivers immersive content to viewers at speeds over 100 times faster than traditional technologies.

Asif Peer, CEO and Managing Director of Systems Limited, says:

We are eager to pave a roadway for media industry in Pakistan to explore and discover innovative ways of creating new content for more informed audiences.

We are determined to offer a best-in-class solution approach, support and training to ensure rapid deployment of the globally recognized technology that will optimize current IT investments for media players.

Aspera will provide the readiness, flexibility and scalability that Pakistan’s media and entertainment companies need to captivate viewers and redefine content creation and delivery in times of fast evolving viewing habits.

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