This German Has Traveled the World on His Bike and is Now in Pakistan!

A German tourist Michal Lollo decided to make a trip around the world on his 600cc bike, the Yamaha TGM600. He plans to cover the globe in the coming two to three years.

In the past 2 months, he has traveled from Germany to Italy and then to Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria followed by Asian countries via Turkey.

Continuing his journey from Turkey, he came to Iran and now has now reached Pakistan after crossing the Iran-Pakistan border in Balochistan.

What Places Does He Want to Visit In Pakistan?

When asked about his travel plans in Pakistan, the German said he plans to go to the northern areas of the country while travelling through Lahore and Islamabad. Being a mountain lover, he was especially exhilarated about traveling to the Karakoram Highway, and navigating through the mountainous Karakoram Range.

It was a pleasant surprise hearing the foreigner say that he felt safe in the country. Lollo feels that the whole “uncertain safety conditions in Pakistan” issue is blown out of proportion in the Western media.

Lollo wanted to see first hand how Pakistan was.

A look at his bike revealed the light luggage he was carrying. Some spare parts for the bike, camping equipment, some kitchen accessories, a pair of shoes and a GPS device for navigation constitute all of his goods. And now, armed with just the right gear, he can’t wait to see what Pakistan has to offer.

You can check out Lollo’s interview in Pakistan here: