Comedy of Errors: After Calibri, Sharif Family Commits More Blunders

The Sharif family has remained in the news due to the Panama Papers Investigation. A Joint Investigation Team (JIT), which was tasked to find more evidence regarding the case by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, has submitted a series of evidences which prove that the Sharif family’s stance in the case is based on lies.

During the ongoing Supreme Court hearings, more information has made its way to the public.

Some amateurish mistakes have been spotted in the documents submitted by the Sharif family to the Supreme Court recently, which suggest or prove that the documents submitted by the Sharif family are fakes. Some are referring to these mistakes as a ‘Comedy of errors’ by the Sharif family.

Spelling Mistakes

A tweet by ARY TV anchor Arshad Sharif lists the spelling mistakes in the verified and attested documents that were submitted to the Supreme Court by the Sharif family’s lawyers.

Two of the documents (letters from Qatar) submitted by the Sharif family use different spellings for the Qatari Prince, Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani. These can be seen below:

Another such error concerns the word ‘notary.’ Notary services are used to verify documents but in this case the notary stamps used in the documents submitted by the Sharif family feature incorrect spellings i.e. “Notry”. It has also been reported that some people had been trying to rename “Notary” to “Notry” on its relevant Wikipedia page last night (much like the Calibri page from a few days ago).

Wrong Date

The trust deed submitted by the Sharif family mentions the dates of signing and the date of notary verification. One of the dates mentioned on the trust deed has been found to be incorrect.

The Supreme Court bench pointed out that February 4th, 2006 – the date mentioned on the trust deed – is actually Saturday, which is a holiday in the United Kingdom. Others have argued that this does not prove that the trust deed is fake.

Justice Azmat Saeed remarked “What have you done Mr. Raja, you know that this comes under forged documents… No one even picks up the phone on holiday in the UK.” Mr Salman Raja, it should be mentioned, is currently representing the ruling Sharif family in the Panama Papers investigation.

Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan pointed out another oddity, stating that the documents were prepared and signed on separate days.


Upon the court’s request, Additional Attorney General told the judges that submitting forged documents to court can lead to seven years in Jail.

Previously, the Calibri font fail became a popular news headline. During that incident, the documents submitted by Maryam Nawaz and those attested by her brother, Hussain Nawaz, and husband, Captain (retd.) Safdar used a font which was not publicly available when the documents were supposedly prepared.

More and more discrepancies in the Sharif family’s defence continue to appear as the hearings continue in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Sources: Arshad Sharif, Nation

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